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#1095225 Easterling Faction Pack: Progress Report 1

Posted by Emperor of the East on 25 December 2018 - 12:22 AM

Hello, people of Revora!


Tonight, I decided I would make a progress report on the Easterling faction I am designing for Battle for Middle-earth 2 and Rise of the Witch-King.


So far, I have remade the Easterling swordsman, Bowman, axeman, and phalanx unit models. Tonight, I will work on the cavalry models: the fencing horsemen and the horsed archers. On Wednesday, I will work on the War Priest and Dragon Knight designs. Thursday I will make the two Blue Wizards happen. Friday will be the day of me making Amdur, Lord of Blades; and the Dragon Emperor happen. Saturday will be when I add Khamul to the Pack.


What does everyone else think? And if you want to see pictures, know I will have to upload those to ModDB first and then give external links to them. Thanks in all!


~Easterling Emperor~

#1093063 Adding a Rhun faction?

Posted by Emperor of the East on 07 November 2018 - 01:37 AM

Hello, AotR team!


Tonight, I thought I would let you all know I am thinking about creating a sub-mod for Age of the Ring that adds a fully operational Easterling faction titled 'Rhun'.


First off, do Age of the Ring players like me have permission from you guys to create sub-mods? And if so, would you like to see a rough write-up?


That's all for now. Thanks!

#1081881 The Emperor's New Easterling Fortress

Posted by Emperor of the East on 12 April 2018 - 12:17 AM

Hello, people of T3A!


Tonight, I bring to you the very first preview of a building model I have in mind for my mod for regular Battle for Middle-earth II (as opposed to rotwk), which I am titling 'Final Years of the Third Age', whose acronym is 'Fyotta'.


In this case, it is the faction fortress for the newly playable army 'Easterlings', because in this mod there's going to be ten:

  1. Gondor
  2. Rivendell
  3. Erebor
  4. Isengard
  5. Mordor
  6. Goblins
  7. Easterlings
  8. Rohan
  9. Men of Dale
  10. Iron Hills

But anyway, here is the Easterling faction fortress!



What do you all think?

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