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In Topic: More Bugs Found In EAs Scripts

05 September 2004 - 02:52 PM

oh and i forgot a funny one
-Stealth general builds demo bikes!!

In Topic: More Bugs Found In EAs Scripts

05 September 2004 - 02:46 PM

Neutron mines? ive never ever seen it, and infernos (well the ? sign is there for a reason)
I wouldnt even call that a laserlock though... id call it DOOM! the range over a screen away lol

In Topic: More Bugs Found In EAs Scripts

05 September 2004 - 02:13 PM

-The Infantry general is told to upgrade to nationalism (which it has) instead of patriotism
-The SWG wants to get composite armor
-AI players cant research MOABs properly 99% of the time for some reason
-The AI comes with priority sets for almost every unit but berely uses them, it also comes with a script for rushing that seems to be ignored by all but the GLA.
-Dozers are programmed wrongly so they try to build a building and it remains at 0% for ages

But the biggest, most game destroying one in my opinion:
-Planes use attack paths LOL!!!!
Its sooo funny... auroras are not invulnerable when following paths, planes use up their ammo on the way and still proceed to attack with no ammo left... in some maps they stop midair and do 90 degree turns!! you need 3 quad cannons to stop all planes as they will always come through a rail-like waypoint line and stop flying a lot of the time.
But thats not all...

-AI cant get its own oil derricks at base because they arent in the combatzone
-AI can only get to one oil derrick at a time
-They have some 40 scripts/teams dealing with the garrisoning of at most 2 buildings in only SOME maps while most gens wont ever garrison buildings other than those (or fail miserably to do so in some maps with infantry outside the building in a tight pack)
-Some USA gens have teams with pathfinders even though they dont appear in the gen power list
-They cant use flame wall, laser lock, helix bombs, most hero powers, combat drop, gps scramble (properly) etc etc
-Gla gens have scripts to build tunnel networks near the enemy base that dont work (once again inviso AI unit would help)
-Instead of checking every x seconds for building control rods, lots of scripts have that in them and the AI screws up and ends up with power shortrages while buildings its own base...
-AIs wont use neutron mines
-The AI uses paratroopers, IN LATE GAME, ON THE ENEMY BASE. This could be filed as generosity but i will go for bug...
-The AI will spend all its money. Great! Rebuilding? uhh ohhh uhmmm...
-Auroras will fire 2 (yes 2) bombs a lot of the time they attack using waypoints
-Demo bikes hit single infantry when attacking
-AI doesnt use inferno cannons? (ok they are crap but still...)

Guess that will do for the time being... just about of these i have already fixed, all the others can be done as well...

In Topic: Using a command button on an enemy object?

05 September 2004 - 05:23 AM

Ive never tried it so it might not work, but cant you set the TeamSkirmsh*insertgeneralhere* to hunt using that command button ability then set priority as superweapons to max?

Thats another reason why the AI needs a superfast invisible unit, set it with a melee weapon (should hover above the SW really) to attack it (no damage) and fire the power at the unit which we could call AFgen_targetter1 or something...
i also have the full layout for making sure multiple generals of the same type can use it without confusion etc etc...
all we need is someone that isnt time challenged like me to do the new unit(s)...

In Topic: Non cheating AI...

04 September 2004 - 06:07 PM

I thought superweapons also revealed since RA2 as well???

I think the AI can cheat in the way of knowing where the players things are as even if it did not completely nerf it, it would be almost impossible to make a decent line of sight/exploration engine... A really good player will know where your stuff is very fast (radar scans etc), so why not let the AI as well?

I use skirmishworld for things that combatzone simply wont cut... Ever seen the AI do stupid things like going to capture an oil derrick all the way to hell when there are 2 tech buildings RIGHT by his base? go and give skirmishworld a hug and cry on its shoulder, combatzone made the AI do it...
Ever seen units standing at the center of the map doing nothing at all even if the players base is being pounded or there are units sneaking in? Thanks combatzone! again!
I personally despise the combatzone as in the vast majority of maps they are far from well placed/shaped, and you get oil derricks the AI cannot get to, units that dont protect the center of the map correctly etc.

There is however a use for the combat zone and that is my SWG, it had a cool script where it would guard the CZ and basically wouldn’t let you leave your base, however in maps like twilight flame all you had to do is sneak around carefully!

I really find it weird that you guys like PCUs... do you play a lot on the internet or just against the computer? From my internet experience its the most underused SW and normally people will even upgrade to MOAB instead of building a PCU...

And as for they showing up, well that’s why i like auroras :sad: