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In Topic: AI are defeated at the start of match

01 December 2010 - 07:35 PM

I gonna cry... LOL
Okie i gonna do 1 map so i can test out the AI changes and blance more or less. thx ^^

In Topic: AI are defeated at the start of match

29 November 2010 - 02:00 AM

Okie, i have this issue as well. So you say i need to add the new AI to all exsisting maps? o.o

In Topic: Healing Satation

28 November 2010 - 09:06 PM

Okie if i see it right that code is from an infantry unit, that will make them look for a "hospital" in there radius. The actual healing is made by the building, you can find it in the building code, Check the Barraks code for the "healpad" code =)

In Topic: A little FX headacke

20 November 2010 - 10:41 PM

Okie, i gave up on the code way, but if some one knows it, sure be awesome to share with us. So i gone with the hard way and behold ^^

Posted Image

Now "Dead" is cooler i'd say XD

In Topic: Looking for some help please

08 November 2010 - 02:23 PM

Hello there Gen.Kenobi!

I did check out the tutorials and it helped in few things, though still have the issue of the muzzleflash part of the model ( the flame is there but its surrandings is black ) like the Alpha Channel wouldnt work, regardless before re exporting the model did select it in the options ( using Gmax ) Now i thinking about to cut these parts out for now as the FX particles work perfectly at the moment.