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Map not showing up ingame

23 January 2012 - 03:24 PM

Hola... I am making a "test" map to test a few scripts combo's... but when i go and try to find it ingame it doesn't work... I know i have it in the right folder... as I have another custom map (not made by me) working... and ive gotten my own to work before... but i just can't seem to get it... I got the skirmish whatnot all set up... when tot map settings and put in the name and selected "is scenario multiplayer."

My best guess is that "is scenario multiplayer" isn't supposed to be checked... but i think i tried it without it and it didn't work. :facepalm:

Frustrating, probably really obvious fix problem with RenX

16 January 2012 - 01:31 AM

Ok, whenever I try and move the view of my screen on RenX the things go in a wireframe like way. Here.. maybe pics will better explain.

Attached File  SCREENPIC_009.jpg   186.91KB   53 downloads
When i try and slide and/or turn the view
Attached File  SCREENPIC_010.jpg   200.81KB   44 downloads

the fix for this is probably really obvious... but I can't find it... already searched... this happened by accident <_<

Calling modders one and all!

24 November 2011 - 01:47 AM

greetings fellow MODDERS! I have had aspirations for thus forum for a while... To make this program a better place, And now I am trying to put that into action.

I got this idea from another forum. I am going to start a "adopt a newbie" program. It will be split into 3 sections, mapping, graphics and coding. It will involve when newbies join the forum a "mentor will be assigns to them to help them until they are skilled enough and "graduate". Mentors will sign up in one, two, or all of the categories.

This is not the official thread for it. First I need a list of MODDERS game enough forthe challenge... And this can be anyone who knows about modding to some degree.

The mentors job will involve answering any questions your newbie asks, giving them bits of code and sharif your knowledge.. If you can't answer it, then you ask someone who does. But a mentor does not just give everything to their student. They have to teach them. Meaning giving them pointers and helping them along but havingthem doing something for themselves...

I need people to volunteer to put this together... So if anybody has wished to make this forum a better place, wants to teach other MODDERS or just wants to help out :D

Also if u could get some backing up by mod members/leaders or admins that would be AMAZING.. Thanks to all who at least read this! Feel free to leave your comments or suggestions on improving my methods fir going about this.

modeling an interesting helmet

21 November 2011 - 04:09 PM

Posted Image

I am going to try and model this helmet... and i think i would start with a cylinder, fairly easy... but what about this one?

Posted Image
where to start? cylinder? Sphere? and where do i go from there?

Modboy's stuff.

11 November 2011 - 01:18 PM

Ok, well, first off i want to put up a new skin i did for the Gondor Archer... let me know if it is any good. i tried my hand at skinning and i think it turned out well ^_^

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