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#1073395 Expanded Universe Casting

Posted by skie9173 on 12 December 2017 - 08:00 PM

Since there is marginal activity here, I'll drop an  update of the list I worked on years ago. Much of it is not relevant now though I am sure.

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#955978 New movies and the EU

Posted by skie9173 on 02 May 2014 - 07:03 PM

Ok after much slicing, bribing and other such villainy, I have been able to acquire note on several ideas for the "side story" movies. It is worse than we excepted....

1) Springtime for Vader: A Musical Tour through the Dark Times.
It a good time to be a Sith. Sure his wife is dead, his children are dead, his droids are gone, and his best friend left him mutilated by a lava pool, but did you see this sweet armor? Join everyone's favorite Dark Lord of the Sith as he brings order to the Galaxy through music... And orbital bombardments

2) Pirates of the Corellian Run.
Follow the epic tale if the galaxy's most notorious space pirate; Arr Arr Bink! This brave young Gungan defies both Corsec and the Imperial Customs at every turn, but when he steals a shipment meant for the dreaded Tyber Zann, has he finally met his match, or with we once again hear his defiant cry of "Yusa allwaysa remember, the day yusa almostta caught Arr Arr Binks!"

3) Boogie Wookiee Knights
Chewie always knew his nephew, Lowbacca, was special, but it wasn't until the he uses incredible talents to win the first annual Kashyyyk Planetary Dance competition. A performance this good could only mean one thing, Lowbacca can use the Force. And when the Imperial Remnant threatens to prove its cultural superiority once and for all, only Lowbacca's Force enhanced dancing can defeat the Empire's Champions, Villian Dance and the T.E.I. Breakers, at their Death Star Ball!