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Blue Wizard Mod v0.2 released; Enter Moria!

17 June 2020 - 11:14 PM

Finally, the new Moria update is here! As always, make sure that you're on patch 1.06, and that no other mod is installed in your BFME directory before playing. :)

Download BWM
WS Maps if needed (place them in your BFME folder)
Join the BWM Discord

See you in game or on Discord!

Own guys give experience when dying

16 June 2020 - 02:58 AM

Hey, so just a few moments before compiling the final version of the next release, I noticed in a test match that my units would not grant any experience to myself when they die. So the release is currently on hold because if there's no fix to this, I might have to re-balance the spell book.

The faction (Moria) is marked as evil in PlayerTemplate.ini, the units in question have an "ExperienceAwardOwnGuysDie" entry in their experience level, but they just won't give any experience to me - no matter who kills them, tested it with neutrals, enemy Gondor soldiers and some more units. I feel like I should know how to fix this, but I'm really confused. Even Bolg, who is mainly a copy of IsengardLurtz in the code, does not hand out experience to myself when he's killed. Lurtz certainly does (despite missing an ExperienceAwardOwnGuysDie value in ExperienceLevels, so that's even more confusing).

I just checked SaF and the same issue seems to be occurring for Gundabad. My fear is that this might actually be hardcoded... Could anyone fix this before, or does anyone have an idea how to fix it?

3ds Max and Lighting

06 June 2020 - 01:50 AM

Hi, it has been a while since I worked in 3ds max, and I pretty much forgot everything.. :facepalm:  First of all, if anyone has any information / good-to-knows about Moria models, I'll thankfully take them all. They seem to use two textures, and I already don't know how to apply them both.

Anyway, the reason for this topic is this (and sorry for the bad quality):

Attached File  WIN_20200606_03_12_08_Pro.jpg   53.54KB   1 downloads

Left is how it turns out after exporting, right is how it looks in the view before exporting. I'm exporting it as a Hierarchical Model, and I'm only exporting Geometry because I'm not using any bones. Why does the lighting get tuned up so hard? In W3D Viewer there is a LIGHT mesh included which does not seem to be present as an object in the 3dsmax scene. I'm lost.. so help is welcome. :)

Moving camera for one player only

21 May 2020 - 05:44 AM

Hi, I'm working on a multiplayer map for BFME1 and I'm wondering if it's possible to move the camera to a waypoint/location for one player only. I can find a script that does it for everyone, but that's not quite what I'm looking for. Am I missing the obvious here? I went through the script actions and couldn't find anything that sounds like it could be helpful. Any help is much appreciated!

Shell Map overrides Camera settings

13 May 2020 - 01:32 AM

Hi, so I made a new Shell Map, which is implemented and works well. The issue is that every time I start a game on any map after looking at the shell map, my Camera settings, namely the focal length and to some degree also the pitch value, is overridden. Is there a way to avoid this? The camera also slightly readjusts itself after the game is starting, but not to the original position. This is a huge letdown after spending many hours to make this shell map.

Help is appreciated!


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