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Mordor Faction Plan

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#81 OdoProudfoot

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Posted 06 June 2019 - 09:07 PM

Ideas for post Dol Guldur Mordor


Dol Guldur dungeon is replaced by the Bastion/Tower of Cirith Ungol

Shelob's summon is moved to it and replaced by a Morgul beacon, which grants bonuses to the Nazgûl/let's you recruit the other Nazgûl/does some other thing


From the Tower of Cirith Ungol you can recruit Gorbag, which replace's Gothmog as a damage dealer. Design cue: overseer skl.

Maybe you can recruit Shelob's spawn from it, maybe black orcs as well


Maybe a new easterling captain to inherit the leadership powers from Khamul

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#82 njm1983


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Posted 07 June 2019 - 10:52 PM

Thats a good idea, I was feeling like "Morgul Tower" summon would be more appropriate


Then you could have the Morgul beacon be an upgrade. 


I like the idea of the Witch King being moved here after the beacon has been added. Gorbag could just get a regular hero slot in the fortress. Shelob could stay there as well.

Im undecided what else could be added, maybe a map wide upgrade to the orc units that gives em a boost to armor and visually turns them into the Morgul orcs as long as the Morgul beacon is lit remains intact?

This way you dont have to boost easterlings and you get more of a boost to orcs instead.

#83 Three Elven Rings

Three Elven Rings
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Posted 09 June 2019 - 10:56 AM

Good ideas OdoProudfoot and njm1983. :)


My idea is if you might have a Rhun faction, then the Morgul OrcArena could be the place instead of the Easterling Encampment.

And the "He Is Gathering All Evil To Him" spellbook power not only calls the Haradrim Raiders, but also the Easterling Phalanx or Variags of Khand, that they alternate when used.


Morgul OrcArena

Minas Morgul orc barrack, activeted from the Fortress after Morgul Sorcery is unlocked.


Rank 1:

Legions of Morgul – 500

Strong versus pikes. May receive Forged Blades, Heavy Armor and Banner Carrier upgrades.


Rank 2:

Morgul Archers – 600

Strong versus infantry units. May receive Morgul arrow, Heavy Armor and Banner Carrier upgrades.



Halberdiers of Witch King ­– 650

Strong versus cavalry units and structures. May receive Forged Blades, Heavy Armor and Banner Carrier upgrades.


Rank 3:

Mogul Arrow – 1000

Morgul arrow a poisonous dark arrow.


Morgul Vanguard – 1500

Hero unit:

- Rank 2: Morgul Influence

Reduces the damage and armor of nearby enemy units.

- Rank 4: Morgul Blade

Targeted enemy unit takes damage overtime and upon death becomes a tortured wraith.

- Rank 7: Morgul Sorcery 

Nearby enemies flee in terror.


Tower of Cirith Ungol

15pp Spellbook Power. Summoned a Tower of Cirtih Ungol.


Black Uruk Voulgers – 450

Uruks carrying voulge. Strong versus cavalry units. May receive Forged Blades and Banner Carrier upgrades. Rename Bloodthirsty to Mark of the Red Eye.


Ungol Chrushers– 550

Uruks carrying spiked mace. Strong versus infantry units and structures. May receive Forged Blades and Banner Carrier upgrades. Rename Bloodthirsty to Mark of the Red Eye.


Shagrat – 800

Rank 1: Captain of Cirith Ungol

Leadership to Black Uruk units.


Rank 1: Hands off!

When Shargat and Gorbag are close, they lose 50% armor and gain +50% attack damage.


Rank 4: The scum tried to knife me!

The enemy units are turned against each other.


Gorbag – 800

Rank 1: Chieftain of Morgul

Leadership to Morgulr Orc units.


Rank 1: Hands off!

When Shargat and Gorbag are close, they lose 50% armor and gain +50% attack damage.


Rank 4: I’m gonna bleed you!

Poisoned blade.

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#84 Dark Lord

Dark Lord

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Posted 18 June 2019 - 02:08 AM

Only as a suggestion would be good, review in my mind certain  Mordor models, because by homogenity in 3d, that are great, in many factions, Mordor is left behind, in this case Gothmog reiterated it seems good to redo the model.
more according to the high quality of the mod.
For example

#85 Gil-aglar

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Posted 24 June 2019 - 05:10 AM

Hi there, as a suggestion for the Beacon of Morgul: instead of increasing allied armour, perhaps it could globally lower enemy fear resistance? My thinking for this was the frightened/despairing reaction of all who saw the light in the films. Cheers!

#86 Arcadian

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Posted 05 September 2019 - 07:17 PM

Today I've been thinking a lot about (and posting my ideas) the Haradwaith Release. The post-Haradwaith Release Mordor Faction will feature Great Beasts of Nurn instead of Mumaks, but I suggest also a slight reformation of the Orcs. For example, now we have only a 400 resource "Legions of Morgul" from the Fortress. I'd suggest to remove this unit and divide Morgul Orcs in two units: Morgul Pike Legion (former Orc Pikes but stronger), and Morgul Bow Legion (weaker than Haradrim Archers but can upgrade to Morgul Arrows which are renamed poison arrows that however spawn wraith when kill units).


Orc Barracks - 300
-Rank 1: Recruit Morannon Orc Warriors - 75
-Rank 1: Recruit Morannon Orc Archers - 225
-Rank 2: Recruit Morgul Pike Legion - 250            (Stronger than the current orc pikes also more effective vs infantry than Morannon Orc Warriors)
-Rank 2: Recruit Morgul Bow Legion - 300
-Rank 3: Recruit Black Uruks of Barad Dur – 400 (formerly named Black Uruk Marauders)
Lorewise, Mordor Orcs fall under three main classifications : Morannon Orcs, Morgul Orcs and Black Uruks. Morannon Orcs are the most numerous, and the weakest. Morgul Orcs (known as Black Orcs or Fell Orcs) are stronger than Morannon Orcs and are distinguished by a symbol on their shield, which on Tolkien's words was a "moon disfigured with a ghastly face of death". Black Uruks were the strongest and at the top of the Orc hierarchy.
Morannon Orc Warriors and Archers cannot have Heavy Armor or Forged Blades upgrade, only Flaming Arrows for Morannon Orc Archers. Morgul Pike, Bow Legions and Black Uruks can receive Heavy Armor and Forged Blades upgrade as well as Morgul Arrows for the Bow Legion. My suggestion is:

#87 Sharkey

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Posted 04 October 2019 - 08:57 PM

The Mouth of Sauron could have an ability that enhances production of a resource building (similar to the Rivendell Revelers). I love his existing abilities and they are all appropriate, but I feel there needs to be something to acknowledge that he is an administrator - likely to have been the one to fill out the Dark Lord's tax return.

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#88 OakenShield224

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Posted 09 January 2020 - 08:09 PM

Shagrat ideas:

 - Level 1 leadership also affect orc archers in addition to towers (maybe not as large of an effect)
 - Captain of Lugburz can be activated to cause target enemies to take additional damage from Black Uruks ("the scum tried to knife me! Kill 'im!"). Maybe to balance it out, they lose the armour leadership in that time?
 - Change the Black Uruk Marauder's ability to leech resources from buildings to something else to make Shagrat's level 7 more special?

Gothmog (once he’s recruited, will allow Grond to be recruited)

Level 1: Mount Warg

Level 1: Time of the Orc - nearby Orcs gain increased armour, damage and experience gain as well as fear resistance. Passive.
At rank 5, can be activated to call a barrage of heads of the target area, poisoning those caught by the barrage.

Level 3: Form Ranks - Summons a ring of Morgul Orc Pikemen around Gothmog. Archers within the ring gain a small damage boost. At level 7, there are two layers of Morgul Orc Pikemen in the ring.

Level 6: Master of Siege - Activate to grant the target siege unit a permanent increase in attack speed and damage (could replace the orcs using the weapons with Morgul Orcs?)

Level 10: Into the Fray - nearby allied units (including Evil Men) will gain a speed boost as well as additional damage against structures. Will also summon a pair of upgraded Haradrim archers and a battalion of Haradrim Lancers

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