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[User Showcase] Armored Faramir On Foot

20 October 2017 - 07:13 AM

Okay, so as I small project of mine, I decided to make the mounted Faramir, in Knight armor, usable on foot.


I never knew that would of been much more than I anticipated. But it was well worth it.


For people who don't wanna read.





Now for those who are sticking around, this journey was a funny one. 


First and foremost, thank you RiderOfRohan, Dunedain, and Mathijs. You three really did help and hold my hand on doing such a simple thing but it was a huge step in modding for me that really had a "dabble" in everything. Coding, Modelling, Rigging a Skeleton. But no texturing. (thankfully)


So for those who do not know, this is the base model compared to the one that I edited.

(Note I did not make any models from scratch, everything was from the AotR team, and I edited it)

Base top, my edited bottom




It was a lot more complicated than it looked. xD At least for me...


The first step was to delete the horse and the skeleton for the original mounted model. After, adding the skeleton from the "foot Faramir," and getting ready to rig it, I saw that the arms on the "mounted Faramir" are quite short compared to the "foot Faramir."


Thankfully just moving vertices is easy but some wacky things did happen. However, I was able to successfully rig the skeleton to the new model, I placed the weapons where they should be and everything worked out fine model wise.


Coding was pretty easy as well. Using similar code found with Boromir's upgrade to armor in his .ini, I modified it a bit and inserted it into faramir's .ini. This was most definitely the easiest part as a lot of it was copy paste. :p


Then I ended up with the final product in the first screenshot.


I must say I am very proud (too proud) in what I accomplished and what I've learned in such a small amount of time. I hope everyone who sees this can take inspiration as I, who has NO experience modding BFME at all, created a simple little submod for personal use. 


If you got this far, thank you very much for reading everything and have a good rest of your morning/afternoon/night. 

Dover's Bug Report Compilation

28 July 2017 - 04:36 PM

I am doing a full rewrite of bugs I find. I will go into each faction at a time and discover what I can through play. I am doing two tests. One on a Custom Map that I created, and one vs. an AI. I will also do another test looking for art bugs and so forth. Any bugs found, no matter what kind, or what faction, will be posted here.




FIXED Art Missing I: LORIEN BROOCH has a PINK TEXTURE on ARAGORN AND SAM. One thing I noticed is that on Frodo and Peregrin, there brooch is the opposite direction as Aragorn and Sams. Don't know if that is what is causing or simply the model used. This bug was found on a custom map created by myself specifically for this mod.


FIXEDArt Missing II: DUNEDAIN RANGER, those recruited from the end, their BANNER CARRIER, has a TEXTURE MISHAP. It seems that the texture is mixing with another. This bug was found on a custom map created by myself specifically for this mod.


*UPDATED*Possible Bug: I have discovered that PIPPIN, after recruiting the Fountain Guards, becomes BUGGED. If you choose Pippin while the Fountain Guards are in play, his ABILITY SET DOES NOT SHOW and the only way to access his abilities are through the hero bar on the bottom of the screen. Once chosen through the hero bar, you CANNOT MOVE his unit through normal means. The only ways to move him are to do the "click-and-drag" method or to send him to attack an enemy unit. This bug was found on a custom map created by myself specifically for this mod. *(Not sure if this contributes to the bug or not, but Pippin had been killed once and was resurrected) UPDATED: It seems this occurs, sometimes, when you recruit Fountain Guard and Pippin at the same time. Still testing to see what causes this directly.

UPDATED #2: This is an engine bug it seems. I tested with additional mods and it's possible for units recruited from the fortress at the same time as a hero, coming out at the same time, can break the selection of units. This is a rare occurrence however that fixes itself on death of the certain hero or the unit.


FIXEDBug: Seen on BUCKBERRY during MULTIPLAYER, 1v1. COMMAND POINTS did NOT MOVE past 750. I am pretty sure that this bug has already been reported and fixed for the next version, but just to be sure it's recorded.


Misty Mountains


Bug: AZOG does NOT RETAIN ARMOR AFTER DEATH AND RESURRECT. Not sure if an armor boost goes with the visuals and not sure how to check that, personally. This was checked on a custom map created specifically for this mod.




*NEW*Possible Bug: Similar to the PIPPIN BUG ABOVE, when the MORGUL VANGUARD and UVATHA somehow are LINKED. If you recruit them at the SAME TIME, (SOMETIMES) you will only be able to control the MORGUL VANGUARD, unless you "click-and-drag" Uvatha. *Still testing to see what causes this directly.




ENGINE LIMITATIONBug: CUSTOM COLORS do NOT SHOW when MOUNTED. They REVERT back to the STANDARD COLOR. This may be a limitation of the engine, I am not sure.




Description Missing - Tharbad: The DESCRIPTION TEXT for THARBAD is MISSING. Very minor, but it isn't there.


*NEW*A.I. Inactive - Nanduhirion: Exactly as said in title, the Skirmish AI do not move. Tested on multiplayer, 3v3AI.


Command Points


Static Command Points: Around 600-700 the COMMAND POINTS do NOT MOVE in MULTIPLAYER. I'm not sure what causes it, but it's seems to be only during multiplayer.