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lost most of the sounds

13 May 2010 - 10:59 PM

Been modding for a few weeks now. Ive always had the sound turned off when trying out the things ive changed. So now today i was almost
finished with all that i wanted to do and sat down and began playing. I then noticed that majority of the sound was gone. Like when you click in the meny or select
a power theres a sound.. all battle sound is gone and when you select a hero in livingworldmap there should be a cheering sound if i remember correctly.
have no idea why its gone. I havent changed any sound. Is there any common solution to this or anyone have any idea why its gone?
Things ive done edited existing units/heroes -meaning adding some powers and stuff. Made all goodfactions buildable from one faction (gondor)
Have 7 player army leaders. 6 player army leaders for AI mordor They can also build harad and rhun. Added several summon only heroes as playable heroes.
and fixed elven faction as a playable wotr faction (editing RJs mod for myself) fixed all missing info in livingworld map (armysummarydescription.and more).
oh and one thing that comes to mind is after ive made more than four heroplayerarmies the game crashes when quiting the game. but dont know if the sound went out around the same period of modding or earlier.... any suggestions would be appriciated.

Leveling up?

03 May 2010 - 10:10 AM

Ive noticed an annoying thing but not sure how to fix it. In WOTR When leveling an battalion up to lvl 10 with theodens gift.
Works fine when selecting the battalion it shows both in the unit Portrait to the left and the pop up text window. But when i enter
a new Real time battle the info is changed. The unit portrait still says lvl10 but the popup text says lvl2 and i can redo the thing
with theodens gift so the pop up text says lvl10 again. So is the battalion still lvl10 or lvl2? Feels like lvl2 because the battalion
die just as fast as an lvl2 of the same kind. Dont know if you understand what i mean (have not the best english) what should
i look at to keep the level up dudes in my moving army?

have two problems

07 April 2010 - 08:51 PM

When playing as Rohan in wotr mode (havent tried skirmish) in RJ mod rohan armies cant get the basictraining upgrade in an real time battle (can tho from the livingworld armory). So i changed in commandbutton.ini needed_upgrade .....technologygondorbasictraining to ....tech rohanbasictraing and then it works.
The rohan army can now get the basictraining in real time battles but! after i upgraded them to lvl 2 and some of them dies they doesnt respawn to original
size (5+banner carrier) so what could the problem be? what controls the respawn thing?

The other thing is: I added the elite army Royalguards as a builable army from the livingworld and it works fine they follow the playerarmy around just as any other
army but! sometimes after a real time battle they add royal guard members to the survived playerarmy ex: starting the battle with two royalguard armies (think 5+5 or if it is 6+6 cant remember) and ends up with two royalguard armies + 1 +1 +1 pretty annoying but any idea if it can be solved or have i created a bug with adding them as normal members ?

want to keep the royal guards

31 March 2010 - 08:18 PM

hi im new to this but im not looking to creating a new mod. I just wanna change some stuff in existing mod for myself to enjoy.
So right now im playing rj mod which is really nice. In wotr when playing as rohan the royal guards doesnt stay in the army after
a battle. I edited the livingworldbuildings.ini under barracks i added the royal guards so now i can build them from the world map
but they still doesnt stay after a battle. Where can i change that rule and how?