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C&C Zero Hour disconnection menu after loading screen

11 March 2017 - 08:28 PM

Hi, I've been playing for around 3 months now ... I have the origin ultimate edition, it's been working fine. Now all of a sudden, every time i connect to a game... after it loads... it pauses for a few seconds and the disconnection menu appears and all players start counting down (obviously i'm the one who has disconnected)  Also if it's a game where i have to download a new map it will crash and time out before map transfer. I understand there is port forward stuff you can do etc, which is a little beyond me.. but willing to give it a go if must.

Things that have changed, when i open up Origin it now says syncing with cloud server/ device.... something like that. Never said it before. 

I've tried all compatibility modes, 16000 NAT, re-install of windows, and game.

Any advice on what to do?