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In Topic: Anyone still after this mod?

20 June 2017 - 08:23 AM

I'm trying to run this mod.
--- removed block of now irrelevant text ---

Update: Ah, Well, it seems to be working fine now, lol. Or maybe it already was but I pre-supposed it to be the regular version since it looked the same; this is probably the same thing that happened with others, it wasn't until I started a skirmish I realized it was working.
That being said, is this multiplayer? I mean will it work with T3A: Online?
Pretty awesome concept, the artistic nature of it all, the buildings and what not, is pretty choice. One thing is absolutely horrible though, man, lol; the hero's die like instantly. Some summons don't work at all....but yeah heros die like INSTANTLY, so instant, so that's kind of a drag cause you spend the time building things and not commanding things as well. Balrog's fall flat dead for no reason at all with plenty of health and time left. If there's one thing I could have fixed it would be have the hero's last much longer like they normally do, they die wayyy too fast. Everything else is pretty sweet...if a bit overkill haha. sometimes there's too much to click/build/etc.. it's overwhelming, like so many build options, but it's definitely freaking awesome though.


At any rate, it's obviously much better than rise of the witch king was as an expansion, lol, and it runs good so, kudos for that. Thanks. I'm sure this probably isn't really supported or played now anymore, being like 10 years old lol. A friend and I still play Special Extended Edition, so we might check this out if it works with T3A: online. Thanks again. Job well done anyway, fun mod. May just use the 'handicap' feature to buff up hero's armor.


I tried using the handicap feature it works pretty well to balance it how you want so units do less overwhelming damage to each other and Hero's live longer, but they still die really fast sometimes if you don't babysit them; arrows do tons of damage but I guess that is a bit more realistic although archers on walls already have enough of an advantage in the regular game. At any rate the action is fast paced and fun. Thanks for fixing the resources lol.

So my only points that remain are: Yes this is quite fun, it runs well, great job. Only thing missing is Witch King needs a 'word of power' like 'burning sword of the witch king' from SEE mod. this is Rise of the Witch King after all...and he's like the only one without anything powerful lol. Only other point besides this one and two questions below is; as I mentioned heroes die too fast.
Is there any way to use custom maps without the mod crashing and failing? Seems not, but please let me know, anyone.
Does this work with T3A online? Thanks.

Oh and if you ever do edit/update this mod (if you do please armor/buff up the hero's armor lol) ...lol, just an idea...you might take a little inspiration from what Special Extended Edition did with The Witch-King's "hour of the witch king" power...basically word of power gone flaming sword, "burning sword of the witch king"...i thought this was great and definitely one of my favorite things about the mod, it gives the Witch King an army clearer like Gandalf has, and well it's just badass af lol. As Gandalf, Create-A-Hero wizards and Saruman all have word of power now, and Since this is "Rise of the Witch King", he ought to be on par with them, & it would be only too cool if he had that or something like it (I miss not having that feature from SEE when playing Arcade); with all the powers being moved around, even rain of fire or word of power would be helluva lot better for his lvl 10 power than 'reset hero timers' lol like that matters in arcade edition xD that's a pretty useless power since the timers are short and the powers/buildings are many lol.

Come to think of it, most of Witch King's powers are kind of suck and useless lol and I wouldn't mind a complete overhaul of his powers like the rest of the mod; the level 10 should be a dark word of power though, like burning sword from SEE, or something close to it. :)  Peace

In Topic: WHERE is Worldbuilder in Windows 8.1 Pro 32 bit

19 October 2016 - 05:11 PM

It worked, the worldbuilder launches correctly after I placed the files you named in game directory!

Gentlemen, I thank you.


Now if I can just get Glorfindel23's "Minas Tirith The White City" map (the only vertical one I've seen) to transfer/load for my buddy and I, it always stays at zero percent on the transfer start up (we both have the map in the right folder anyway, tried removing and transferring, no luck yet)...most maps work.
Also, sadly, can't seem to open "Castles of Middle Earth" in Worldbuilder, it has an exception or several. Perhaps with some tinkering and some luck I can change these two so we can play them!

Sorry, not trying to change topic, just, those are the only other problems left now I'm having, and of course, they happen to be (to me, that I've seen) like the coolest maps :p or they would be if I can edit them to playability. Perhaps they would work in RoTWK for some random reason...


Thanks again for your prompt responses. Cheers, hope you gents have a good day!


Update: We got Glorfindel23's "Minas Tirith the White City" map to work by using the disc 1 when I hosted the game! :D This is the best Minas Tirith map I have seen.

In Topic: WHERE is Worldbuilder in Windows 8.1 Pro 32 bit

19 October 2016 - 05:20 AM

On the disc, Worldbuilder.dbgcmd and Worldbuilder.exe are found within 1compressed.zip. Try manually moving those to your BFME2 directory.


For RotWK, they're in 0compressed.zip, and for BFME1, they're in compressed.zip.

Interesting, I popped in the disk (bfme2, haven't installed RotWK in some time, might tomorrow) and there was "0compressed.zip" but all it had in it was data > cursors: new cursor, one ring (files), that's it.

So, now this is bizarre.

I appreciate the replies. The game runs fine, for which I'm very thankful, I play SEE with a friend. Just been looking for the worldbuilder to edit starting CP and resources, for some maps to be playable ( due to things like inability to build farms and other such things). And for fun, hehe. :)


Edit: Ah, just clicked the disc (on accident, after looking at what was on it) and got a "before installation, close programs" message, and had the realization that, it probably has to install from the discs to have the worldbuilder there? I don't know, haha. At any rate it's interesting I can do a fresh disc install when the game is already installed xD, but I guess they're different versions? Idk. I'm very interested in installing it by disc to see if the worldbuilder shows up and also to see if it fixes another problem with a certain map not loading/transferring for us...but don't want it to compromise the already working version of the game in any way, though I don't see why it would.

Another Edit: Explored the other install discs (without installing). Found application called Worldbuilder on Disc 5 and the other one you mentioned Worldbuilder.dbgcmd on disc 6. Thanks for this, good thinking! I will try moving them manually and we'll see what happens. Thanks!

In Topic: WHERE is Worldbuilder in Windows 8.1 Pro 32 bit

18 October 2016 - 05:47 PM

Thank you guys for the replies..but it is NOT there. I know that is where it SHOULD be, from years ago installing the game on my old machine.

It is not where it should be. Hence, this post. Searches of my PC have turned up nothing.

Any solutions? Thanks.

In Topic: SEE multiplayer?

20 July 2016 - 07:18 PM

Hello again,



When I hit "Launch bfme" button on the t3a online launcher, it starts regular bfme2? Can you tell me please how to cause it to start SEE mod? Do I have to download and use one of those mod managers? I saw that written in a post but have never used or heard of such a device. Which should I get and where and how do I use it?

Aside from that, I'm back on 1.06 so mod runs, and t3a online launcher runs.

Thank you, guys. Eagerly awaiting a reply.