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Advanced transport usage...

01 September 2004 - 09:29 PM

Right After learning how to stick things into a tranport i noticed i had to change the attacking behaviour as sometimes the attack flag would be true and the transport would simply run off leaving soldiers on foot!

I then devised a method where a timer would count down and then after that the vehicle would attack....
However, i think i must have screwed up once again!!! The people all load but the humvee does not leave the base!! I suspect it has to do with the timer or the hunt script in some way...

The team consists of a humvee and 5 soldiers
OnCreate it will run "Load transports sequence"
then it will run the "Hunt" script (in the general scripts list)
as well as priorities but that doesnt really count here

Load transports sequence:

*** IF ***
*** THEN ***
Set timer 'LOAD TRANSPORTS' to expire between 18.00 and 25.00 seconds.
Team '<This Team>' executes Script 'Load Transports Sequentially' sequentially

Load transports Sequentially:

*** IF ***
*** THEN ***
Team '<This Team>' change their attitude to Normal
Team '<This Team>' will move towards the nearest 'Base Buildings' within area '[Skirmish]MyOuterPerimeter'
Team '<This Team>' load into transports.

The hunt subroutine:

*** IF ***
Timer 'LOAD TRANSPORTS' has expired.
*** THEN ***
Team '<This Team>' stops executing.
Team '<This Team>' change their attitude to Aggressive
Team '<This Team>' begins hunting.

It Looks fine to me but it JUST WONT WORK... any ideas for fixing this or some alternative i can use?? I want to get my new version uploaded soon and thats the very last thing to be fixed!!

UPDATE: the timer is fine and working, and the hunt routine executes, all the way till the end (told the AI to sell off after being hunting and it did) however it wont seem to actually hunt!!

.big files...

01 September 2004 - 06:40 AM

Im wondering what should i do to stick my mod into a .big file and have it work...
I can make the big file and add files to the correct directory, load and run fine but it seems i cannot do that with the SkirmishScripts.scb... Has anyone tried that and have any success?
Its just it would be so much easier just adding/removing one file instead of a load of INIs etc


Transports help!

30 August 2004 - 07:21 AM

Right, i have my own mod and everything, but theres ONE thing i never, i mean NEVER got the AI to do, and its one of the most stupidly easy ones id guess (as even the EA AI features it)... GETTING UNITS TO LOAD INTO A TRANSPORT!!!
Look i tried adding load into transports, do it sequentially, and even just do that at all. i tried with battlebusses (which arent kindof=transport so its ok it failed), humvees, chinooks, helixes, etc etc etc!!
i must be doing something terribly wrong yet simple and overlooked.
Can anyone post me in full (as in showing if its active or not, etc in detail) a script that will fill up a transport (eg combat chinook with 8 men) and then hunt? Since you are being a nice person and posting the script could you also add any information about the team im creating to do that?
i tried so many times now... they never go in the damn transports!

whoever posts a solution first that i manage to get working will get a first hand help from me on how to impress your mates by having a flying artillery/hospital/missile protector/AA battery and stealthed unit detector- ALL IN ONE, in the game unmodded.. works multiplayer and involves nothing more than playing the game as AF gen...

Please help lol im desperate now :grin:

Non cheating AI...

29 August 2004 - 01:24 PM

Ive been studying the AI for a long time now, checked all the generals and so far never managed to make a non-cheating AI a challenge. I even went as far as using a money counter in which the AI "borrows" money up to a certain limit and after that the amount is slowly paid back in a trickling fashion (by reducing the counter and taking money off it). But although it wont get extra money in the whole view it will definitely have an unfair advantage still.
However, my beta AF general at the moment gets only half of the WSD (World State Detection) cheats, has about $50k by mid game and doesnt build any supply centers as it is far too loaded on cash to need it. and BOY it kicks ass, even quads get owned by it, even MY quads (unless i do a LOT of micromanagement) and once auroras start coming i might as well turn off my pc, as it does get hard. not impossible ill give you that but very hard nevertheless.
I believe this is the first step to making an AI that doesnt cheat but can be toe-on-toe with an experienced (but not pro) player...

There are the main disabilities for the AI:
-It doesnt have tactical awareness
-It doesnt handle rushes well at all
-USA Ais have the dozer bug, GLA ones sometimes harvest supplies with one worker only bug...
-It cannot learn
-It has a lot more bugs (people coming out of transports, etc)
-Its units get stuck in base
-It cant use all powers as smartly as we do

HOWEVER the AI also has some advantages over us
-It can be everywhere at the same time
-It has a natural maphack
-It can click as fast as it wants to
-It has a reaction time of 33ms (one frame, and this HAS to be tweaked in the AIData.ini for better results/more cpu)
-It can instantly analyze situations
-It can access which targets are closest
-It can keep flying planes NONSTOP, and direct them to exact, precise targets everytime, making its auroras its single mightiest force
-It can be efficient

After doing some research, I noticed the building 0% bug might be able to be circumvented (RVMECHs AI anyone?), as well as the transport bug. It seems the AI's advantages are more suited for the AF general as well so in the end i decided im striving for that goal now. To make the first non cheating but challenging AI, or as close as i can to it! Im gonna need a lot of testing as only me playing against it might make the AI great against my weaknesses but crap for others...

Anyways, if anyone else has the cojones to try, you are welcome :grin: id love if someone tried it out when it gets closer to done...

Hello All

27 August 2004 - 03:49 PM

Hello everyone! Sorry i havent registered before, i never quite got around to do it.
Some of you already know me (thudo, mithril, akkrand), and others maybe from playing my Advanced AI Mod.
In any case, i hope to be helpful and also get my scripting skills up while im at it!

As my first question, what is the best program/way to open stuff in .big files and how do i put them back into the game (add to the existing file or create a new big or something)
i desperately need to edit a lot of ini files for the next version of my mod and im getting really mad at sending more and more files scattered (extracted) all over the place instead of one .big file