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Your favorite General

29 September 2012 - 05:46 PM

Who is your favorite general and why?
If you have more than 1, please post them. I am just curious and this thread helps to keep the forums alive - abit.

Mine currently is Super Weapon General. The patriot is the most cost-effective defense system in the entire game, especially after the rank 3 upgrades, that basically makes them bad-ass against everything lighter than an overlord. Security systems are nice, I even use my powerplants with security systems offensively so I can gain early-game dominance, but only against the AI. Mobile force field generators are great to defend vital areas against aerial assaults, especially nuclear migs. Tomahawk storms rock and outperform particle cannons in terms of micro-management, sheer damage and speed, plus they're affordable unlike ICBM's and don't take a metric fuckton of power. Commanches working in conjunction with Humvees to quickly take down enemy artillery and other dangerous units.

Using defenses agressively, that is to say setting up defenses on key locations in the map and then expanding them to the enemies' base, is a very viable and combat-proven strategy thus far and allows you to win an early victory if everything goes well. But SW is not without her drawbacks however. She is incapable of mounting a mobile assault, dozers are absolutely vital to keep alive because you have to rely on defenses to win the game, and fast, mobile artillery are somewhat hard to counter, early-game mortar buggies in particular.

Other than that, I absolutely love her. She's abit overpowered, especially with the affordable and fuck-all security systems.

My second favorite is infantry. Unlike SW, you can employ alot of different strategies to win the day, makes you unpredictable even when you play against the same players regulary. Fortified bunkers with a couple of mini-gunners and tank hunters, coupled with one or two howitzers can stop an entire assault. They have excellent early game defenses, and even later in the game when the massive artillery battery gets unlocked. Troop crawlers, both the gatling version and the propaganda version, are absolutely deadly to everything. Put a hacker in it and you can disable chasing vehicles from long range. Put a jammer in em' and it stops an enemy unit from recieving new orders. 1-2 gatling gunners for anti-infantry work and fill the rest with tank hunters. Got this strategy from a replay posted on this forum one or two years ago. Absolutely brilliant, but somewhat fragile, not mentioning the extreme expenses and the rather low armor on the troop crawler's part. Control F'ing a ECM vehicle with the troop crawlers after rank 3 is a pretty wise thing to do, since a squad of rocket infantry will most certainly destroy a TC.

Helixes are awesome, too. That mobile fortress vanquishes everything when you put the right combination of units in it. Bet it can annihilate a lone Shaitan with appealing ease.

Infantry is not without its weaknesses however. Some generals, like toxins, make use of infantry without armored support rather useless. Infantry can mount a devastating assault, but doesn't have powerful armored units until rank 5, not mentioning the fact that mounting a game-ending assault with this general is fucking expensive. Also, the mobile designator is wacky-jacky and I'd prefer a howitzer over it any day of the week.

Other than that, it's fortified bunkers, AP rockets, troop crawlers, helixes and mobile fortresses all the way.