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In Topic: Patch 3.3.2 Proposed Changelog

26 May 2017 - 03:54 AM

I'm going to echo Dark's thoughts about grids. I've had several games where I've had a Foehn player on the ropes but been unable to do anything due to wading into grids being expressly suicidal even when you have overwhelming odds on your side. It's particularly a problem for PsiCorps who can't advance due to lacking an efficient way of removing the grids (no splash), but then the Foehn player won't want to push out of his base and walk into Magnetrons, so you get a stalemate and a game which should've been over dragging on for another 10 minutes with nothing happening until someone builds a superweapon or runs out of money.

Another idea would be to make grids slowly damage themselves when "firing" so units aren't permastunned and the grid owner has to make at least some effort to kill them before they're freed. Right now there's little point in getting involved at all, since it's more advantageous to let the attacker waste clicks on killing their own trapped units while you do something else.

In Topic: Patch 3.3.2 Proposed Changelog

08 May 2017 - 10:17 PM

What's the rationale behind the Pyro price buff? Isn't Soviet T2 aggression one of their strongest tactics already? Surely buffing their linchpin units makes that Field Bureau rush even more attractive.

​And thank god for Jackal/Clairvoyant nerfs. If there was one change Foehn really needed, it was that.

In Topic: MO 3.3 // Feedback & Suggestions (Balance, New Features, Modifications etc.)

07 April 2017 - 02:13 PM

One way of looking at the KF range thing is that sure, Allies can't really assert themselves against Foehn until they get an IFV out. But then Soviets can barely do anything against anyone until T2 and yet they manage just fine. If Foehn are really insistent on pushing map control that early it's not like you'll have to try very hard to catch up. As long as you don't wait forever and interact when it benefits you.

In Topic: MO 3.3 // Game Bugs

24 March 2017 - 02:18 PM

Is Tech SAM Bunkers being able to force-fire on water an oversight or an engine limitation? It seems potentially abusable.

In Topic: Favorite Main Battle Tank

22 March 2017 - 07:45 AM

​Rhinos and Jaguars seem to have the same damage output, so the appeal of Rhinos is purely durability.

Even in mentalomega.com, their weapons have the exact same name. So this won't come out too surprising.

No they don't. One of them's 120mm and the other's 105mm. In fact that was why I wanted to test them in the first place, because the supposed weapon types didn't seem to match up to reality. Really there's no correlation.