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10 July 2005 - 07:32 PM

ok cool glad to see that fixed.. ;)

ok i have a question,
im trying to give airforce general a helipad
what i did was:
give it a build commandbutton
give it a commandset
copy the AirF_AmericaSuppyCenter code, and rename it so i would fit with the command set and command button, and made it have the command set i want it to
what i want to do is change the model to the supply drop pad, can i take art parameters of the drop zone and rewrite it over the suppycenter's art parameters then change the geometry

is that it?? ;)


i thing that will do the job...i used the same thing(With units) but instead of the art paremeters i was copying the whole code and then i changed the behavior and weapons :)

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09 July 2005 - 06:21 PM

i found a plane like one you are saying from an other mod of generals i have ^_^ .it fits perfect the GLAish style but it is way too low tech for asult but it will be fine for chemical!!!!
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In Topic: Suggestions

09 July 2005 - 07:31 AM

Crop dusters are used already in 4 mods (maybe more i cant remember) Shockwave, Light of five stars, Boss generals and Navy Wars(something like that navy... tech, i cant remember its name) So lets find something new for them something that excels on artillery as you said but not a cro duster what about an old helicopter like the old fashioned "Cobra" or an old and rearmed with gla weapons "Hind" ???


i dont thing that Helicopters fit with ^_^ GLA!!!But the Crop duster is a very good idea...it has to be a must cause they can be used with many ways and strategies ;)

In Topic: Contra Remix 2 Released

08 July 2005 - 07:40 AM

When you say you 're not ready what do you mean ? You dont know enough to start skinning ??? Photoshop ? You dont have something more.... proffessional cause photoshop cant do as much as other programs ! But if you can handle it with photoshop there is no problem !!!  :cool:  Viator you cant skin it on your own ? Or you guys gonna work it together ???  :ninja:  :p  :blink:


Just calm a litle bit and leave Viator to do his work :) .i dont thing that ther's a reason to hurry!!!if you push him too much he may make a mistake and that will hold him back from the total work with result to late more then usuall!!!Its something that i dont thing so but you never know...Just have some patience :cool: .παπαρα

In Topic: Suggestions

07 July 2005 - 06:43 PM

Thats right ! Pendaelose when you find something new post it or if you made something (for gla's).... Are you gonna put my ideas on your next version(the artillery and the armored vehicle) ???


I would like to see the artillery and truck in assault, but I'm not working on it yet.

I don't want to double up my work with what creator is already doing. he echoed to the thaught for making Assault a more advanced armored force. I will make a little bit, but i want to know what Creator is already making before I go and make anyting that would overlap with that.


What are you working right this moment??