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Help Me

06 August 2006 - 08:00 PM

I'm having difficulties getting rid of a mod exe that I just got. Unfortunately, the file had no information for some reason I don't, so I tried to delete it. Then a little pop up saying " Cannot delete, Is being used by another program. Close any programs using this file." ;) But I didn't have anything running. :p What should I do to get rid of the file?

MO 2.0 // Strategy

27 July 2006 - 12:07 AM

Post your own strategy on how to beat the new AI.

My Allied Strat:

First I build ggi's to defend against early tank rushes with a few gi'sto defend against infantry. Once i have a war factory i build mirage tanks far infront of my base entrances to defend against long range units. Once I have a tech center, i start building up my attack force. First i send in around 15 mirage tanks up to the enemy base to stop most units coming out so they can get promoted. then i will build 10 IFVs and prism tanks.
The prism tanks take out defences from long range and the IFVs protect against aircraft. If there are grand cannos i send in rocketeers to take out the power. Then use prism tanks to take out un-powered defences and the conyard.

If the enemy has grand cannons and patriots defending the power i cut them off from their ore by killing their ore miners. They will keep rebuilding them but keep destroying them. They will eventually have to sell alll their defences and high tech buildings to build ore mienrs. Once they are crippled enough send in a few tanks to wipe out whats left of them.