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#929158 August Update

Posted by shekdog on 19 August 2013 - 01:19 AM

First up, happy birthday to our hard-working project leader, Ravage!biggrin.gif

Now comes the updates:
(click on the images to enlarge)
Green Beret Commandos are effective versus all ground enemies aside from MBTs. They can also deal devastating damage to enemy Commander Centers to vastly reduce their combat effectiveness.

Yes, they are equipped with Cobra Assault Cannon. And no, you won't find any civi-slaughtering ED209 here...
The ECM vehicle, despite lacking the heavy armour and cannon donned by battle tanks, and the mobility of aircraft, can pose an even greater threat than either to the enemy.

Passive Mode: Detects enemy radars, units and structures using active abilities.

Active Mode: Prevents enemy units and structures from using active abilities, removes Bonus granted by enemy Commanding Units.
Radar Site: A simple radar site

Passiv Mode: No special abilities (for now). Detects stealth.

Active Mode: Provides Bonus to friendly units, detection range is increased.
For more info on Electronic Warfare in the mod, pls go to our Moddb page and check out the news section!