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C&C:R Mod Manager Changelog

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Posted 16 January 2005 - 09:35 PM

••• Version 2.5 - Released xx Oct, 2005
- After each downloaded file MM checks the final filesize with filesize that must to have the downloaded file, (never tested)
- Fixed little bug with continue download button.

••• Version 2.4 - Released 22 Aug, 2005
- Now Mod Maanger will be able to copy him-self in the "Installation mode" & will no be required to copy manually MM & renaming it into "install.ccr".
- Few Insignificant graphic bugs.

••• Version 2.35 - Released 26 Jul, 2005
- Now will search updates in an alternative server when the C&C:Reloaded website is down (but will not be used to download updates).
- Now will be reserved the versions v99.00b00 to v99.99b99 & they will work like MM internal commands with the server. (I'll never release a v99.0 version ;-)

••• Version 2.3 - Released 19 Jul, 2005
- Fixed bug that crash MM in a special case when was clicked a lot of times "C&C:R" & "Search updates" buttons & after was clicked an activation or deactvation button.
- Fixed bug to install C&C:Reloaded using the "install.ccr method".
- Iimproved Activation, Deactivation & "install.ccr method" code. Now when not exist required C&C:R file/s in the reloaded folder will be listed all the files that not exist (indicating the full location of where should be the file).
- Now when MM can't detect RA2:YR & print the menssage "RA2:YR not found..." will show a list of RA2:YR files that not exist & the 2 possible locations that MM can detect the files.

••• Version 2.2 - Released 17 Jul, 2005
- Fixed bug when was trying to download the C&C:R taunts in another language.
- Fixed PLAY button when the mod is being deactivated. Now is disabled before the C&C:R deactivation.
- Now is Disabled the C&C:R Language option when a stopped download has been detected. Default download language is the same that that the stopped download.
- Now if exist RA2:YR files but without the v1.001 update intestead of Show a "Not Detected Red Alert 2:Yuri's Revenge files" will be showed a "Not Detected Yuri's Revenge v1.001 update" & the official FTP link to download RA2 & YR updates.
- Now C&C:R versions will be readed from the "modfiles.ccr" intestead of "mversion.ccr" leaving this "mversion.ccr" useless in the reloaded folder & only this file will be used to the update system. If MM is executed & finds a "mversion.ccr" in the reloaded folder will be deleted to not leave obsolete files.

••• Version 2.1 - Released 13 Jun, 2005
- Improved the new mod update detection code.
- Now will never be possible to duplicate files in the list of download files to Mod updates.
- Now show the counter of downloaded bytes & the full size of the file.
- Added a progress bar of the file download progress (not the todal progress of the mod update).
- Added a stop/continue button to pause the Mod Update & resume later...
- Now The Mod Manager can remember if exist a stopped download to continue & finish the mod update. If is released a new mod update & the program detect a stopped download the program will clean the updates folder to allow the new mod update.
- Now if a download was stopped by an error, will be considerated as "paused download", with the possibility to resume the download where was "paused" intestead of start re-downloading all the files again..

••• Version 2.02 - Released 8 Jun, 2005
- To prevent an possible infinite loop (when is moving the downloaded files) if a file was added more times in the download file list I improved a bit the code.
- Updated French Language to the Mod Manager.

••• Version 2.01 - Released 8 May, 2005
- To prevent an Internal Error when a language is changed & after activate/deactivate the mod now is required close & open again Mod Manager to take the language effect.

••• Version 2.0 - Released 7 May, 2005
- Rewriten GUI.
- Fixed bug to open multiple Mod Managers.
- Now the program tests if exist the expandmd01.mix (the .mix file of the YR update v1.001)
- Added Play button to close Mod Manager & execute C&C:R enabled.
- Added Options window with the first 5 options:
......- Search new updates when the program start.
......- Force download (will be possible re-download the last update of CnC:R or download deleted files).
......- Prompt on exit.
......- Select Mod Manager Language. Avalaible: English (Default), French & Spanish.
......- Select C&C:Reloaded Language. Avalaible: English (Default) & French.
- Now MM can receive menssages from the C&C:R website when a new version of C&C:R Mod Manager or/and C&C:Reloaded is released (only If I consider necessary).
- Improved Download code to allow other mod languages (in this case french).
- Optimized code.

••• Version 1.4 - Released 7 Apr, 2005
- Modified support to the .mix file structure of the C&C:R 0.98.b1 and v1.0.
- Updated file list to do mod installations.
- Now only will be possible to do installations if you have all the mod files.

••• Version 1.3 - Released 18 Feb, 2005
- After download all the mod or any mod update the main screen will start again the mod detection.
- Now is more stable the "activation/deactivation" & "Updates" screen to show the new menssages.
- Fixed .pkt bug. Now these files will be deleted like the rest of C&C:R files during the deactivation.
- Fixed little graphic bugs.

••• Version 1.2 - Released 27 Jan, 2005
- Now if the program detect a new Mod Manager version will be blocked the possibility of download new C&C:R updates, because could exist an important upgrade of the program & could be incompatible with older versions.
- Improved "Search Updates" on Internet (99% done). In "theory" will detect if you are using older C&C:R files & will download the ultimate version of each old file.
- Added the possibility of download all the files from 0 (with only this program) or re-downloading lost/deleted files.
- Added compatibility with C&C:R Theme Packs.
- Fixed little bugs.

••• Version 1.1 - Released 12 Jan, 2005
- Independence of the list of C&C:R files with the main program. Now this info is stored in: modfiles.ccr
- Added "Search Updates" on Inte

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