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Death Weapon not working

08 June 2019 - 05:03 PM


I've struggled to get a custom Death Weapon to work, maybe someone can help me.

    Behavior = FireWeaponWhenDeadBehavior ModuleTag_11
        StartsActive    = Yes
        DelayTime        =  1000
        DeathWeapon        = ShockwaveFinal
        WeaponOffset    = X:0 Y:0 Z:1
Weapon ShockwaveFinal 
    IdleAfterFiringDelay = 0
    MinimumAttackRange = 0.8
    WeaponSpeed = 401         ; dist/sec
    MinWeaponSpeed = 241
    MaxWeaponSpeed = 601      ; dist/sec Upper limit on scaling, when attacking past nominal "max" range
    ScaleWeaponSpeed = Yes ; Used for lob weapons, scales speed proportional to range
    RadiusDamageAffects = ENEMIES NOT_SIMILAR
    DelayBetweenShots = 5000               ; time between shots, msec
    PreAttackDelay        = 2600
    PreAttackType         = PER_ATTACK ; Do the delay each time we attack a new target
    FireFX = FX_IsildurBlast
    FiringDuration      = 1400

  DamageNugget                        ; A basic Nugget that just does damage
    Damage        = 5000
    Radius        = 1000.0
    DelayTime     = 0
    DamageType    = FORCE
    DeathType     = NORMAL
    MetaImpactNugget                    ; A Nugget that throws things back with force
        HeroResist            = .75
        ShockWaveAmount   = 70.0
        ShockWaveRadius   = 500.0
        ShockWaveTaperOff = 1.0
        ShockWaveZMult    = 1.000
        ShockWaveSpeed      = 700.0

Nothing is happening after my unit dies, no damage dealt and not FX played. Why is my weapon not called when my unit dies? Does anyone have an idea?

Version 0.13 is live!

27 March 2019 - 02:46 PM

To the Download on ModDB


Finally, Version 0.13 is out. A short summary of what has changed:

- New content (including maps, heroes, units, icons and effects)

- Campaign additions (new heroes available)

- Bug fixes

- Balance changes (a lot of them, check the change log to see all the changes)


Full change log:


Treebeard Hobbit transport

19 March 2019 - 05:44 AM

Hey, another post! This time about Treebeard. This has been talked about a lot in the past, but for this specific issue I've not found an answer.


Treebeard picks up Hobbits perfectly, and they are in the correct position and also evacuate on command... but I could not believe my eyes. Upon entering Treebeard,Treebeard says :"Come little Hobbits, I will keep you safe". No 5 seconds later, I get a message that my Hobbit has died. I found Treebeard was well alive, and the Hobbit lying some 100 meters away from baba Fangorn, motionless. So what happened? Treebeard apparently took the first opportunity to chuck the poor Halfling towards a nearby troll lair, using him basically as a rock.


I commented out all modules that I thought could be conflicting, but he still does it! Does anyone know what I have to remove to stop Treebeard from this madness?!

Sound not playing

18 March 2019 - 05:42 PM

In BFME1, the most bizarre bugs have occured to me when I was messing with sounds.

Here I have a sound I want to play:

AudioEvent SomeSound
  Sounds = EUUnit_somesou
  Priority = high
;  MinRange = 800
;  MaxRange = 2000
  Type        = world everyone
  SubmixSlider = voice

Here's the thing. This sound plays just fine when I play it through command button, like this:


UnitSpecificSound = SomeSound

or weapon.ini, like this: FireFX = FX_SomeFX


But I don't want to play the sound after clicking the button or while firing the weapon, I want the sound to play when preparing to fire a weapon. And this is the whole problem.


While UnitSpecificSound and FireFX work, all of these things don't work:


Playing the sound via...


PreAttackFX (Weapon.ini)

InitiateAtLocationSound (SpecialPower.ini)

InitiateSound (Objects .ini in SpecialPowerModule)

TriggerFX (Objects .ini in SpecialPowerModule)


If I uncomment the MinRange and MaxRange, the sound will stop playing even in UnitSpecificSound, no matter how close to the unit I am with the camera.

What I actually want to achieve is to just play a sound (with limited range) from my object when it prepares to fire a weapon. I've tried that for over a day now, and it's not working. All I would need is to be able to fire this sound via PreAttackFX, and I'd be happy. Any ideas welcome.

I have another bug related to sounds but this one is more important right now.

"EquivalentTo = " setter

24 February 2019 - 03:12 AM

I have used the  "EquivalentTo" setter quite frequently, but only now do I really wonder - what does it actually do? Has anyone found out or is there a comment from EA somewhere as to what it does?


For instance, the RohanElvenWarrior_Summoned object is set EquivalentTo = RohanElvenWarrior


What does it do behind the scene? Does it tell the AI to regard is as a RohanElvenWarrior? I don't think so because from my observation the AI tends to ignore my custom summoned units way more than the regular ones - maybe I'm seeing things, but I am quite certain about this. 


What other purpose can this setter have? The RohanElvenWarrior_Summoned object is child of RohanElvenWarrior, so it naturally inherits all the behaviors and values.. so again, no need to set equivalency. EA also gave the _Summoned objects an experiencelevel behavior, so even if an object is set equivalent to another, it still requires its own experience level entry. 


I also took a look at the Ents. Here we have the RohanGenericEnt object. Yet, if we look at Emotion Trackers, we have:


AfraidOf = NONE +RohanOathbreakerHordeSmall +RohanTreeBerd +RohanEntFir +RohanEntAsh +RohanEntBirch +MordorFellBeast +MordorWitchKingOnFellBeast +MordorBalrog +MordorCaveTroll +MordorMountainTroll +MordorDrummerTroll +MordorMumakil ;Must be SCARY kindof as well.


Equivalence doesn't really serve a purpose here either, because even though the "RohanGenericEnt" seems to unify all the ents in one way or another, they still all need their separate mention in the AfraidOf setter. 


So... does anyone know what the EquivalentTo thing actually does?