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Where are the changes (campaign) ?

02 August 2011 - 12:37 AM

last time I played the Mod was in 2006 or 2007.

But last week i decided to intall bfme and I remembered the awesome TEA mod. Now I can see you guys are still working on it. (nice)

Ok, now my problem. I installed my german version of the game, patched it to 1.03 and then installed your tea-ce 1.2 --- worked --- but somehow Iam missing some of the features. Well there are still the new skins an the armor doesnt shine golden after the upgrade and so on.. but my campaign missions seem to be like in the normal game (without mod)

exsample: in Lothlorien there is no Haldir nor any of those other elven heroes like galadriel, celeborn and so on. Also my helms deep mission is without haldir, gamling, hama and only 4 galadrim battalions arrive when the elven reinforments enter the map. also I have the feeling that there are to little enemy troops.

seems like the normal games campaign with some mod features, like the armor and skins stuff and so on.

what am I doing wrong ? ^^


okay I think I found out what the problem is.

I changed something in the gamedat.ini (zoomfaktor) maximal camera height from 300 to 600 and then extracted the maps from the map.ini and opened them with the worldbuilder, reconfigurated the map settings (max cam height from 300 to 600) and it worked. I was able to zoom out.. BUT after I replaced the old maps with my new the mod changes on those maps were gone. still different skins and some of the other changes but the campaign missions are like the original.

Conclusion: I can play the mod without any changes when I use the normal map.ini

Question: How can I play the MOD with the zooming faktor 600 ? ^^

btw: sorry for my poor english