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Patch 2.2.6 released!

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Posted 02 May 2018 - 05:28 PM

After a couple of weeks of balance testing, a new patch is released that contains a bunch of fixes for things, balance changes and new artwork.


Due to the overwhelming traffic from users using the website and downloading updates the website has been offline for the last 15 days as bandwidth was exceeded. As such I will restrict future updates to likely one per month, unless there's some desperate fix needed, and encourage people to download the manual install from ModDB when possible.
Here's a complete list of changes below.

  - Updated Ares to latest test build
  - Updated manual
  - Updated AI:
    - Should now build more ore miners
    - Now functions with less money, and less cheating (unless Brutal AI is enabled). Denying miners can actually cripple their eco
    - Can now build and use the Cybernetics Core
    - Gets to T4 slower, building other things first instead
    - Should build more defences (particularly anti-air)
  - Updated missions:
    - S06: can no longer build Iron Curtain
  - Snow Place Like Home (4): fixed visible light posts and shroud glitch at the top of the map
  - Wojtek HP increased from 1250 to 1400
  - Liberty Tank HP increased from 650 to 750
  - Bishop HP reduced from 600 to 500
  - Prism Tank HP reduced from 1000 to 900
  - Combat Drugs: 50% firepower bonus replaced with a 40% rate of fire boost
  - Lightning Storm superweapon area of effect increased from 16 to 20
  - Flamethrower has gotten a new cameo
  - Bazooka cameo updated
  - Psi Corps Trooper has gotten a new cameo
  - Desolator has gotten a new cameo
  - Dante HP decreased from 900 to 800
  - Hammer Tank HP increased from 750 to 850
  - Tesla Mammoth damage per bolt increased from 140 to 180
  - Perun damage per lightning bolt reduced from 200 to 150
  - Flak Cannon received new artwork
  - Fusion Thrusters:
    - Duration reduced from 1 minute to 45 seconds
    - Speed boost reduced from 60% to 50% increase
    - Now also boosts rate of fire by 50% but decreases firepower by 25% (so an effective 25% firepower increase)
  - Mammoth Tank:
    - Now has a cameo (in case of being reverse engineered)
    - Cost reduced from 1750 to 1500
    - HP reduced from 1800 to 1500
  - Russian style wall towers should no longer display a missing string

The patch can be downloaded and manually installed, if you are unable to use the client updater for whatever reason.


Remember you can always join our Discord for active discussion and first-look at every upcoming patch!

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