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#920721 Contra Feedback

Posted by dcesarec on 16 May 2013 - 12:42 PM

Personally, i also think it is a good oportunity. And yes, we are discussing lately about moving to another engine. But it is not decided yet on which engine will we move. But something in this area will surely change very soon. We are also tired of generals engine limitations. So, soon something will happen with this problem.

#872840 Contra 008 Progress

Posted by dcesarec on 08 January 2012 - 05:51 AM

c) team is creating best contra mod so far,team is trying to replace old units with new ones as much as possible,team is creating things that not any other zero hour mod doesnt have (like scripted co-op maps,china and arabic voices for eveey f...cking unit). And,team has real f...cking life and obligations besides making something for not grateful people which are awaiting new things to play with.

To all of you,get this clear:
- we are not proffessional game makers which get paid for this
-we have jobs,schools,families,wifes,childrens,friends,other hobbies (like sport...),we get sick,we get injured,we get pc problems,we get emotional problems with other people...everything normal like rest of you,we are just normal people who joined together to share some skills and make something. We dont live in one house all together and only work on this mod!
-And,help is always welcome here,if you have good skills,good equipment,much time...to help us finish it faster, Sign up here. Otherwise, play latest version or something else...we dont owe you anything!