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#1113533 Commandos 2 Destination Paris Mission Feedbacks

Posted by Buren on 13 February 2021 - 06:57 AM


Not sure if these feedbacks are wellcomed, but that's the least I could do to appreciate the efforts in making those extra missions. Eventhough not-positive feedbacks are probably frowned upon, but again, this is one player opinion.


Currently, whenever I have time, I'm trying to replay or remember times I played those mission so that I could credit the mission more properly, and of course another try for those missions I skipped because of frustation, and replaying those I enjoyed.



I want to review the mission I had played quite sometimes ago but still very fresh in my mind because it's so memorable, EAGLE EYES BY KOHAKU, very hard mode.

Eagle Eyes is one of excellent missions I enjoyed tremendously. It's difficult, very challenging, and scary (with that many enemy snipers!) but I got a lot of satisfaction when completing the mission that I was sad that it's over.

At first, I thought this is another impossible mission, but things got better when I knocked down a couple of enemies, only to be surprised that their peer resumed the fallen enemy position and caught me off guard, it's brilliant but done right here, it's Adrenalin rush but there is enough time and space to plan how to counter that. Once I cleared the room and got Natasha, I was doubtful with her value, especially without uniform, but she proved to be tremendously valuable. And little by little, crawl by crawl, trials and errors, The Sniper went outside to take down necessary enemies with very careful calculation because of limited ammo and possible retaliation, especially when I still couldn't get rid of the geezer at the balcony but he proved to be a good bait.


The clue is also very clear, about the enemy sniper's position and identification. It's a pleasure to check the name one by one. 

The scariest thing was to take down enemy sniper in close range, face to face, west style, whoever pulls the trigger fastest, and I had a long time trying to get the one hiding in the ruin at the end of the bridge, because he is too fast for me, and there is no way to get him from the back, until I found the way to distract him for a millisecond. The challenge is also how to obtain enough sniper bullets and risk your life to get to the dead enemy sniper. 


I learned a lot from this mission, in fact, I had never tried shooting through window before the other way around when enemy is inside, but it is necessary in this mission and I wonder why I had never tried it before. It needs a lot of strategic thinking like how to use the explosive without Sapper, and how to strategically predict and counter the enemy's reactions. Resources are sparse but it's enough for the mission. This mission requires quick thinking, good timing (with still enough flexibility), quicker mouse action and I kept multiple saves just in case I miscalculate the bullets.


Overall, it's one of my favorite missions, it probably takes looong time before I replay it again as it's stressful but in super fun way. 




P.s. Edited to highlight mission name

Ok I wanna know how you got out from that house, because after baiting as many enemies as I could (by just looking through windows while covering the door and by hitting that soldier on the balcony), I don't have enough ammo to kill anyone else and I also can't exit wtihout getting shot. Two gestapo guard the front gate while being covered themselves, and balcony escape also seems impossible. Tried shooting all the surrounding snipers, but still can't exit the building safely. I wonder if there's some trick to it. Also, after collecting some machine gun ammo, I tried killing the huge patrol outside by luring them inside and shooting them in various positions, but couldn't do it, so I guessed I'd have to play around them for a while. I hate sniper enemies in this mod, like, seriously xd  I'd rather deal with a 5 man patrol than a sniper. (playing on Normal difficulty).

Would be great to have more ammo, or an unlimited pistol *-*


If I remember correctly, this is how I did it.

If the image doesn't show, this is the house holding Green Beret in original mission of Saving Private Smith.
There is a crazy sniper here who would kill Duke immediately if he gets out the balcony when the sniper is peeking out of window. But he alternates between peeking out the window and going inside. Duke could kill him while he is inside.

So Duke has to get out the balcony, time it well with knocking off Fatty on the balcony, and snipe this enemy through window, while he is inside (crucial strategic timing). I learned we could do this in this mission.

Once the crazy sniper is dead, there are couple of things Duke could do.

- clear the soldier below the balcony stair as he could investigate and ruins the plan. If he doesn't disturb, then you can do this later. I remember doing it early as I wanted to get the sniper's ammo (who is also there)

- check if there is any snipers that can be shot through window from opposite house. The main thing is Duke should be able to safe while lying on the balcony.

- have Natasha stands by inside by lying on second story overlooking the stair. She should be able to kill single or double incoming enemies.
Harvest the ammos from them once they are dead.

- wait until the patrol pass, while lying down, knock Fatty unconscious, no need to tie him, to bait the patrolling enemy that looking at him, they would run in to investigate and Natasha can kill them. Duke could go in and help if there are more than one running enemies.

- once the enemies that look at Fatty are clear, still, knock Fatty unconscious, the Duke could shoot a gun from balcony to bait non-stationery enemies that could hear him. Repeat until we clear of this. Then you can come out of the house.

- Or if you have enough ammo you can try to bait the patrol if they are only five.
But I remember leaving the patrol till the end, because there are more than five? (very hard difficulty) and eventually blow them up with dynamite. They have big route so we could sneak around them.


Hope that helps.