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23 August 2021 - 07:59 AM

Okay, I haven't installed the latest upgrade (still on 2.0) because I'm afraid I will screw up the game.

So I replayed the whole BCD BEL mission and some mission that I like and surprised to find that I haven't reviewed many.


One of my favorite is Opera Action Enhanced Edition (C5 Spy Jonuci)

I can't believe I haven't reviewed this, as I played it quite a long time ago along with other XL version and have to say that I really really like it.

It's hard for me to believe that there is a completely new map that works so well in my favorite game. It's extensive, amazing and very detail, even the couple of screenshots before the mission start are so great. I remember thinking, "Is this for real??" and it is!


Let me list things that I like about this mission:


- Again, the map. Very detailed, with multilevel complexity it's very fun to play, and give the player flexibility to choose which way to go, which is a factor that I value a lot. It's also very clear, straightforward, no confusing area or glitch for fast playing. (Commandos would go to designated area without making a weird turn or detour for example). I like the lab with monitor that is interactive, the scientists (even though it disturbs me a bit that they call it scientifics), everything is so well done.


- Safe start, a good hiding and secure place is very important in the start of mission, and some frustrating missions don't have them.


- A LOT of enemies, I mean, A LOT, but not in the way that it's impossible, or too frustrating or requires too many perfect timing or multiple player. This is difficult enough, but give room to play, it makes it so fun.


- Enough resources, not too many, not too little.


- Basic ability, check. Able to operate weapons, tie enemy and ambush. Missions that disable them without good compensation can easily frustrate and limit creativity.


- Just nice number of commandos.

I played this mission two times. First time, was very messy. I raised alarm early, made some crazy ambush and had to snipe couple of enemies. The second time I played, didn't raise alarm until the last general, because I left too any bodies in the lab to bother to hide, but I didn't use sniper at all. So it's possible to just have two commandos, GB and Sapper but a third commandos give more option to play.


- Music, I like the music, it's exciting, not annoying, not too repetitive and very fitting to the setting.


- Objectives, great objective and variations. Again, interactive scene.


- Triggers, this is good trigger as it's reasonable and there are times to prepare for them. The only setback is the six person elite machinegunner trigger that come too many times (six times?) without variety of position, so it's just repeated strategy. The rest are good, the snipers are challenging.


- Long mission, not boring or frustrating, challenging, very satisfying. 



Negative: NONE!



Very playable, replayable, awesome and hopefully there are many more mission like this. Very well done!

In Topic: Commandos 2 Destination Paris Mission Feedbacks

29 July 2021 - 08:09 AM

There are quite of number of creators whose missions I have mixed feeling about, one of it is Kop.

Sometimes I enjoys their mission a lot, sometimes it's so frustrating I don't know how to go on.


Let me start with the fun ones first.

I don't remember which mission that I enjoyed in the past, one of it was set in the aircraft carrier, I think I had reviewed it in the past.

But the ones that I definitely enjoyed a lot is Tomb Rider Cliff Palace. This is very fun, challenging but great. In the beginning one needs to choose about which box of contain they want to get from the three snipers. Once the sniper guarding it was neutralized, the other two boxes are gone. I chose the one with two unlimited machine gun, even though I think other choice is better once I go into the mission deeper.

The enemies are interesting and hard but there are ways to go around them so it's not frustrating or put player in impossible situation.

It kept me thinking about strategy of how to proceed, which way to go. There is a need to switch location to get more effective in eliminating enemies. Overall it's not easy but very fun and reasonable. GB needs to climb the cliff because the elevator was too closely guarded. Night setting is great and helps a lot. I love that it doesn't need winter cloth and even though it's basic, I like the ability of commandos to use gun, riffles and machine gun. When they are restricted in certain mission, personally I think the fun is reduced a lot. It depends on the mission as well, but it's easily go into frustrating territory when it happens.


The other mission I enjoyed a lot is Tomb Rider Haunted House. 

There are sniper triggers for area that the commandos explore, but they are easy enough to handle once you study their movement which is great. The existing sniper are very difficult, the one on the extreme right especially. After a lot of trial and error, it's possible. The key is get as close as possible (which itself a challenge) and use other commandos to distract him before Diver throw a knife at him. I didn't get to Natasha until I eliminate all enemies because It was not easy not to raise alarm, but I didn't raise alarm and only realized that I need her because there is no way to get to second story of one of the house when the bed is the enemy. 

I got a lot of laugh looking at the enemies of these Tomb Rider missions; the walrus, horses, chairs, boxes, machine guns, birds? and purple half soldiers. At first I thought it was a glitch. It's not easy to understand the enemy position and movements though. Luckily, by the time I got to them, the commandos are already established and ready.


So these are the two missions I enjoyed a lot from those I played recently.


Now to the ones that I don't.

Tomb Rider Deserted Island

If I remember correctly, I believe I played a similar version successfully before, but maybe I was wrong.

So the VERY annoying thing of this mission is the plethora of enemies in white shirt carrying flash light. If they are neutralized, Natasha would be killed. The thing is, they are everywhere. I managed to get quite far, utilizing wine to make them passed out in hidden location, going inside the cave until I couldn't get though the mine on the exit (have to acquire the machine gun), I also managed to cross to the other side, up until the end of the beach on top. GB is very useful to climb up the cliff, neutralized snipers and climb behind the enemies that are difficult to get because of snipers.

I neutralized three patrols, many snipers and enemies along the way, until that area. It was very lighted up, sniper on the bright roof (the second one, the first sniper on bright roof was neutralized) and many2 enemies including those carrying flash lights were around. The thing is they could climb to the rooftop and create commotion that ends up with Natasha being killed.

And enemies in torch lights that can't be neutralized are everywhere here, with long range because the area was bright. I couldn't go around punching them because it's just impossible with one person player, and I couldn't get to machine gun or barrel to get to Natasha. Regardless how I tried, it's simply too difficult because Natasha would be killed.


So after getting very frustrated, I ctrlV to get to the machine gun, and went to the pier, again, even so, it's impossible because snipers are everywhere. I think for this mission you need Natasha to free Natasha.&*# It's too bad because I think it should be a very fun mission. So that's that. Half way to the mission it gets too frustrating and too difficult without enough resources (wine+drug) or one player. I think the level of difficulty is too ridiculous for mission that starts very well. What a pity.


When I said I'm quite divided and frustrated with this author, some of their missions are so enjoyable and others are purely frustrating. The one above at least seems possible, even though I think it's worse because it gives false hope, others are purely frustrating. 

Other example is Secret Island. The formula of another commandos being executed is annoying to me, especially in here where the existing commandos basically barely have room to move. I can't get through neutralizing more than a few enemies.

Food Junkie, don't see how to proceed.


Hang by A Thread, deaths waiting for all commandos. Don't see a way for them to get out. And nobody can use weapon. Pfft. Not worth trying. Sorry. Too bad because it's my favourite setting.


I know the excitement of most mission are heavily put in the beginning, when it's the hardest. But when it's ridiculously hard, the missions are only enjoyable to very experienced player or multiple players. I don't think I'm a bad player, but some of the mission's level of difficulty are way too ridiculous, and it's not a recipe for fun missions, especially when there are limitation for all the commandos (it's not always a bad thing when they are done right).


But this is opinion. 

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17 July 2021 - 06:20 AM

I used to kill several tanks and invaders using the canon near the river in the left, I think is the key. I don´t feel the mission hard, enough time for me. The only thing I don´t like is the tanks can resist 4 shoots of bazoka because is not logic and don´t make the mission harder, only longer and less funny. I also added myself knife and trap because in the original version they only punch and tie.



I didn't think of that!

But there are many tanks that seems to be far from reach of the cannon, and with each tank needing 4 bazookas I don't think there is enough.

Anyway I had given up for that mission (replaced its saved game)


It's so nice to have the ability to add stuff to the game. Some missions have too little stuff and not even a can of food or first aids. Mostly it's possible to finish the mission without but sometimes my commandos look like zombies, poor things.


Here are other missions:


Jungle War (Kop LYT Haibo)

What is this? Game starts, alarm sounded before I even moved, and mission fails because alarm sounds. 

If there is a trick, here it is, not many players have the patience to test the weird tricks especially it's out of logic. Can't read mind.


The Act of IV (LYT 555)

Okay I actually enjoy the rush inside the building when we have to defend against the swarming enemies. There are plenty of ammo and first aids, there are trigger gestapo that enable me to plan strategy.

But the outside, geez. It's a very slow game. Two identical patrols with slightly different routes. There is so little window to take out the others, because I don't know how to take out patrol yet (any sound, any gunshot, even from far away would raise the alarm and mission fails). No quiet mass destruction weapon, we have one sleeping bomb, but used it inside already.

So I had to painstakingly waiting for the both patrol to sloooooowwwwwllllllllyyyyyyy walk around and the window frame for most of time is very little that it could get really frustrating. Getting the one looking at the unmoved Gestapo is one of the worst, until I found another way after a lot of tries, and the one looking at him, who only investigate tied soldier. Currently I have cleared all outdoor enemies except the patrols and three generals, and the house at the top. 

But the mission takes too much waiting and useless time that it's hard to enjoy it because of factor highlighted in red, so decide to save it for later. 


Underground Krast Cave (LYT)

What can I say about this mission? I love it!

I remember skipping it one time, because at that time, I was weary about the creator and suspect the missions being unreasonable (but now it's one of my favourite creators and most of his/her missions are great, creative and enjoyable).

So the first time, I didn't know how to get Lupin and GB out, they can't distract the guard to go down and they can't get up the ladder, and Sapper doesn't seem to have the way out.


This time, because I really like the setting and have more faith in playable mission from the creator, I try much harder. Even get the Sapper to climb to the roof and try to shoot the enemy with the aircraft gun. It's useless of course. He was killed multiple times because the security was so tight he couldn't make it behind the box as there were too many enemy linesights. It's funny because Sapper always screams very dramatically everytime he is killed.


Ladder on GB was useless, it's a distraction I suppose, nevertheless I tried to get GB to climb up the ladder but he couldn't make it. So I use the fast Lupin to distract the enemy  from far and they gave chase but couldn't seem to go down (somehow I didn't find the staircase until Sapper had cleared the upper area). But when the enemies gave chase, some left the Sapper area so he finally able to sneak around and started neutralizing enemy. From there, it was fun, progress after progress. 


I expected some invasion and it's great. 

First, many invasions, but many resources. Good combo. GB can't operate rifle and machine gun but he is useful to carry boxes of ammunition to place that I set up as ambush area. He is also the one to gun down couple of last running enemies from every invasion, and the one who collected ammo and distributed them. He also shot gun to bait enemies.

Second, great setting, a lot of hiding places to ambush and hunt.


Fought the first two invasion with flamethrower. Position near the Sapper's starting point and blast them all. It's enough for just two invasions as eveytime I tried to save the fire, one or two enemies got away and killed the Sapper.


Beside this, I chose another four ambush points, the best ones are the one you could see the commandos clearly (not behind wall as this is not rotatable) but it is essential for the last one to be on upper left facing the house, otherwise the general would escape. It took me sometimes to figure out where this general comes from and his route because he didn't come together with the rest.


This is one of the example of Lupin being wounded badly but fought through the mission without first aid. 

One thing that could be improved for this mission is the music. The music is good, but the loop is too short and it's super long mission. After awhile, it becomes quite an earworm. I heard it nonstop at night after playing the whole day.

For long mission, longer loop music would be great, and intermittent with silence is okay too.

But overall excellent mission.

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13 July 2021 - 10:17 AM

Couple other missions:


Get Into The Trap (Haibo LinYuTain)

The beginning was easy. Manage to neutralize all enemies and get the supply of bazooka etc. But after that, WTF.

There are very limited bazookas for however many tanks???? And each tank need four bazooka refill to explode, and we have to destroy all? How? 

It seems impossible to play hide and seek, let tank fire at another, because there are so many of them in close proximity and they turn their head like possesed.

But I wouldn't know, because &*&@^#^@ my icon was stuck in viewpoint and I couldn't do anything. It's a glitch that happened often when there are plethora of similar things in the box and I accidentally picked up something that was already in my inventory. Hang, freeze or stuck in viewpoint. Again, %@&%!&


To put it simply, frustrating, with time limit too!

Never like those because for some reason, creator always put a very limited time they could solve. (without considering that they are playing with their own creation, and have very good idea on how to solve the mission unlike other players who need trial and error).


Trial and error is fine, and could be fun. 

But if there are not many windows to explore, it gets frustrating.

For myself, I would abandon the mission when I don't have enough faith that the mission can be solved reasonably.



Assassination (Kop 555)

Spy, Lupin need to assassin a general.

Teleport by monks is interesting idea, but how on earth that they could kill the general when they couldn't even fire any weapons?!! What kind of commandos don't know how to fire weapon?

There is Spy's poison to acquire, but only two doses, not enough to kill the General, and it's pain in the ass to get. I suppose getting the general drunk on wine then two doses can kill him?  But all the wine bottles are only good one one throw each, and it had been used to obtain stuff.

Again, frustrating, limited way to play in something that can be a potential to be good mission.



Spy Sea (Lin Yu Tain)

Finally a nicer playable mission.

It's tricky, difficult and need creativity especially for neutralizing snipers. But there is one big pet peeve, the alarm sounds just like that. There was nothing prompting it, and the commandos have been painstakingly covering their tracks including hiding bodies etc. Then why the alarm sounds? It's not fair especially when I only have one playable commando before I rescued the Spy. Had checked over and over again, there was nothing that should sound the alarm.


Under Their Noses (Lin Yu Tain)

I like this mission, but the last part, I don't know how to escape as the arrow point to the cliff. But that's all.

The challenging (but fun) part of the mission is acquiring thermal coat, which commandos to play first. And acquiring resources for invasion in very limited on time, also setting up a safe place t hide and ambush. Getting snipers are tricky as well, but it's possible that makes it fun. Sniper is the most valuable player here, but without GB's grenade, it's impossible to get into some pesky snipers. 

Love this mission.

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13 July 2021 - 09:56 AM


First of all I want to congratulate the authors of this mod that has allowed me to recover a game with which I had enjoyed a lot.
I am not an expert player, it costs me a lot to finish the missions in easy mode.
I am currently playing the mission L20 Sad Past and I cannot open the cell where the captain that I must rescue is located. I have the picks but I can't open the door. I have eliminated all the "bad boys", I have rescued the rest of the allies, but I cannot free the captain.
Do this also happen to someone else? What am I doing wrong?



If I remember correctly I used grenade to open the door (if there is any)

There are couple of version about this, so I'm not really sure which one is Sad Past, but if you have grenade or bazooka, feel free to use them!

When I looked at my thread, this mission is considered solved, so that must be it.


Because I do remember there was one other mission when I didn't have those as well and couldn't open the door. 


The problem about playing these mods, there seem to be more creators than other players in the forum, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. Some missions with issues go unsolved and questions are hardly addressed, unfortunately.

But despite all that, there are still a lot of fun and excellent missions.

Good luck!