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#21 Rygar


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Posted 10 June 2012 - 02:28 PM

AFAIK the Panzerschreck was issued to RSI forces, most European Axis forces used it near the end of the war. The Cannone da 47/32 isn't really "man carried" it required a squad of men to operate & a vehicle to tow it like any other light AT gun, so it's not really suitable as a Panzerschreck replacement.

Please, forgive my ignorance, but can you tell me your sources for Panzerschreck? About the Cannone da 47/32: I don't see vehicle hooks. Wiki said it was carried by men or at max by a mule or a horse, but please correct me if I'm wrong.

Is it possible to create a "shp squad" deployable?

Some other questions:

Will we see some motorbike riding infantry in future?

Are heroes planned as special infantry?

Is the Kawasaki J7W1 Shinden really a fighter? Its bomb load seems to suggest that’s more fitted as ground attacker…

Just for curiosity, is it possible to know the name of each kind of infantry (or regiment)? Ex: the Mauser was used by "XXX" regiment, PIAT was used by "YYY" infantry etc...
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Posted 10 June 2012 - 04:50 PM

Sorry I don't have any direct sources on the Panzerschreck. The Cannone da 47/32 weighted roughly 300kg & needed to be broken down into many small parts to be transported by man/horse, this was mainly done in the alpine regions where vehicles could not be used, Here is a pic of one being towed BTW.

Making a deployable squad is possible, the size of the gun & the men needed to push it tho would make it too big to be used as an "infantry" tho & it would need to to be a "unit".

The Germans already have BMW R-75 motorbikes.

There aren't any plans for hero units.

Yes the Shinden was a fighter, nearly all fighter planes could be equipped with bombs tho. Italian fighters such as the G.55, MC.205 & Re.2005 could carry more bombs then the Shinden etc.

Most Infantry weapons where standard across all "regiments" so you cant really pin them to a specific one.

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Posted 29 November 2012 - 03:12 AM

Unfortunately the propeller/landing problem is unavoidable, if I code them to work like the siege chopper then AI wont be able to use them because of a pathfinding bug.

I just found a really simple way to solve this:
Code fighters like Siege Choppers, so players can land them if needed,
and make non-S-Chopper "fake fighters" which are only available to AIs, and only used by AIs.
No one's gona tell the trick :p

And BTW, some more suggest for fighters:
1, Make them be Turret=yes (but no turret image), then define their ROT roughly based on their historical turnning performance. My tests show that 1-4 is a nice range for their ROT, make the fighters not too easy to track on a target nor too hard to be a efficient unit. For example A6M=4, Spitfire=3, FW190=2.
2, Make weapon range based on historical energy performance, say, FW190>Spit>A6M
3, Add this to the VXL codes in Artmd.ini:
With all above changes, the dogfight looks quite nice for me. If you manage right moves, it's much more likely than the original DDay that you can beat out-numbering enemys!

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