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WHERE is Worldbuilder in Windows 8.1 Pro 32 bit

17 October 2016 - 07:02 PM

Can someone please help me locate the worldbuilder, I have tried everything. Running Windows 8.1 Pro 32 bit.

Worldbuilder was definitely present on my old pc (xp). Does the bfme2 download/install from t3a include the worldbuilder? If not, I have BFME2 on disc, and just installed a disc reader to this pc, so I *could* reinstall if that's whats required, but I'm guessing t3a's download of BFME2 includes the worldbuilder somewhere, I am just unable to find it by searching (also I am unaware if my discs version would work with t3a online, I would presume so, but IDK as I have never tried).

It doesn't seem to be anywhere, I believe I have 'show hidden folder and files' enabled. Would prefer not to uninstall/reinstall if I don't have to and I'm guessing that has nothing to do with it, but I thought, maybe.

Please, assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks.