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How to use Cryocopters?

09 November 2018 - 03:05 PM

I'm been using the cryocopters in PvP lately, and I wanna test its capabilities somehow. When I build them however, I mis/improperly use them.
I micro them a lot to avoid AA and target a building, but the freezing kinda takes a while and even 4 Flak Troopers can shot them down before it completes it's freezing debuff. I once tried to use them together with the main attack force (was using US) but my forces manage to destroy the building before the debuff was completely applied.

I paired them together with US because Warhawks can catcj up with it for a short time when the target is freezed completely in PvE, but multi is a different and I have no idea how to utilized them.
Any good ideas or even guides on how to use them effectively in PvP? I mostly use US if that affects something.