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C&C Reloaded crashes on new Yuri Campaigns

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#1 majwilmott

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Posted 29 December 2023 - 12:36 PM

Hi There,


I have downloaded the latest version of C&C Reloaded (2.5.1), and mainly in the new Yuri Campaign, the game appears to crash a lot more frequently.


When I check Windows Event Viewer, the errors seem to point to syringe.exe with the Exception code: 0xc0000005. (I have attached the screenshot of the error. event viewer log.JPG


The game suggest that I look at details in Syringe.Log, and again it is showing the same code stated below (I have attached the full log file as well). Attached File  syringe.txt   11.55KB   16 downloads


[11:51:16] SyringeDebugger::Run: Running process to debug. cmd = "gamemd.exe -b=37 -SPAWN -CD -speedcontrol -icon Resources/gamemd.ico"
[11:51:16] SyringeDebugger::Run: Allocating 0x580 bytes...
[11:51:16] SyringeDebugger::Run: pAlloc = 0x001C0000
[11:51:16] SyringeDebugger::Run: Writing DLL loader & caller code...
[11:51:16] SyringeDebugger::Run: pcLoadLibrary = 0x001C0000
[11:51:16] SyringeDebugger::Run: Entering debug loop...
[11:51:17] SyringeDebugger::HandleException: Could not retrieve ProcAddress for: cncnet5.dll - MZ
[11:51:20] SyringeDebugger::HandleException: Finished retrieving proc addresses.
[11:51:20] SyringeDebugger::HandleException: Creating code hooks.
[11:56:16] SyringeDebugger::HandleException: Exception (Code: 0xC0000005 at 0x685E8408)!
[11:56:16] The process tried to read from 0x4000002C.
The part I find most odd is that Windows Event Viewer displays the error as soon as the game is loaded, but the game seems to run until the time stamp where "HandleException" lines start.
Where Yuri's Campaigns are concerned this can randomly occur from anytime between 10mins and 45mins into game play?
The same error messages can also occur during skirmish game play but it is very rare.
Lastly this issue is happening on two different PC's that (though both on Win10) are of different ages with different configurations. Both myself and my brother like to play this game over a LAN, (Not online), and even with the PC's linked up directly though Ethernet, again the same error messages occur and this was the same in previous 2.4.X versions as well.
I have already tried uninstalling C&C Reloaded, as well as the Main Red Alert 2 & Yuri's Revenge programs and cleaning any remains of old junk, cache and broken registry files before starting a reinstall.
I have also tried running a sfc /scannow in CMD as the administrator. 
One of the PC's has also recently had a full reinstall of windows.
I am at that point where I do not think it's the game it's self but perhaps issues with syringe.exe.
I have trolled the internet for any support with these issues with minimal avail, so if there is something that I am missing please shout out and give me a hand with this as I love this game.

#2 majwilmott

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Posted 30 December 2023 - 06:24 PM


Played a Random level from each side (GDI, NOD, Allied and Soviet) consecutively with no issued, and then the game crashed 3 minutes into a Yuri mission.


My brother played a skirmish for 4 hours no issues, played a new one and crashed 20 minutes in. 


Error messages the same as posted above.


Thanks again in advance for any help and support with this!!!

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Posted 09 January 2024 - 05:42 AM

Can you update to 2.5.2 and try again?

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