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In Topic: New Remix 3 Forum

21 August 2008 - 01:09 AM

You can download Remix 3 straight from the forum (via links, mind you) and I'd love to see the latest version of Remix... getting kinda repetitive with just China and US factions, though China Infantry is tons of fun. And I sure hope the latest has finished AI for more than just Robots. I mean, cmon now, there's only so many times you can pound a specific faction into the ground before you learn them to the point you could (figuratively) counter their every assault in your sleep. (Scary part is, I can do that literally.) I just Escalate to Global then set up a network of SDI Cannons and Shield generators with Patriot and Tomahawk Firebases to back 'em up. 8 SDIs, 10 Shield Generators, 20 each Patriots and Tomahawk Firebases, and a pile of infantry for said firebases renders the enemy unable to do squat without covering the whole map in their soldiers to swarm the defense grid.

Shield Generator: Blocks all shells, missiles and aircraft. (does not block lasers, bullets or light rockets)

SDI cannon: Superheavy laser cannon capable of attacking ground and air targets with ruthless efficiency. (perfect against anything that isn't a projectile and out-ranges all non-artillery units.)

Tomahawk Firebase: This artillery firebase is excellent against any long-range ground targets that're out of SDI Cannon Range.

"Long Arm" Missile Launcher: Excellent for countering enemy artillery.

Finally, all of this, backed up with Radar Trucks, is 100% impenetrable without the heavily defended base in question having some kind of weak point. Meaning you'd need to overload or eliminate the shield generators while active, or drop a spray of Particle Cannon strikes all over aforementioned base. Which would be impossible in Tournament mode.

Furthermore, and the last thing, is that, honestly, I think both China and GLA factions need something akin to the SDI Cannon and Shield Generator. (But then, how many people expect you to hoard 99% of your influx of cash just to render your base impenetrable?)

In Topic: Suggestions

19 August 2008 - 05:17 AM

In regards to getting Contra out and about, there's a download setup called Crosus. They have all sorts of stuff regarding mods, maps, hell, even small-time games. I'd recommend it to everyone with an internet line. Contra 0.05 and 0.06 are available on there now. 0.05's been on there for awhile and I uploaded 0.06 just recently to share it with everyone on Crosus.

In Topic: Terms and Grammar...

29 July 2008 - 05:09 PM

I had compiled a rather large text file with all the names and abbreviations and such that were wrong and offered their corrected versions. Still have it somewhere.

I had also some errors(as English is not my first language), especially concerning LASERs because I wasn't so familiar with the semantics but 90% of what was in there was correct- which is a lot really. I even offered some alternative names and abbreviations which made for sense for what they were describing, from a gaming point of view.. Those could be left out in any case.

Unfortunately when I had sent it in I was told that I also had to point where each of the badly spelled words where located in the core file of the mod, something I would not bother with.. So I left it alone.

If anyone from the Contra/Remix team wants the text file and wishes to polish their mod I still have it, though I'm still reluctant to open the core files and locate each name.

Interesting that you brought it up.

Heh, I always had a thing for being somewhat disapproving of incorrect spelling. I actually, during 5th grade I believe, annoyed my English teacher (one who spoke French as her primary) by going through the ENTIRE English book looking for misspellings... and correcting them. I believe the count was a bit over 35000 misspelled words, took me 2 weeks to find them all.