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Jedi/Sith Heroes

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Poll: Revivals

Should we allow Sith/Jedi to revive?

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#21 el kevo

el kevo

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Posted 20 June 2009 - 03:05 AM

How about certain heroes have a certain number of revives. The Heroes that did not come back as shadows would have this with the more powerful heroes having less revives:
Mace Windu- 1 Revive
Grevious- 1 Revive
Jango Fett- 3 Revives
Kit Fitso- 3 Revives

Of course the few characters that came back as shadows were probably some of the more powerful in the time period so things would be different. They would only get one life and then they'd come back as ghosts with entirely different movesets:
-Yoda, he would be able to train heroes to grant them experience and small troops of Jedi battalions
-Obi-Wan, trains troops and leads them
-Qui-Gon-Jinn, he was great at facing fears....so use that

For Palpatine, don't use clones, instead you can play upon what happens in the movie. Basically when you first buy him he looks human still without the scared tissue. When he dies the first time he comes back as Scared Palpatine
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#22 Githiran


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Posted 24 June 2009 - 06:17 PM

Revive all the way. I love my heroes (i don't rush on online games, i section them to different units :p ), so of course i would like them revivable. It just worries me if i am focusing on several little battles, and a weaker hero gets caught off-guard by a stronger hero/anti-hero horde etc, i think resetting the game just because of one mistake is something i wouldn't like to do. Of course, you may think it's more realistic to say they've died in battle, but i see it of more as a retreat. In games such as the dynasty warriors series, when you "kill" an officer, they usually run away until the next battle.

I think that if a campaign was implemented, heroes should only be able to be acquired once per campaign stage, and that the ghost idea should be in, but ultimately dropping your guard for one moment in a game and having that put a character out of the game after one mistake just doesn't sound fun. There's a fine line between getting it realistic and making it so real that it sucks the life out of the game (not overreacting or anything, i just think it would be silly).

Anyways, hopefully you do keep it in, and if not the idea of super powerful heroes seems more negotiable than having them die early-game, then get overrun too easily with no backup.

Will buff units be implemented if there are non-revivable heroes?
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#23 Annullus The Grey

Annullus The Grey

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Posted 04 July 2009 - 03:42 PM

ed, look at the end of my stat5ement, i knew full well that you would drag me back down to reality, part of the dynamic i want with the jedi is this, they are extremely powerful, dominating but each has his own flaw, someone like anakin you throw at small individual units, but if the other guy throws in a mass of droids he falls quite quickly. someone like obi wan will survive massed enemies but will also do less damage and other such.

jedi are fragile and niche driven, except the respective grandmasters, throw them at something and only overwelming firepower will stop them, or each other.
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