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#1115487 Misty Mountains Faction Bugs

Posted by Helper01 on 29 June 2021 - 04:36 PM

Using the spellbook power White Winter causes a considerable performance decrease as soon as it's used and all through its duration, even with lowered graphics providing otherwise consistent, good performance before it's used.

#1115206 New Game Play Scenario(s)

Posted by Helper01 on 10 June 2021 - 06:48 PM

A rather wild and out there idea: A scenario that takes away all spellbook powers! If a scenario like this were implemented, it would have to have a little work done, as I know certain factions' heroes and economic power can only come through spellbook powers, like Aragorn or the Reverence of Yavanna; but it would definitely be a unique change of pace. Not sure how others might feel about it, but I think powers can be a bit of a mixed bag. I'm old school, and like the feel of games without powers that can blow your whole army away with no more effort than the push of a button; nor am I especially fond of doing it to others. Yet buffs and such can be fun once in a while. But the core game mechanics without powers are so solid that I typically come back to this game anymore. Having the best of both worlds--old school and this--would be interesting!

#1115202 A (big) bunch of suggestions for AOTR

Posted by Helper01 on 10 June 2021 - 05:42 PM

Also, bro, your English is just fine! You speak with a thoroughness that I don't often see, with spelling and punctuation that are worthy of anyone's attention. World's away from many who submit in many forums I've seen. :D

#1115174 A (big) bunch of suggestions for AOTR

Posted by Helper01 on 10 June 2021 - 04:28 AM

Wow, so well thought out, bro! Absolutely love what I've read so far (only about half of it--gotta go to sleep at some point!). I'm very intrigued by your ideas about the walls and win conditions. I actually am one of the few players who really loves using walls--almost as much as I love using custom heroes! Both are stigmatized by much of the fan base, but they're good and underrated parts of the game that deserve more exploration and use. Walls have always been tricky to balance self protection and pushing the enemy, but I love the challenge of figuring that balance out, and increasing the cost helps to prevent spamming them and instead forcing more strategy and thoughtfulness. I would add, though, that they being limited to a much smaller radius around the fortress is a bigger problem, especially on some of the maps where natural obstacles were (likely) designed with walls in the original wider radius in mind. I'm more of an advocate for free form wall building, as BFME2 1.09 and its Version 2 have done. It makes it more reminiscent of Age of Empires where walls were more important and you could expand on creativity with them. (And in 1.09v2 Mordor has walls, which look sick when upgraded with the Morgul Sorcery upgrade!)


Your win condition ideas remind me alot of the Edain mod, which incorporate several win scenarios rather well. I think it would be an incredible idea for AOTR to explore this, since in Edain you can't do walls as you can in AOTR. 


I'll have to read the rest of your post another time, but if I have anything important to add to it I definitely will. Thanks man! Hope the devs take this seriously. AOTR is an amazing mod and could really up its own high standard by exploring some of these.

#1115173 Performance and Stability Comparisons

Posted by Helper01 on 10 June 2021 - 04:11 AM

Having gotten into BFME2 1.09v2, I've been trying to understand how mods in general, but especially AOTR and the aforementioned one, work in relation to performance and stability. I ask, in part, due to how BFME2 1.09v2 incorporates new models and HD graphics, etc, yet seems to have better performance and stability even in games with many players and units, and even with graphics turned up. Some fps drops, of course, but nothing severe, nor have I yet to see the game crash. I'm no pro, so I don't have any tech to objectively measure these things, only my experiences in-game. I honestly don't know much about modding, but would love to understand more about this specific subject above. Is it that AOTR uses so much extra or new assets? Is there any way to pull from what the folks at 1.09v2 have done to increase performance and stability for AOTR, or does the AOTR mod just work too differently?

#1114808 Rivendell Revelers Bug

Posted by Helper01 on 11 May 2021 - 06:57 PM

When playing against at least two factions now, Misty Mountains and Lothlorien, the Revelers are not always able to do damage at all to structures using their Akallabeth power. So far I've tested this ability glitch on flets, the Lothlorien fortress, and also on the MM fortress. The bug appears to occur at random, and seems to occur regardless of how many Revelers are using the power.

#1114711 Dwarven Windlance and "Twirly-whirlies"

Posted by Helper01 on 05 May 2021 - 04:41 AM

Is there any way to incorporate the Dwarven windlance as a defense of some sort...? Maybe as a defensive structure as it appears to be in the Hobbit films? What would the story behind it be? Perhaps to primarily protect against the dragons and foul creatures that bordered so close to the north? Perhaps it could be a summonable defensive structure for Erebor? Something that does extra damage against monsters, especially flying creatures?


How about Dain's "twiryl-whirlies"? Perhaps instead of the Dwarven mangonels' anti-infantry rocks, they could use those advanced weapons? I get those weapons seemed to be more about countering arrow barrages, but it would be quite interesting to see if they were developed a bit more in the decades since the Battle of the Five Armies to become a more effective anti-infantry weapon!

#1114710 Showing Stackable Buffs

Posted by Helper01 on 05 May 2021 - 04:35 AM

Is there any way to show stackable buffs to structures and units? For Gondor, the stoneworker structure states that its bonus to structure armor stacks with other buffs, but there doesn't seem to be a way to observe this stack, which would be really useful when using Beregond and the Fountain Guards to supplement strategic structures' armor boost from stoneworkers. Do those units' structure buffs even stack? Is there a way to show all these stacks? Perhaps adding more Gondor symbols, one stacked over another?
Same with Mordor. The Morgul Tower description states it buffs Nazgul; and each Nazgul buffs another. It would be handy as a quick reference to have some symbols of some sort over their heads or something with which to quickly identify their buffs.
Also, for every fortress's Morgul Tower, does it add that much more buff to Nazgul...? It seems unclear.
On this subject, what about showing the benefits of the Hall of Fire for Revelers as their cooldown time on their powers is decreased? That one is very unclear as to whether it's really working or not in any efficient way.