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In Topic: 25 years later and still relevant.

10 January 2008 - 05:13 PM

Don't lecture me Kacen.

In Topic: 25 years later and still relevant.

10 January 2008 - 06:06 AM

Reagan is the most asshole president USA has ever had.. maybe beaten by Bush dad and son. Funded Iraq against Iran at the same time it sold weapons to Iran. They trained some of these franksteins like Saddam and Bin Laden. Not to mention that he barely knew any country in the globe. The dumbass confused Brazil with Bolivia, when talking to the brazilian president in a meeting in Brasilia. Is he so dumb to not even know where is he going to?

Honestly, I don't know which was the best president USA ever had, but I am sure it wasn't Ronald Reagan.

Huh, funny how most Americans would disagree with you there.

In Topic: Parenting vs. Abuse

04 January 2008 - 06:41 AM

If you cannot solve problems with words and have to resort to physical means to communicate with people, then you should not have children. While I agree that parents have to be parents, and not friends, if you use violence to teach/control/discipline/whatever your child, then you are sending a terrible message to your kid. Sure, smacking a kid might get him to never draw on the wall again, and you say that it won't cause the kid any problems. I disagree. For the rest of his life, that kid will associate messing up with getting hit. Is that really what you want him to think? I would rather have a kid who is willing to come clean about his mistakes because he knows he won't get his ass kicked for it. You can fix crayon marks on a wall in about 30 seconds. People with abusive parents can go to therapy for years and still be messed up for the rest of their lives.

Look at it this way, if you hit someone in public, you can go to jail for assault or battery or whatever, so why on earth should it be ok for you to hit a child? Its also illegal for other adults to hit your child(ie. no corporal punishment in schools), so again, why should it be ok for you to hit your kid? I mean, if I had a kid, or hell, even my little brother for example, and I saw someone hit him, I would flip out.

I was reading something about this in a magazine(at the dentist, no idea what magazine it was) recently and it talked about parenting with a "carrot and stick" method. IMO, it should be a "carrot or no carrot" method. Good behavior should be rewarded, and bad behavior should be punished by sanctions, for lack of a better word, not by physical force.

In Topic: p0rnography

03 January 2008 - 09:47 PM

I realize that porn is illegal for under 18 viewers, but I'm always amazed by how big a deal adults make about it. I'm a freshman in college so I just went through middle school and high school, and let me tell you, the shit that goes on between teenagers is going to fuck kids up A LOT more than porn will. If my parents spent a single day in my high school, they would have locked me in the basement and thrown away the key. I think that most adults are way out of touch with the reality of today's culture/society. Instead of trying to figure out ways to block kids from porn, which kids will always manage to get around anyway, people should focus on what's happening in the real world. I mean, jesus, who cares about internet porn, when kids just go to parties every weekend, get completely drunk, and try their hardest to reenact that porn. And then they drive home. IMO, the real problem is not kids watching strangers get it on over the internet, but rather the fact that high school has more alcoholics than a rehab clinic, and those people are not just jacking off in their rooms, they're actually having sex. If I was a parent, I would rather risk my kid getting carpel tunnel syndrome from masturbating too much rather than risk my kid getting a STD, pregnant, or both.

In Topic: Parenting vs. Abuse

03 January 2008 - 09:30 PM

From my point of view, you should never hit your kids. It will come back to you if you do. My uncle and aunt hit their kids(ages 3 and 7 IIRC) and those kids are the worst behaved kids I have ever seen. In addition to not controlling the kids, my aunt and uncle have very little respect from the rest of my family anymore. Someone said you cannot reason with a child. I disagree. My dog knows right from wrong, and I never had to hit him in order for him to learn. Surely kids are at least as reasonable. If you have to punish them, then don't let them watch TV, or don't let them eat dessert for a week. There are plenty of ways to discipline kids without teaching them that violence is the answer. I think our society is already violent enough without having to beat our kids at home.