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12 June 2023 - 01:00 AM

Dol Guldur Units - LOTR Era (Occupied by Mordor) (An idea a friend of mine suggested, as what the LOTR era Erebor is to the Hobbit era)
. Slave Farm:
Broken Rabble - Enslaved men and women of rhovanion who are forces to work the slave mill or harass enemy economy 
. Orc Gaol:
Orc Rabble
Orc Gaolers
Orc Hunters
Uruk Ravagers
Tomb Guards
Spider Lair
. Fell Brood
. Spider Riders
. Saenathra's Sister
Twisted Menagerie (In place of the Fount of Corruption)
. Black Wolves
. Forest Trolls (Similar function to Snow Trolls)
. Spawn of Telvido (A big cat unit with the same function as the Angmar's Wolf Matriarch)
. Guldur Bat
The Hall of Khamul
. Northman Assassins (Mercenaries from Rhovanion with a similar function to the Corsairs)
. Black Easterling Oathsworn Warriors/Shadowguard - Khamul's personal militia of Easterling swordsmen
. Balchoth Mystics/ Sisters of Razari - Easterling sorceresses who practice the dark arts of Razari 
. Fallen Vanguard/Khamu's Shadowknights  (Heroic Cavalry unit similar to the Morgul Vanguard.)
Tower of Sorcery
. Harbingers of Shadow
. Banshees
. Children of Thuringwethil (Vampire men and women who are similar in function to the Blades of Galadriel)
. Armoured Castellan
Restless Barrow
. Greenwood Undead
. Mound Dweller
. Unburied Wights

Khamul - Taking the lead hero role from the Necromancer, so he'll function more like in the Rhun Adventure map than the Hobbit era DG
Razari - A Balchoth witch from the lands of rhun
Zog the Eternal - An orcish Necromancer from Minas Morgul, and leader of the cult of Targaroth. He's been granted the power to summon his fallen orc brethren from the dead
Saenathra - Largely unaltered from the original DG
Nauroth - A black warg from Eriador. A powerful matriarch and devoted follower of the cult of Angmar
Nordor the Huntsman - A dark horseman from the high fells of rhudaur, who rides and hunts the wilderness of Rhovanion
Agzokkar - The ghost of a Black Numenorean warrior who once served the Witch-King back in Angmar.
Moriel - A mentally broken she-elf of Lothlorien, who's been enthralled by Sauron to sing songs of ruin and power to strengthen his armies in Rhovanion

In Topic: Moh's Production

12 June 2023 - 12:45 AM


The Spawn of Tevildo

A big cat unit I hope to include in my submod, apply for a subfaction for Dol Guldur during the LOTR

In Topic: Mirror rig conundrum

12 June 2023 - 12:23 AM

You need to cut the mirror off from still being in effect. Not sure how that's done in Blender, but Google it and you should be able to find out.

Already solved the problem. Turns out I gotta re-rig the mesh after editing it. But thanks

In Topic: Moh's Production

21 February 2023 - 05:11 AM


WIP of a Black Numenorean/Dark Dunedain horseman I hope to make for my own angmar faction for a mod, or even a submod for AOTR.

Credit goes to them for their Dark Dunedain skin design

In Topic: AOTR Submod Concept: Return to Angmar

03 December 2022 - 07:06 AM

Concept prose for the Thrall Masters of Angmar

Thrall Masters will get somewhat of an overhaul

They will still recruit hillmen spearmen and ax throwers, but two of the other thrall units will be replaces

Instead of Gundabad Orcs, Angmarrim tribal pillagers will be the Thrall infantry, comprised of local men and women of Angmar, loosely based off the “Angmarim” from LOTRO: Shadow of Angmar. They would serve as a spam unit to harass enemy economy.

And the thrall cavalry will be the “Elk Riders” in place of the Wolf Riders. They would also be lightly based of LOTRO’s angmarim, and will fill the niche of their light cavalry. They’re cheap, but can be easily lost to enemy pikemen, so like with the spiders of Don Guldur it’s best to recruit at least 30 of them to make them more effective against enemy infantry and archers.


Never the less the main purpose for both units is merely to distract enemy units while so stronger units get more time to spawn.