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DoW1 Mod Project Basic Mod Workflow Checklist

01 July 2019 - 12:20 AM

Update - Jul 16, 2019


The intent of this thread is to give new DoW1 mod developers a reference point to building their projects with the objective to of ensuring we keep to what could be considered as being "best practices".


I will constantly be updating this as I tweak the sections especially based off feedback.


It will be broken down into various sections..


AE (Attribute Editor)









..and possibly more but we'll see...



Launch Dawn Of War in DEV Mode


To fully troubleshoot your mod project you must always enter in DEV mode to see any background problems that you would otherwise not see the normal method.


Attached below is a CMD that you should unzip into where your root Soulstorm folder is then rename the filename to suit the name of your .module name (just to readily identify it with ease).


With this CMD it contains the following:

del *_ErrorLog.txt
del *_MiniDump.dmp
del %~dp0Mod_Name\data\ai\mapdb\*.dat
start soulstorm.exe -dev -nomovies -modname Mod_Name

The first two lines will clear all useless dump files which accumulate over time in your Soulstorm root which are basically not needed and 99% of the time never divulge anything useful.


The third line clears out all MapDB config info if that game mode is enabled for your mod. These should be cleared from time to time if present. Note the label there "Mod_Name": use the folder name of your mod in your root Soulstorm path.


Finally, the fourth line is the actual commandline which runs with the relevant args but the final variable "Mod_Name" should be the name of your .module so your mod will successfully launch with the correct switches.



What does using -DEV unlock?


Check THIS thread as it is covered in detail and should be quite valuable to all mod project developers.