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In Topic: [GNP]The inevitable war on Iran?

03 February 2012 - 08:46 PM

I also like to mention that when Merica invaded Iraq in 03, the Iranians came with a request where they would drop all nuclear ambitions for a diplomatic tabula rasa. Which the US promptly responded to by calling out the Swizz diplomats for the audacity of just handing such a letter over to them.

Hahaha, epic, didnt knew that, loved it... its the old rule: The winning side tell the history =D

In Topic: [GNP]The inevitable war on Iran?

03 February 2012 - 02:11 PM

Hmmm, i totally agreed, Hostile, but u see. China is developing nuclear projects. Saudi Arab, Paquistan, India, Lyban, the Koreas.. Cause the Iran don't have any political backup, it was made the "black sheep" at ONU, and what happend next is just consequence of economical acts of the international government. And remember, the non-nuclear pact that was a exigence of ONU, so they're first guessing that the nuclear iran stuff was first built to develop bombs. Thus, the inspection teams the first arrived didn't discovered nothing.. the 2d found something, the 3rd found many, and them we have the EVil Iran with bombs.. don't look a bit of media?

About the conservatives, i don't know, but when i hear Newt Gingrich saying that he "Is not worrying with the too-poor ones", more then the election effects, his meanings show a very tradictional american way of seeing things, bringing the old "superpotecy" concept back. So, the democrat's end to be a natural choice,
but i do apologize, cause i don't know a small bit of the true republican / democrat idealism, just what media show us ^^

LOL, blame Cuba then^^ Or the russians! hahaha

Well, political attacks agaisnt Iran are happening since the end of 2010, and it got to a international picture since the first ONU restrictions we're applied.
And Iran is alone agaisnt the world now, so, in their own way to see things, yes, i agree they can be dangerous.

But, i disagree at the fact to accept that Iran is a stable and revolution-free monarchy... Think things will end beign military, and will implode into a civil war, like is being in Libya.^^

In Topic: [GNP]The inevitable war on Iran?

03 February 2012 - 12:19 PM

1. Well of course, we in the west have ruthless corporations that earns money on strife. Its Shock doctrine, creating crisis to provoke changes, which they then abuse to squeeze as much money as possible out of. Not sure what you are saying with the world-consuming clock though.

Hmmm, shock doutrine.. @.@ that remembers me Aldous Huxley and 'the sheep" (-Brave New World) D heheh, true, true..
About the world clock tic, more likely that the EU/USA arent the united, concrete and safe economic/political marvels as it was before. It looks more today like an "empire of many", and with so much interests conflicting.. crysis. =D Think that people have too much idealistic choices to follow on (
besides of making thier own, but gah, all fits into a political category) so the mass control isnt effective as before.

2. Heheh, Israel a good point indeed. Its most likely the working project of the capitalism conquest...
This theory of false terrorism and blaming is a bit utopic to me being cetic, but when u stop to think... Its like September 11...with all due respect to all innocent people there ;)

and i see what u mean with cold hazor sharp trues.. mostly when u take then into account and start to question yourself / others... Its likely "doing the first step to believe at something better"... And its evil to think that the pink world ges more trueful just when u're ignoring this stuff
and living the "sheep" life =D (in another words.. taking care of your nose and the closer noses to ya XD)

And I do hope that the new wave of internet users we've seen the last decade is able to bring change. America is changing, It has changed many times in the past century, and we are overdue for another reform.

Well said, man^^ 2012 is around, maybe the meteors do indeed, fall, but over our conscience =D hehehe

In Topic: [GNP]The inevitable war on Iran?

03 February 2012 - 11:40 AM

Really liked this post, its true a matter to be looked in. and things like SOPA are child's play compared ;)

About comparison Iraq-Iran, thats true, but u must see that USA / EU had a very strict contact and a long history with Iraq. theres
a lot of political manipulation happening since 80's, so i think that the recent war (wich for me looked like a 3rd Gulf War, since the Arab Spring is happening in a paralel side)
was too the final blow of the american "economy tweak+ republicanism food".

1. Its weird, because the places u said concieves the biggest temples of the capitalism .. In theory, the world consuming clock tics there first. Or it was before China =D heheh

2. Great point, never looked further to that... Well, its very figurable, since Iran is adopting a real anti-american position, whati think its wrong. Media destroy's the consistency of
the information, but thus, Iranian government is breaking a LOT of human-rights for many years. So, if war don't come, the Arab Spring will. Look Libya! Egypt! If u compare the
current situation of these countries with Afeghanistan / Iraq , they had conserved their culture, leadership and patriotic idealism much more then occupied places =)

3. *Sign above.*

I think that pretty much sums up my opinion on the topic. I was planning to write something more, but I think I've hit all the points that needs hitting... and my soul died a little as I wrote this, and its lunch.

Don't let it die^^ i think that americans are changing how the (modern) world see them, and Obama had a main role at this picture. I think that isnt define as just pacifism and external politics,
since USA (like every other country in the world) have social, politic and cultural flaws that are being taken more account since the Democrats assumed the role.

But, as u told in the begin,.. its 2 or 3 groups, and money, Congress support and interests.^^

As for me.. my political idol is Ayrton Senna. =D

In Topic: [Help] Berserker Skin Source

02 February 2012 - 02:11 PM

Thats an idea indeed.. but the filesize suggest thats the dimensions, wich is bizarre, cause the texture looks ok, at least at a far look^^