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27 July 2008 - 07:23 PM

For those curious, I've taken notice of the spellings of some of the words and such in Contra and Contra Remix. For the record, it isn't 'Thermobarical' or 'Themobaic' it is T-H-E-R-M-O-B-A-R-I-C. Thermobarics are exceptionally powerful explosive systems, not because of size, but because of properties. These explosives, unlike other such compounds, do not generate any form of oxygen during detonation. They flare out in all directions for a distance (varying on yield of said charge). Once they reach their final blast radius, they proceed to haul in massive amounts of air from around the detonation site, creating a vacuum effect that can literally pull the lungs of victims out through their mouths. Not exactly the best way to go, neh? Such devices are usually referred to as Vacuum Bombs or in extreme cases Void Missiles. Thermobaric warheads usually range from 100 Kilotons to about 20 gigatons nominal yield in explosive force, but deal damages equal to far stronger explosives.