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#1112117 Any mods that add factions in the DC/SS campaigns

Posted by Norwegian_Loki on 17 November 2020 - 12:33 AM

A replacement should be possible, and some custom campaigns are made. 

There is the stronghold mod that gives you the option to try the main battles with new factions, and Uni has survival. But for the normal SS or DC campaign format I have yet to see it be done with new factions. There have been mods that fix the SS campaign to work like DC campaign, and even better. So a silver lining there.

#1112057 Genestealer cult mod

Posted by Norwegian_Loki on 14 November 2020 - 09:14 PM

Your not missing out. The mod does not create a new race, but change the Imps into a mashup of various npc and fok models from many factions, with non team colorable reskins, and weird Russian names that makes little sense even in the native language. So you loose the imps from game with them on.


The Genestealer cult mod was being worked on for a short time, but so far no Alpha has seen daylight. There has been a few models made, so maybe in the future someone will do a new attempt at something related, but so far no mod is being worked on here. It has been a big discussion topic, and even a plan for the faction blueprint was made. So if a mod get started there is no need to start from scratch. 


I do hope so sort of mod will be made in the future.


#1104553 Missing 2 textures

Posted by Norwegian_Loki on 29 October 2019 - 09:43 PM


I can make new ones if you want.

Thanks brother NL, I did that already, it was only 2 textures!!!

BUT I may need your help with the icons of the Fallen Angels, and their Taskbar...

Are you interested??? :thumbsupcool:


Sure thing! I can send a temp task bar too while you wait for the final one. 

#1103987 Loki's resurce senter

Posted by Norwegian_Loki on 01 October 2019 - 11:24 PM


Dark Crusade Maps for SS!

My old nemesis. You would not belive the mess most of the map makers made when packing their maps, and so many useless installers! There is 621 maps in this pack!

New textures that create some of the best looking maps ever. This was when Dow modding was at is highest, and so many unique talents made their maps for this golden time.  New skirmish maps with new scenarios and rules are included. Spescial note for some epic Necron temple maps, and crystal planet maps. 


Download here:



Now also has it's own channel on moddb!

#1103937 Loki's resurce senter

Posted by Norwegian_Loki on 28 September 2019 - 01:21 AM



New map pack.  


Dawn of planets: Graves for Lost Souls


Now it is ready for testing if anyone is interested. It has maps made specifically for SS. So flyers should not get stuck there as often as other maps hopefully.


Not as big as the last one. In total there is 86 maps. Works great with any mod outside UA.  Combine and enjoy new battlefields. 


Download Here:

#1103934 Loki's resurce senter

Posted by Norwegian_Loki on 27 September 2019 - 07:58 PM



But this:

And for those who keep mailing me. Yes. The NECRON mod is soon going to show it's progress. It's not dead.  I have been doing stuff in the bg. Eye candy will come.  :thumbsuphappy:

... Is really awesome!


We have not touched Necrons with our mods yet, and they DO deserve our attention...

They are excellent bad buys and offer a different strategic approach to playing the game, not to mention the completely different visuals!


I been talking with Kekoulis, and we decided it is finally time to start the process for full. I have been doing stuff for it, but also been learning new tricks so I am better prepared for this task. Want to do it right the first time. I been gathering both resources, creating skins, and even made new plans. I will post the updates soon in the mod channel. 

#1103906 Loki's resurce senter

Posted by Norwegian_Loki on 26 September 2019 - 10:40 PM


New minimod in it's beta stage.  :thumbsupcool: 


Anyone here remembering CornCobMan's Win Conditions? I have a new version now in a combiner friendly format with no scar errors, and the broken scar is now fixed.
It will have some other win conditions too in the next version.
But for now You can play the beta.
This contains a bunch of extra win conditions
Increased, doubled, tripled or quadruple squad and support caps
These four have different files for each different type of unit (Heroes, Vehicles, Buildings, Normal Troops, and Relic units):
Increased, doubled weapon ranges
Increased, double, triple sight ranges
Increased, half, double, triple, quadruple health
Increased, half, double, triple, quadruple weapon damage
So you can have Relic units with increased health and damage and normal troops with reduced damage
Should also work with the Tyranids mod.
Works great with unification. Makes your battles have much more units than normal.
Feel free to post suggestions for other win conditions mods to add.
Next version:
1) Corncobmans fixed win conditions
2) Fuggles win conditions
3) wote
4) auto abilities
5) New gamtype Scar maps.
Extra: Standalone weather and day/night cycle version. 
And for those who keep mailing me. Yes. The NECRON mod is soon going to show it's progress. It's not dead.  I have been doing stuff in the bg. Eye candy will come.  :thumbsuphappy:

#1101689 Loki's resurce senter

Posted by Norwegian_Loki on 18 June 2019 - 08:13 PM

UA Icons?


You mean UM icons.

DAMMIT BRAIN! You had one job!  :angry:

#1101685 Loki's resurce senter

Posted by Norwegian_Loki on 18 June 2019 - 07:49 PM

I guess I should make a little update here to show people I am alive.  :ph34r:


Been busy in real life, and I sadly had to put most things on hold due to that. My RL has improved drastically now, so it will be back to business here for this guy! :grin:


My current projects:


Top priority:

  • Voice work for the wolf mod
  • UA icons and menu 
  • EC menu
  • DC Turbo Mod (Almost Complete), Testers wanted. :xcahik_: 
  • 2 new "sexy" race pack's


Other :


Sexy Necron/ necron Dynasties: Almost near a Beta mod, but a ton of work remains. I have plans to buy a new PC, and use 3d max in the same way Brother Kekoulis does to make original stuff for our Robot Skeletons. I also have to learn more FX, and create over 200 new skins. This is a passion project, and will be worked on always.


Dark Eldar: My other passion. Will not be worked on for now, but a new "Sexy" pack with dark harlequin will be released.


Phoneix Rising: Due to lack of interest by most people, I will keep this a bit downprioritized by now. It will still be "complete" in time with sexy pack for all races.




Legendary Marines mod

I now have permission to make a new mod with both quartered and Halved Marines. IBBoard has given me a few conditions for this, so the mod is no longer available on moddb until a new version with his conditions met are made by me.


New races for this mod are:

Halved marines SS

Quatered Marines SS

Space Hulk Survivors

Celestial Lions (Actual African marines, Not salamander black.)


I will always accept request to help other mod projects here as long as it is a reasonable request. I can make most art assets.  :cool:

#1097793 Loki's resurce senter

Posted by Norwegian_Loki on 02 March 2019 - 09:43 PM

I love them too, and would highly recommend them for Unification to avoid the menu salad we get when combining Unification with other custom menu mods.  :thumbsupsmiley:

#1097550 Loki's resurce senter

Posted by Norwegian_Loki on 25 February 2019 - 12:19 AM

New Banner and Badges download!


I made a mistake. The banners and badges are now inside folders called custom. If you want to overwrite old files just cut them out from custom, and paste into the Banners and badges pack directly.

No more pink boxes. Forgot to save over to old tga format on some of them.
Warning Same as before. Some pictures are a little lewd, but no porno. A few of them show some boobies. Not many.
My deepest apologies for the inconvenience.  All of them are fixed now.

#1097426 Loki's resurce senter

Posted by Norwegian_Loki on 22 February 2019 - 12:07 PM



I am creating some custom banners and banners pack based on fictional armies. Suggestions, or contributions are welcome. I will make a DL link when done.
So far: Command and conquer series, halo, Supreme commander, Total annihilation, starship troopers, star wars, alien vs predator, terminator, portal, halflife, and starcraft. The pic just show a fraction of what you get.

#1097357 Loki's resurce senter

Posted by Norwegian_Loki on 20 February 2019 - 10:32 PM

Reminder to put those unfinished models from HH...

Now that I am back in business here, I will post everything on a private google dock and share everything. I will also post the less used stuff for moddb.

#1083519 Alien Hunters - Deathwatch Development

Posted by Norwegian_Loki on 14 May 2018 - 11:20 PM

I agree! That sound like the best solution Gambit!  :thumbsupxd:



Unification Races:


Enemy Race: Enclave Tau

Research Example: Rouge Traders Contract: Reduced cost on all buildings, and faster requisition income.


Enemy Race: Emperors Children

Research Example: Desire Perfection: Healer units heal faster, and Builders Repair faster. 


Enemy Race: WhiteScars

Research Example: Born to be Wild: More.speed on fast moving vehicles. 


Enemy Race: Dynasty Necron

Research Example: Nanostorm MatrixVehicles gain the ability to restore hit points slowly over time.


Enemy Race: Daemons

Research Example: Holy Artifacts: Hero units gain new powerful anti-daemon wargear.


Enemy Race: Enclave Tau

Research Example: Rouge Traders Contract: Reduced cost on all buildings, and faster requisition income.


Enemy Race: Blood Angels

Research Example: Bloodlust: Jetpack units can jump longer, and have more close combat damage.


Enemy Race: Dark Angels

Research Example: Redemtion: Chaplain and Libarian can upgrade to a Terminator armour. gets the same ability as colonel Brom.


Enemy Race: Steel Legion

Research Example: Steel Contract: ​The Tanks, and other heavy mechanical units become much cheaper to produce


Enemy Race: Inqusition Daemonhunt

Research Example: Holy LibraryPsyker units gain new spell's.


Enemy Race: Witch Hunters

Research Example: Virgin Saint: Gain a boost to  health and damage for all female members of the faction. Unlock Hero Adrielle Quist.(I am in the progress of making her on an original model).


Enemy Race: Eldar Harlequin

Research Example: Song of ValorAll sergant's Get a new ability to increase damage for a short amount of time. Long cooldown time.

Research Example: Black Libary Book: Access to new special upgrades at the armoury. 


Enemy Race: Craftworld

Research Example: Ancient ShadowDeathwatch, and other "hunters" gain stealth.

Research Example: Farsight: Can train new Marine Squad. Space Marine Sniper.


Enemy Race: Thousand Sons

Research Example: SpellboundPsykers get a new "spell" to turn other "spellcasters" energy to zero, while replenish a small amount of their own.


Enemy Race: Rage; World Eaters

Research Example: Bloody Marry: All close combat units now heal faster.


Enemy Race: Adeptus Mechanicus

Research Example: Automataton: Time it takes to build all mechanical units are now reduced 50%


Enemy Race: Reneguade Guard

Research Example: Penalty: Unlock Penal Legion Troops. Both cheap expendable squads, and human bombs.


Enemy Race: Space Wolfe's

Research Example: Unleash The Beast: Unlock new ability for some units. A berserker power that boost damage and speed for a short amount of time. Long cooldown.


Enemy Race: 13th Company

Research Example: Howling AlphaUpgrade the sargents ability to restore morale. Now nearby units is also affected.


Enemy Race: DeathGuard

Research Example: Hypocritical OathYou can hire more Appothecarry

Research Example: Medicine LabSquads with an Appothecarry heal much faster.


Enemy Race: Tyranid Swarm

Research Example: Ridley's CurseNew grenade type: Acid grenade, and the unit's whom carry them explode with an acid cloud when dying. 


Enemy Race: Salemanders

Research Example: Fireproof: More armour for both Troops, and mech. 


Enemy Race: Black Templars

Research Example: Crusader Armour: More armour for all heroes, and leaders.


Enemy Race: Night Lords

Research Example: UFOJetpack upgrade for some hero units.


Enemy Race: Preatorian Guard

Research Example: Big Bang: I Tanks have longer reach, aim and more shockwave range on their blast. 


Enemy Race: Vostroyan Firstborn

Research Example: Finders Keepers: Trading weapons found on the battlefield, all space marines weapons cost is halved.


Enemy Race: Custodes

Research Example: Good ol Days: Gain access to squad of space marines from the Horus Heresy. The leader, and units give an insane amount of increased restoration to both morale, and energy recharging when they  stand near.




#1083509 Alien Hunters - Deathwatch Development

Posted by Norwegian_Loki on 14 May 2018 - 08:44 PM

Branch Path: When you encounter an alien, and take the first sample, you can choose a main path for the faction. Only one can be chosen. You can have several to choose from, but only one to select. This lumps several similar factions together for a common tactic.



Xenocide: Organic Enemy Types

Focus: Tyranids, Tyranid swarm, Ork

Access: More fire based units and Deadwatch units.


Heresy: Imp Based Enemy Types

Focus: Imperial Guard, Steel Legion, Vostroyan, 

Access: To deal with these traitors, Access to hire Temple Assassins are granted. Only one can be hired at a time. Also more Inqusition units.


Heretic: Chaos Enemy Types

Focus: Chaos, Khorne, Emperors Children, Chaos Deamons,

Access: Anti-Daemon Units


Exterminatus: Space Marine based units.

Focus: Space marines, Dark Angels, Blood Angels, Daemon Hunters

Access: More Terminator and Dreadnaught unit types.


AnnihilationHigh Tech Xeno

Focus: Eldar, Dark Eldar, Tau, Necron,  

Access: More veterans, and Allrounder units.