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About Me

I have dramatically matured since first registering to be a member of these forums, now that I am in my 20's and no longer in my teens. I am currently an honest and simple human man who enjoys drawing, writing, cycling, grilling, and swimming.


My passions are diverse and include Lord of the Rings, Dinosaur studies, meat & seafood, economic liberty, individual freedom, minimized government, geopolitics, foreign policy, military defense, traveling, friendship-building, and the idea of owning a few pet true toads, as well as true toads (family bufonidae) in general.


The other thing to know about me is that even though I enjoy my currently entry-level job, I still have aspirations of eventually becoming a paleontologist and of producing and popularizing my own comic book saga (which I will have novels of as well) from 2017 to the year I retire, whenever that is.


Lord of the Rings and other Middle-earth lore have been a passion of mine since 2002 when I was first shown Fellowship of the Ring on VHS tape (remember those?) and naturally I thought it was endlessly amusing. Since then I have always been fascinated by the Easterlings, or Men of Rhun, as my favorite legion of Middle-earth. That is why I have a mod for Battle for Middle-earth II going on that focuses on them being their own faction and including Haradrim troops as part of them like how the game already has Rohan troops as part of Gondorians.


Religiously, I am a Non-religious atheist who espouses a secular morality that calls the Golden Rule (don't do stuff to others you don't want happening to you) its sense of right and wrong, while stating that individuals who abide by the Golden Rule can and should pursue total self-fulfillment based on their individual preferences.


Politically, the only legit label of all the best-known for my views is libertarian; which makes me a freedom-focused thinker who supports individual freedom, constitutional federalism, and economic liberty. For examples; I support free trade, gay marriage, and right of self-defense. I oppose income taxes and call for them to be replaced with sales taxes. I believe free markets and laissez-faire are the best economic formula for creating prosperity, and I favor total freedom of expression. None of this means I agree with most of my fellow American libertarians on foreign affairs and defense, though. That is to say I am not a pacifist, I support a strong volunteer military and favor a foreign policy of defensive posturing, i.e. keeping a watchful eye over trade and travel to make sure nations are not engaging in activities like genocide, slavery or terrorism that make free trade or open immigration dangerous.


Overall, my goal in life is to become a well-respected paleontologist and to become known for my novels and comics, both based on my very own fictional reality. And my goal with my copy of Battle for Middle-earth II is to make a mod for it that captures the essence of the Games Workshop book "Legions of Middle-earth", without straying too far from JRR Tolkien lore to be considered a legit representation of that old GW book.


And that is it! Thank you for reading this About Me page,



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    Middle-earth, Metal music, Dinosaur studies, traveling, cycling, grilling, meats, owning a few pet asian giant toads, writing, drawing, individual freedom, minimized authority, economic liberty, foreign affairs & defense, a bunch of other elements.

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