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#958554 MO3.0 Feedback // SUGGESTIONS

Posted by Darkstorm on 26 May 2014 - 05:43 AM

Actually, that's not true. It's just the case with Human Shield. The only requirement for the Soviet Lasher is a vehicle in the rules that can be changed, what you change is irrelevant. It could be an Allied tank, a civilian car, or even naval vessel. The rules control all the information that would need changing, which can be done in the map file (there may be some arbitrary limitations I'm not aware of though).

Also I can tell you this, the beta testing team worked to make sure that there was no strategic advantage for the Allies or Epsilon over the Soviets. Basically, if I remember correctly, everywhere that can be reached by the Stallion and Driller, can be reached by Borillo. (It's one of the few things I remember that was specifically asked for when beta testing.)

I'm sure it's not quite as easy as just adding more maps under some list. I'm not quite sure what entirely is different in the game mode, but additional AI triggers would need to be put into each individual map. Of course if it's just basic rules edits, you're correct obviously and I'll support that.


Not sure how you mean for anyone to capture these. It sounds like you want them to only go to Epsilon. (Since they're the only ones with mind control units and now Hijackers, which are the only units that can mechanically capture vehicles.)

#957972 MO Screenshots Thread (Image Heavy!)

Posted by Darkstorm on 21 May 2014 - 11:26 PM

Basically move the MO expand mix files ("expandmoXX.mix" where the XX is a two digit number) to where ever Final Alert detects your Red Alert 2 install. Then rename them to Red Alert 2 format ("expandmoXX.mix" -> "expandmdXX.mix") and then launch Final Alert. Final Alert is smart enough to read the mixes even with their protection.

EDIT: Actually I stand corrected, without the encryption being broken, Final Alert will read the configs but not the graphics. So you can place down Kappa Tanks but they'll appear invisible, which is nigh useless. You could break the encryption, and use those for the map editor. That I've seen work perfectly since I've done it myself, but I'm not going to go into that. (There is a tutorial though on PPM if you want to find out.)

#957653 MO3.0 Feedback // SUGGESTIONS

Posted by Darkstorm on 20 May 2014 - 02:35 AM


I guess the Mercenary Camp would be akin to the Tech Airport now (Allowing training of Unique Infantry) IIRC Starkku's Project Phantom had one implemented.

That seems to be what stolen tech is for...


Any word on what the ETA is for when MO will allow saving games?

I asked earlier, as did many many other people I'm sure.There are no plans yet. Save games are disabled because of Ares' on-going development. Until development is halted (which would be even worse IMO), save games will likely remain broken.

#957531 MO3.0 Feedback // SUGGESTIONS

Posted by Darkstorm on 19 May 2014 - 05:53 AM


Replace the Navy SEAL for the Euro Alliance with SAS - similar functionng to the SEAL but uses a sniper rifle (giving it better range and anti-infantry damage, but lower rate of fire).


Or recycle the Sniper, Remove its deploy ability and turn it entirely into a SEAL Counterpart.


Snipers being removed was a design choice, but as I suggested earlier, it would be nice for a cosmetically different Navy SEAL for the Pacific Front and Euroalliance. 

(Also as mentioned earlier, they were renamed "Ghosts" at one point, but the name never stuck. In fact, I think I was in the beta at the time. The fact was is that rename of an existing image doesn't usually work.)


Latin Confederation

Terrorist (with new quotes)-replace in Crazy Ivan. Can plant C4 Bomb to destroy buildings and vehicles. It explode when kill. Can shot infantries just like navy seal but cannot swim.

Scorpion Cell

Hulk (color green brute)-replace in brute but you can use brute by using Geneburst but Hulk can still a Hulk anymore. Hulk has more power than brute.

Pacific Front

Seal have a sniper rifle are good for the pacific front that replace in navy seal.
What about if Attack Dogs cannot learn to swim then, Dolphin,Killer Whale will be back and
I think its better only in epsilon that has a unique sea creature because of there mind control and scientic experimental.


 - So you want a Soviet Navy SEAL that can't swim? See Crazy Ivan. (Soviets don't really use that type of infantry.)

- Amusing, but stupid. And as mentioned by switchblade, doesn't make sense for Scorpion Cell. (Also, MO has a more serious tone then RA2, what makes you think having a green hulk unit would fit that?)

- For the last time, no snipers. Ever. Unless something drastically changes.

- So, remove part of a unit's function to make room for more units? Let's remove the Engineer and replace it with a Mechanic that can only repair bridges and buildings and a Capturer that can only capture buildings.

- Then where would the Killer Whale/Dolphin go? To Epsilon? Does this make any sense?




Unique to Scorpion Cell


Requires: Naval Shipyard, Radar Spire


Cost: 800


(Uses the same logic as the Slave Miner except using it's "children" to attack naval vessels and board them, taking them over)


Story: A primitive trireme looking ship seeming as though it was from the Bronze Age was actually the intent of it's creators to save money and exploit "willing" and unwilling manpower to row oars to propel this sea faring OSHA violation in to the battle haphazardly. While it's practically suicidal tactics of ramming and boarding vessels, it has a special consideration that opposing naval admirals must consider, the use of human shields as a tool to motivate the respective admirals crew that if they destroy it they have to deal with the moral consequences of their acts demoralizing their resolve to fight and maintain their ship while the Nautilus' speaker blares out propaganda and screams of peril as it sinks. 


Weapons: Ramming, Naval Slaves


Abilities: Spawns naval slaves to capture naval units when the unit in question is at 45% health, If destroyed any slaves outside this unit are liberated, Causes a debuff to it's destroyer depending on the amount of slaves on board (i.e. 4 slaves cause a 40% to armour, speed, and fire rate, 3 slaves 30%, etc)


Sounds like a charge-up mind control ship (in game mechanics terms). 

This unit sounds like it would be impossible to implement in its current form. The slave system is basically hardcoded as it stands, if I remember correctly. Ares had plans to expand it though but likely not to any degree that would allow this. The current slave mechanic takes one infantry, denoted in the configs as SLAV, which can only be sent on one mission, harvest. You could give SLAV a different weapon, but that only really applies after being liberated.

You could have it instead launch drones like the aircraft carrier. That system is independent from the slave system. However that really can only launch aircraft and isn't used much beyond spawning missiles or attack aircraft. Maybe a mind control aircraft? I'm not sure how that would work. It would probably just release any thralls once despawning. Maybe if you gave them a perma-control ability, new with Ares. That would result in permanant control, but it would have the effect similar to mind control so it wouldn't look like being hijacked unless the perma-control animation were changed and any psychic superweapon were scrapped (bye bye Psychic Dominator).

As for the after effect, well if we're talking about drones that mind control things then maybe you could attach an effect to the warhead. The AttachEffect system being what gives MO it's buffs and debuffs. Therefore you could hurt it based on how many mind control weapons are fired on it, but that doesn't use up the drones at all so it's a waste to have varying debuffs. One debuff, if any, would suffice given that the captured ship is independent of the drone.