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Skirmish/MP maps discussion

26 March 2017 - 06:21 PM

Since we didn't have this thread...


What maps do you like? What maps don't you like? Why are some maps so popular and others rarely played? What hidden gems are out there? What are some good strategies?


I'll start by listing off some (2 player for now) maps I like and I think players should try out if they haven't already:

  • Action Reaction. You've probably played this since it's first on the map list. It's an interestingly dynamic map well worth learning the ins and outs of. As the name suggests the situation can swing all over the place depending on how assertive you're willing to be.
  • Cabana Republic. Potentially a bit turtley but I'm a sucker for island maps with expansions, they give you a lot of different avenues of approach and ways of reversing the game.
  • Fire Island. Similar to the above, but much faster and less turtley.
  • Jungle Basin. Similar style again, a bit less restrictive. If you feel like being an absolute madman, take the bunkers and move your MCV to the middle.
  • Oasis Trouble. Yeah it's another island/expansion map. This one more or less forces you to move or make another MCV unless you're Epsilon. Or you're planning on denying the enemy expansion instead of doing so yourself.
  • Snow Plow. This is a really fun one between fighting over the gems in the middle and flanking or using amphibious units. Good map to play Allies on and get into SEAL/jet wars.

If there's one 2 player map I personally can't stand it's Baltic Arena. The topography is confusing and I end up getting tunnel vision making sure my units are actually going where they're supposed to be. On more than one occasion I've had miners end up in the enemy base because that's where they thought the nearest ore was. Also, in my experience a lot of the map ends up neglected. You could probably cut everything above the topmost ore fields off and it wouldn't do much harm to how the map plays out in matches. But maybe that's just me not knowing how to take advantage of it.


Another map that annoys me is Impact Crater. You end up spending all your time clearing trees so you can actually place buildings. Other than that it's alright. I've never seen anyone playing it anyway, probably for the same reason.


I think Sovereign Land could do with a Base Expansion Post somewhere. In YR you would build off the derricks at the bottom to defend the ore fields but that's not possible in MO and it makes the map a bit awkward. Maybe that's intentional.


A common theme with the unpopular maps online is that they have too many Tech structures/garrisons. It means they take a lot more effort to learn and the advantage from knowing how to play them correctly is even bigger than usual. It's a shame because a lot of them seem like they could be interesting maps if both players really know what they're doing (Phantom Blood for instance), but people are often intimidated of playing on them or even trying to learn them.