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MapMirror - Symmetrical map creator

10 June 2013 - 01:25 PM

MapMirror is a tool to mirror part of an existing RA2 map (and possibly other games, untested), the idea is to take the pain away from creating symmetrical maps. It is nowhere near complete (maybe 15% done).

What is implemented:

  • Some of [IsoMappack5]:
    • LAT tilesets,  MiscPaveTile, PavedRoadEnds, RoughGround, DirtRoadSlopes, PavedRoads, Medians, RampSmooth, PavedRoadSlopes, WaterBridge, RampBase, ClearTile, RoughTile, BlackTile etc
    • ShorePieces (except the last two odd shaped pieces)
    • WaterSet
    • BridgeSet (ground to bridge junctions mirrored in V only)
    • Many cliff sets (mirrored in V only)
  • [Terrain] (note this is a naive mirror, poles and signs keep the original orientation)
  • Overlay (including ore, gems, walls, bridges etc. 95% of the overlay elements)
  • Starting locations
  • Buildings


How to use:
It's a commandline program, so you'll need to use the commandline. If you're a complete novice try this guide.








See readme and program help for help, or post here. If the link dies let me know. It's now in a state where usable albeit less detailed symmetrical maps can be created. As it stands it could be used to create a symmetrical foundation that the user finishes manually.

Terrain codes RA2/YR?

04 June 2013 - 04:31 PM

I've decoded [IsoMappack5] and am trying to read the contents of the cells. To be explicit I can see these:

struct Iso_Map_Pack_Entry {
unsigned short x;
unsigned short y;
short tile;
unsigned char zero1;
unsigned char zero2;
unsigned char sub_tile;
unsigned char z;
unsigned char zero3;

I'm looking for a full listing of the tile variable (what code is what item), and the sub_tile if it works like that (it's never changed in my testing so far so I don't know anything about it). It's possible to work it out using final alert 2 to create examples of every tile, but it would take so long, is prone to errors, and things will be missed (a real pain I want to avoid).


[OverlayDataPack] and [OverlayPack] are next on my todo list, if anyone has hints to help me read them quicker I'd appreciate it.


edit: I've checked the 100 MO maps and there's 767 tile types and 57 sub tile types used, so it's not something I want to work out manually.