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#982419 MO Meme Thread (Image Heavy)

Posted by Eternity 6 on 04 November 2014 - 02:12 PM







This was more true than then anyone thought at first . 

#982079 MO3.0 Feedback // SUGGESTIONS

Posted by Eternity 6 on 01 November 2014 - 10:58 AM

It's been a while/forever since you posted the proposed channel log could you release a more up-to-date version please .

#961228 MO3.0 Feedback // SUGGESTIONS

Posted by Eternity 6 on 17 June 2014 - 09:05 AM


Tank destroyer is a campaign-only unit, decomissioned as the war wages on. The Europeans built the mirage tank to replace it, and the others developed other technologies. So the humvee's and tank destroyer's replacements are alwready in multiplayer. Battleship is too OP. Not sure about sniper.

I havent played 2.0psi,how badly balanced was it?


It was friking awesome units still shot double when becoming heroic making the centurion awesome not to mention the atomic Apocalypse tanks and the battles on the moon , soooooo muuuuch fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Edit : it was very unbalanced but I didn't really care as I only played against the AI , however I must say that version 3.0 is way better in every-way and most importantly it is fun without the major imbalance that there was is 2.0 . The polish on everything is also a lot higher in 3.0 and the quality is very constant where as in 2.0 it was very erratic at best . V 2.0 is the addition of cool over the top concepts but 3.0 is the addition of that , is balance and a unified idea .

#960450 MO Screenshots Thread (Image Heavy!)

Posted by Eternity 6 on 11 June 2014 - 07:21 AM



Pretty cool but shouldn't the bunkers be facing outward as well as the other defenses unless , unless their trying to keep something in !

Mind Blown! :ohmy:


At least it ain't a TRIANGLE #illuminati 

There's a secret message btw in this post :)



You need to sacrifice Norio first.


Have sacrificed Norio ... every secret has it's price .


Answers have been bestowed upon me and I shall enlighten the world 


The forth faction is ...






No comments ?

Did I just kill it or is everyone too mind blown to comment ?

I like to believe the second :D

#960282 Tesla Troopers and Latin Confederation

Posted by Eternity 6 on 10 June 2014 - 10:42 AM

Why the Tesla trooper is better than a mortar quad and why the mortar quad is not a replacement for the Tesla trooper .




Mortar Quad

  • Cost: $600
  • Speed: 8
  • Hitpoints: 125
  • Armor Class: Plate
  • Prerequisite: Soviet Barracks, Radar Tower
  • Purpose: Anti-Armor Siege
  • Equipment: Mortar
  • Range: 10

Tesla trooper

  • Cost: $500
  • Speed: 6
  • Hitpoints: 200
  • Armor Class: Plate
  • Prerequisite: Soviet Barracks, Radar Tower
  • Purpose: anti-armor
  • Equipment: Miniaturized Tesla Coil
  • Range: 5/Close 



The mortar quad has more range 5 more , has a minimum range of 3 , moves faster .

Tesla trooper costs $100 less , has no minimum range , is immune to dogs .


Number of shots vs armor class / units


Tesla trooper is : red
Mortar quad is : green


hp : 300
Armor : light
Tesla : 5
Mortar : 8

Jaguar Tank
hp : 375
Armor : medium
Tesla : 7
Mortar : 11

hp: 800
Armor : heavy
Tesla : 14
Mortar : 25

Terror Drone
hp : 110
Armor : drone
Tesla : 1
Mortar : 14

Infantry ( note : I know I missed cyborg armor class but I'm sure you can see the trend )

hp : 115
Armor : flack
Tesla : 4
Mortar : 12

hp : 70
Armor : animal
Tesla : 2
Mortar : 8

hp : 90
Armor : Basic
Tesla : 3
Mortar : 10

Tesla trooper
hp : 200
Armor : plate
Tesla : 6
Mortar : 34

hp : 130
Armor : none
Tesla : 4
Mortar : 14

Structure ( note only tested against a power plant as it would take forever to do anything else , they were not repaired )

Tesla Reactor
hp : 750
Armor : light
Tesla : 25
Mortar : 28


The above result don't factor in attack speed as I am not aware of the exact attack speed of the units . However it does seem to be a 1 : 2.5 ratio the mortar quad having the higher attack speed . Factoring this in they seem to be fairly similar in the speed they take down opponents the mortar slightly faster at killing vehicles and the Tesla trooper slightly faster at killing infantry .

However it still takes incredibly long for mortar quads to kill Terror drones which insta kill mortar quads and are quite relatively cheap where as the Tesla trooper can easily take this down . Other good counters would be Dune Riders and navy seals ( only the navy seals are slower than mortar the other to are faster ) and fast air units that don't need to refuel .


So in essence the mortar is better than the Tesla trooper in DPS verses vehicles and can out run then avoiding damage but this requires more micro , they also have less health and must avoid confrontations . The Tesla trooper is a better all around unit as it is vastly better vs infantry  and slightly better at structure killing . The mortar is not a replacement of the Tesla trooper as the Tesla troopers is better overall and is a better investment .


My suggestion

Increase the damage of mortar quads x2 reduce their rate of fire by 50% and give them a slight splash damage.

#944547 Your Role In The MO Universe

Posted by Eternity 6 on 13 January 2014 - 11:28 AM


The next team will be "(insert team name here)"


Also, can anyone tell me the names of the devs so that I can put them on an exclusive team should they want in on this.


There is a special hidden page on our website that reveals to you who the devs are. Some say it's only a myth, but I have recently discovered it. :p


Man I was hoping this would be a real secret page but I just got the credits  :sad2:

#942124 Tech Buildings found in all maps

Posted by Eternity 6 on 25 December 2013 - 04:48 PM

you forgot the tech irradiator  

#939190 Anime and Game Easter Egg in MO 3.0

Posted by Eternity 6 on 09 December 2013 - 01:11 PM


 -Mortar Quad (Mortal Kombat)

This one's not entirely correct. And how did you linked "From the depths we come" to War3 anyway?


"Mortar combat!" - is also from the dwarven mortar squad in Warcraft 3

 "From the depths we come" - is from the Naga guard who was a night Elf .He was transformed into a reptile creatuer who live in the seas