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#1098913 Version 0.13 is live!

Posted by Echo on 27 March 2019 - 02:46 PM

To the Download on ModDB


Finally, Version 0.13 is out. A short summary of what has changed:

- New content (including maps, heroes, units, icons and effects)

- Campaign additions (new heroes available)

- Bug fixes

- Balance changes (a lot of them, check the change log to see all the changes)


Full change log:


#1096528 Mount Nazgûl (Foot/Horse/Fellbeast)

Posted by Echo on 30 January 2019 - 07:29 PM

As I said, don't focus too much on the fellbeast-horse-foot version, just try the fellbeast-foot for now. Once you figure something out concerning that, the other mount really should not be a problem - regular mounting is not too difficult to achieve.


I don't know why EA varied between MOUNTED in the Model Condition and SET_MOUNTED in the locomotor/weapon sets, it seems to just be a design choice by them. They're linked though. I also feel like the "ToggleMountedSpecialAbilityUpdate" is directly linked to these conditions, and triggers the actual MOUNTED model condition. 

I understand what you mean, it truly is confusing which behavior takes certain components and which doesn't. I'm still not familiar with all of them after gathering a lot of modding experience. But this is also part of the fun and challenges to overcome. BFME2/ROTWK allows the WK to dismount through a "MountedTemplate", which is basically just transferring the Witch-kings current information (health, cooldowns, experience) to the unmounted Witch-king, and vice-versa. This is not really of any concern because it doesn't work in BFME 1 unfortunately. 


I would actually not worry too much about the ChangeRiderContain module. It seems like if you split The WitchKing and the Fellbeast in 2 individual Objects (without inheritance from the other), you can leave it out for the start. I will also take a look at this ability, maybe I can figure something out. Another thing to keep in mind is that the Witch-king's original scale (fellbeast) is 0.8, while the unmounted Witch-king is a really tiny object even without scale. So you'll either end up with a really tiny unmounted Witch-king, or a gigantic Witch-king on its fellbeast. :p



Edit: So I've reached this state:

The Witch-king uses the unmounted animations flawlessly, but the problem is indeed the GiantBiardAIUpdate thing. An AIUpdate is directly connected to the locomotor set, so if you remove the GiantBirdUpdate, you also remove some functionality of the unit itself. And if you leave the GiantBirdAIUpdate in, it will trigger the mounted/air locomotor automatically and in this case the WK goes cray cray. So for now, I took the GiantBirdAIUpdate out. The Mounted version of the Witchking therefore does the animations nearly flawlessly, but it's not moving :p


I went into the locomotor, removed GIANT_BIRD and now he's moving, but no longer playing the attack animation. And on Osgiliath he's really struggling with the bridge. :p


if you (or anyone else) want to check what I have, it's here:

Witchking code:





The locomotor:




The commandset (can be anything, just needs a toggle mount)




The commandbutton:




The next step would be to find out if there's a way to actually disable the GIANT_BIRD locomotor manually. Or if there's a way to enable or disable AIUpdateInterface behaviors.

2nd Edit:  No idea why it formatted the code so strangely..  :whathuh:

#1096499 Mount Nazgûl (Foot/Horse/Fellbeast)

Posted by Echo on 30 January 2019 - 01:16 AM

First of all, hi and welcome :)

I really do not want to put your hopes down, but BFME 1's engine is a lot more limited to BFME 2's/ROTWK's. Many people (including also really skilled coders) have tried to implement a toggle for the Fellbeast in BFME 1 before, but no one has really achieved anything yet. And I'm not talking about the 3-step toggle, I'm just talking about the Fellbeast - on foot toggle. BFME 1's engine seems to have a problem with this transition. I also have investigated for a long time, but I gave up at some point and just decided that my witchking will be unmounted instead.


A lot of attempts have also been made to switch it in 2 separate files, and upon button click just kill the objects and spawn new ones. That is problematic because not only can you avoid certain death by just switching states (you get your health back every time), but you can also not maintain rank information upon killing and transfer it to the new object. Another person attempted to do it via Eowyn disguise ability, but I can't remember how that went. Elvenstar Mod managed to make the Witchking switch and maintain some of the information of the animation states, but altogether it was still pretty bugged.

What I suggest you if you want to stay with it (Trying is never wrong, I myself tried a lot of stuff regarding this): Start small. Just try to make the switch between Fellbeast and On-foot work in BFME 1 properly, and you will be a hero for every BFME 1 modder. Once you achieve that, the rest shouldn't be difficult either.


EA implemented the MountedTemplate in BFME 2, probably just to make this toggle work properly. There seems to be something that restrained even EA itself from implementing the toggle from foot to air in the classic way. Anyway, it doesn't mean that there is no workaround. I think a good start would be to compare for example Eomer to the fellbeast object, and try to mount and dismount him regularly. Look especially at the GiantBirdAIUpdate and the RiderChangeContain behavior, as these two are the only behaviors that are different between Eomer and the fellbeast (or rather they are unique to the fellbeast/eagles), and it might play a crucial role in the strange toggle behavior.

And no, there does not seem to be a MOUNTED_2 state. Also the FlagsUsedForToggle thing doesn't seem to help. This is a quote from one of EA's coders:



FlagsUsedForToggle = MOUNTED ;What we really want is to toggle Theoden's audio if he is mounted or unmounted. Ya, this is a hack


So I suppose it just lets the game know which audio to use, or maybe even just changes the weaponset or armorset. Never looked to much into it but it doesn't look like it's really necessary for the power to work.

Don't worry, BFME 1's engine confuses all. Sometimes I really wonder why I mod BFME 1 and not BFME 2... but there are good sides in both games. Anyway, feel free to come back with more questions if you have, I'm also still somewhat interested in this ability. But it just took too many of my nerves.  :xd:

#1096303 A Message in the Dark

Posted by Echo on 24 January 2019 - 02:32 AM

Hello everyone,
I'm not sure how many people are still following - maybe no one?  :rolleyes:  I have good and bad news regarding BWM, and some news that I dare not yet classify. Maybe you can help me with that. So where do I begin... First of all, I'm working full-speed on the mod right now - at least I dedicate as much free time as I can find towards a new release (good news?). I have made some drastic decisions regarding the faction designs and hope to get a little bit of feedback (unsure news). Goblins will not yet be in the next release (bad news), but it's progressing, and hopefully it will hit the stores around mid-time this year (good news - can't promise but it's a goal). 
In the first half of 2019, BWM will get a major update. This update will include:
- Spellbook rework for all factions
- New units (and possibly heroes) for some factions
- Redesign and/or removal of certain heroes and powers.

Let me elaborate each point. 
[Spellbook rework for all factions]
As a long time BFME player and former active Clan Wars and Quick Match player, balance has always been a top priority for me. With the spell book rework I want to address certain issues, for instance if your own team is Double Mordor and you're up against a Gondor and Rohan combination, your chances are rather grim in most cases. There's a similar issue with other double matchups. As such, I have started changing each factions' spell book to offer more versatility in desperate situations (such as bad match-ups) so decision-making might play a role in the outcome of a game. The spell book size has been increased to 12 Spells (from 8 Spells), as depicted here: https://www.gamerepl...-1507422145.jpg

I'm confident that this change will make games a lot more interesting because the possibilities of power point routes increases drastically. Also, the free spell that every faction has from the beginning is gone. That's it for the spell books, I might reveal a new spell book in the coming days or weeks (Gondor, Isengard and Mordor are pretty much layed out, but not finalized yet). Please note that this involves a series of changes, including AI behavior as they will need to adjust to the new Spell Books. This update will take time to implement. 

Please leave feedback about this, and whether you think the 12-power Spell Book good idea or not and why. I will listen to your feedback. It took me a long time to finally realize this, and I'm very careful with the implementation.

[New units and heroes for some factions]
Well, not much to say about this, but new spell book powers ask for new units and heroes. Generally, versatility also increases the amount of different strategies a player can utilize. One of the major issues of the original BFME game (in my eyes) is the small amount of different units and repetition of strategies due to lack of alternatives. I'm aware that quality still goes over quantity, which is why I'm carefully planning the units that are being added to each faction.

[Redesign and/or removal of certain heroes and powers]
Now, this point is probably the most important one, and I would love to hear your feedback. As of now, no hero was kicked out entirely. But, looking especially at Elves and also at Mordor to a certain degree, there are some heroes with no real purpose within the faction. Elves' hero power is ridiculous. They have Galadriel, Elrond and Celeborn as the monster trio, but also "lesser" heroes such as Glorfindel or Landroval should not be underestimated. All heroes are major power houses. Nerfing certain heroes would be an option, but it would not really do any of these heroes justice - they are supposed to be strong. When I started this mod, I was all like "yee boom boom bang powers". And while I still approve this idea in general (to me, the most important thing in mods is exploring), as the mod leader I also have to notice that it can be too much and there needs to be a better balance between each factions "boom boom bang powers". I've decided now that something needs to be done about them. Eventually I might have to split up Elves - which I do not really want to do - but power-wise it would probably be the best thing in the long run. Don't worry, in the next update Elves will still be there as one faction, but some heroes might change - or even go - along the way to the next release. 
Similar for Mordor, I don't see why they need two Black Riders, so one of them might be dropped. In any case, I intend to rework the Witch-king because I'm not happy with his abilities. 

Please, also leave feedback about what you think and if you feel similarly about this. 

If you read through all this - great - if not, well. Don't know what to say. Go read it :p It won't take you as long as it took me to write this.

Edit: Oh yeah, and I'm still looking for a 3D-Modeller who has too much time on his hands and wants to join the team. So if you have some modelling experience (I don't expect you to be an expert, I'm not myself), drop me a PM. I keep losing interest in developing this because working on my own is often very frustrating. 


#1092819 BFME2 Animation Conversion.

Posted by Echo on 03 November 2018 - 12:08 AM

Wow, so good to see you back. Great job, as always  :thumbsupcool:

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#1077805 How to disable upgrade visuals

Posted by Echo on 14 February 2018 - 03:29 PM

Every unit has a sub model upgrade once the heavy armor upgrade is purchased. Just comment it out.

For example the Uruk-Hai:

    Behavior = SubObjectsUpgrade Armor_Upgrade
        TriggeredBy        = Upgrade_IsengardHeavyArmor
        UpgradeTexture    = IUUrukahi.tga 0 IUUrukahi_HA.tga
        UpgradeTexture    = IUUrukahi_l.tga 0 IUUrukahi_HA.tga
        RecolorHouse            = Yes
        ExcludeSubobjects        = Forged_Blade


Posted by Echo on 26 September 2017 - 12:09 AM

Since these are a lot of questions, I can give you basic answers to all of them. Next time maybe don't ask so many questions, but maybe pick out a few things that you would like to change first. It is very difficult to learn everything at once, as is giving a detailed response to every single one of your points. Many things are actually covered in tutorials you can find at www.the3rdage.net

1. You would have to make a new texture for the Eagle, and retexture the GondorGwaihir_summoned object. The rextexturing itself is pretty easy and there are different options available. But you need a texture first.
2. You need a 3d-modelling program like RenX or 3dsmax with a working W3D importer and bind these models to a fitting skeleton. Right now they use no skeleton.
3. I would copy the whole animation code of the RohanElvenWarrior object to the last alliance elven warrior (except for the LA elven warrior model), that might be all you have to do. The banner carrier you would have to change in both the LA elven warrior horde object as well as in the RohanBanner object. Under MorphConditions, give the LAElvenWarrior object the proper type.

4. If these models don't have fire arrows/forged blades, then you will have to add them using RenX/3dsmax. 

5. For things like that, I highly recommend you to look at existing code - units that already have formations. The regular Rohan elven warrior is the perfect blueprint for what you want to do. He can toggle weapons, he can get upgrades and he can toggle formation. Use the Rohan elven warrior as blueprint and compare him to the LAElvenWarrior. That's what gives you a clue to solve many coding riddles. I can give you a full detail explanation but I strongly advise you and encourage you to try these things yourself, and ask here if you can not solve a problem.


6. That again would require a simple reskinning of the model. If you have a texture, you can easily do that. For example, see this tutorial: https://www.the3rdag...tem-127?addview

7. Difficult because that would require a new model as well as a new pair of animations. The Haradrim archer and lancer use different skeletons and simple weapon toggling is not really possible unless you provide the necessary animations.

8. RenX/3dsmax required, you have to make a new model for it and bind it to an existing animation

9. Remove the MONSTER type from his "KindOf =" list

10. It's a behavior of Boromir's weapon (weapon.ini). Anything that knocks units back is the result of a so-called MetaImpactNugget. Comment it out or remove it and he should no longer knock back anything. :)


11. Look at how BFME 2 does it. You give a structure a commandbutton that gives a structure an upgrade, which then triggers a level up upgrade on a building. Sounds complicated, but it's really not. For example, check the mordor orc pit command set, find the command button responsible for the upgrade, then check the orc pit object and see what exactly the upgrade triggers. Also check upgrade.ini to find the required upgrade. Then implement this in BFME 1.

12. Of course it's possible, and again I suggest you start looking at how buildings are added to building plots. Your starting point should be commandset.ini. There, find any building plot command set (Maybe MordorFoundationCommandSet). Now, find the connected commandbutton for any structure.. for example Command_ConstructMordorOrcPit in commandbutton.ini. Look at what happens there. It ultimately leads you to the MordorOrcPit object in evilfactionbuildings.ini. Now, letting Mordor construct a MordorTent shouldn't be too hard from this point. Adding Goblins to the MordorTent is not really difficult either. Try it. :)



Now I suggest you try implementing some of these things, and report back if you have problems. I could answer the remaining questions, but I feel like you need to understand the general structure of the ini files and how they work as a whole first. Coding in itself is not really difficult once you get an idea about how it's structured. That way I think you can find the answer to most of the remaining questions yourself. :)


As for 18: Make sure your Ringwraith has the HERO kindof. Also, RespawnAsTemplate is redundant if you want the Ringwraith to respawn as a Ringwraith, so you can comment this out. This should fix your problem.

21. Slow down the animation, look at other units' animation code, there's something called "AnimationSpeedFactorRange = 0.4 0.6", fiddle with these a bit. :)

25. You can make a subobject of Legolas or create a separate object, that's up to you. For heroes I would mostly suggest you create a new ini (or use the existing ElvenHaldir ini). Copy Legolas' entire code there, and rename it to RohanHaldir (or if you use the ElvenHaldir file, name him ElvenHaldir) and retexture him using the before-mentioned reskin guide. Also, you might want to change his display name / tooltips so it doesn't say "Legolas" in game. 


26. Never fiddle with things that might screw up campaign stuff. I suggest you leave the original MordorBalrog as he is and make an entirely new Balrog object in a separate ini (copy his code, rename him to something else) where you replace the lifetime update with a Respawn Body or an Active Body. 

#1067114 BFME2 Animation Conversion.

Posted by Echo on 19 September 2017 - 11:15 PM

Awesome, looking forward to it!

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#1066653 Version 0.12 released!

Posted by Echo on 13 September 2017 - 12:56 PM

Head over to ModDB to get the newest version of BWM (v0.12) which contains some experimental balance changes. 

Download BWM v0.12


View the changelog:


#1066124 BWM on Server

Posted by Echo on 06 September 2017 - 04:35 PM

Hi everyone, 
I'll be playing Blue Wizard Mod v0.11 (BFME 1) on the server over the next few days. If you're up for some casual games and like to play something different for a change, feel free to join the battle. Orange is also playing most of the time.
BWM adds Elves as a playable faction, as well as a variety of new things to the existing factions. Due to the many changes, this mod is likely to be completely unbalanced, but it should be a lot of fun either way. The installation is easy and straightforward, it will not mess up your game. You can find the download here: http://www.moddb.com...d-mod/downloads
I myself have not tested it extensively with real players. I'm very excited and hope to find some of you online! I will make notes during the games about things that are broken, bugged or otherwise unbalanced and I'll try to address them. Your input is very welcome too, of course. You can also try playing the mod in single player, if you prefer that. I'm still looking for a 3D-Artist to join the mod team, if you're interested.
Note: Be prepared for differences (unit strength, costs,  powers..) between this mod and 1.03. Also make sure your port 16000 is opened.. this could lead to problems if it isn't. More info: https://forums.revor...rwarding-guide/

#1033336 Auto-Capture Outpost Flags, world builder?

Posted by Echo on 02 July 2016 - 04:11 PM

Your initial thought wasn't wrong. Assign the outposts to the player who you want to be the owner. Then use 2 scripts (If you need more help on scripts, let me know). What these scripts do is they force the 'CAPTURED' model condition on named objects, so make sure to give your outposts names (In this case, 'CaptureFlag01', 'CaptureFlag02' and 'CaptureFlag03' are the names of the Helms Deep outposts).


Script 1 - initiates the next script after the timer expires. Not sure if this is mandatory but EA used it so I recommend you just stick to their method:

*** IF ***
*** THEN ***
  Set timer 'FlagTimer' to expire in 1.00 seconds.
Script 2 - auto-captures the outposts for the owner of the objects:
*** IF ***
    Timer 'FlagTimer' has expired.
*** THEN ***
   Unit 'CaptureFlag01' sets model condition ModelCondition State: CAPTURED for 0.00 seconds. Percentage (hordes) 0.00%.
   Unit 'CaptureFlag02' sets model condition ModelCondition State: CAPTURED for 0.00 seconds. Percentage (hordes) 0.00%.
   Unit 'CaptureFlag03' sets model condition ModelCondition State: CAPTURED for 0.00 seconds. Percentage (hordes) 0.00%.

#1031414 The Horse Lords Update 29/05/2016

Posted by Echo on 01 June 2016 - 03:59 AM

These look amazing! Keep up that quality :)

#1027080 4:3 UI issue

Posted by Echo on 14 March 2016 - 02:33 PM

I have released version 0.11 which adresses a few bugs and also adds the choice of downloading a 4:3 version.

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#1023350 How to add heroes to the barracks?

Posted by Echo on 11 January 2016 - 03:58 PM

Your commandsets have "1 = ..." twice. You should change it to something like this.

CommandSet MordorOrcPitCommandSetLevel1
   1 = Command_ConstructMordorOrcFighterHorde
   2 = Command_ConstructMordorOrcArcherHorde
   3 = Command_ConstructMordorBlackOrcFighterHorde
   4 = Command_PurchaseTechnologyMordorBasicTraining
   5  = Command_UpgradeMordorOrcPitLevel2
   6 = Command_Sell 

8 = Command_GenericReviveSlot1


Then obviously you need to create a commandbutton for Gothmog, or you get an error.

CommandButton Command_ConstructMordorGothmog
    Command                = UNIT_BUILD
    Object                = MordorGothmog
    Options                = CANCELABLE
    TextLabel            = CONTROLBAR:MordorGothmogHotkey
    ButtonImage            = HIGothmog
    ButtonBorderType    = BUILD
    DescriptLabel        = CONTROLBAR:MordorGothmogRecruit
    Radial                = Yes
    InPalantir               = Yes
    ShowProductionCount    = Yes
;    UnitSpecificSound   = GondorArcherVoiceBuy      

Add this newly created button to the CommandSet to the 7th slot now.


Now I'm not sure if heroes can be revived properly in other structures, but try replacing his RespawnUpdate with this one:

    Behavior = RespawnUpdate ModuleTag_RespawnUpdate
        DeathAnim            = DYING ;STUNNED        ;Model condition to play when killed-to-respawn
        DeathFX                = FX_LurtzDieToRespawn        ;FXList to play when killed-to-respawn
        DeathAnimationTime        = 6033 ; 1133            ;How long DeathAnim will take.
        InitialSpawnFX            = FX_LurtzInitialSpawn
        RespawnAnim            = LEVELED            ;Animation to play when respawning.
        RespawnFX            = FX_LurtzRespawn        ;FXList to play when respawning.
        RespawnAnimationTime        = 2000                ;Time it takes for respawn to play.
        AutoRespawnAtObjectFilter    = NONE +MordorOrcPit        ;Respawn at this location -- and at it's exit production point if possible.
        ButtonImage            = HIGothmogRecall
    ;RespawnEntries determine the ruleset for how a character can be revived. Some units may automatically respawn, others
    ;may require a specific revive action performed on him. You can specify different values for each level... or use Level:Any
        RespawnRules =    AutoSpawn:No    Cost:600        Time:90000        Health:100%        ;DEFAULT VALUES
        RespawnEntry =    Level:2        Cost:700        Time:90000                    ;For other levels, only override what is different.
        RespawnEntry =    Level:3        Cost:800        Time:90000
        RespawnEntry =    Level:4        Cost:900        Time:90000
        RespawnEntry =    Level:5        Cost:1000        Time:120000
        RespawnEntry =    Level:6        Cost:1100        Time:120000
        RespawnEntry =    Level:7        Cost:1200        Time:120000
        RespawnEntry =    Level:8        Cost:1300        Time:120000
        RespawnEntry =    Level:9        Cost:1400        Time:120000
        RespawnEntry =    Level:10    Cost:1500        Time:120000

#1022104 Elven alliance campaign -- How do you get it to (not) crash?

Posted by Echo on 29 December 2015 - 01:46 AM

What's happening exactly? Error occuring? Game not starting? Crashing when playing?


Since there are about 100 different things that could be the reason for that, please be more specific. :p