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#1102962 Fortress RingFX

Posted by King Arveleg on 13 August 2019 - 06:40 PM

It just occured to me to check the ringhero.ini; Galadriel.ini. 


I added Upgrade_ArnorFaction here, and now it works.


ChildObject ElvenGaladriel_RingHero ElvenGaladriel

; Player no longer has the ring hero upgrade when the hero is created.
Behavior = RemoveUpgradeUpgrade ModuleTag_RemoveRing
TriggeredBy = Upgrade_ArnorFaction Upgrade_MenFaction Upgrade_ElfFaction Upgrade_DwarfFaction
UpgradeToRemove = Upgrade_RingHero Upgrade_FortressRingHero
RemoveFromAllPlayerObjects = Yes
SuppressEvaEventForRemoval = Yes ; this is to avoid the Eva event about 'Gollum stole our ring'
                                 ; when we are actually losing the upgrade because we built the ring heroine

; Spawn a dropped ring object.
Behavior = CreateObjectDie ModuleTag_DropTheRing
CreationList = OCL_TheOneRing

Behavior = ExperienceLevelCreate ModuleTag_LevelBonus
LevelToGrant = 10
MPOnly = No

#1084681 Making Arnor Whole

Posted by King Arveleg on 10 June 2018 - 10:26 AM



That code is from 2.01 not 2.02. Did you install patch 2.02 v6 then v7, then installed my mod? If not, do that.

#1083164 Making Arnor Whole

Posted by King Arveleg on 08 May 2018 - 11:26 AM

If anyone is interested; I released the mod here: Kingdom of Arnor

#1081593 Making Arnor Whole

Posted by King Arveleg on 05 April 2018 - 09:05 PM

Hello everyone!
I wanted to play as Arnor ever since I started playing Rotwk years ago. I tried some mods, but none were good enough for me. I'm still a beginner in modding Bfme2, but I learned a lot from exploring the ini and from this forum as well. So I decided to make my own mod. So far everything went well except for a couple of things that I couldn't mange on my own or find answers to. Which is why I joined this community. Hoping to learn and share what I know.
I edited the playertemplate.ini to make Arnor a playable faction. Replaced the Elven barracks with Market place and made elven warriors and sentry purchasable from the Arnor Barracks. Elven Archers form the archery range. Elven Lancers and Horse Archers from the Stables by editing the Commandset.ini. (Removed lvl2 Green Pasture requirement for Horse Archers). Added all elven upgrades to the forge. (All working except the Elven basic training). Added custom heroes by editing CreateHeroMenoftheWest,Archer,Dwarf and Wizard.ini. Added Elrond,Glorfindol and Gandalf in Playertemplate.ini.
Added Generic event voices to Arnor by editing the Eva.ini. Improved Argeleb, Arveleg and Arvedui (Heal self), copyed from other mods. Made Hobbits purchasable from the Inn. All done using FinalBig. 
Finally, the things I need help with:
1.Making the Elven basic training functional. I can buy the upgrade from the forge, but the units can't receive banner carriers.
2.I can't build the Ivory Tower from the fortress although it's there in the fortress commandset.
3.When I buy the Numenor Stone work upgrade, the fortress expansion pad upgrades do not receive the new texture, only the fortress and wall receive it.
4.When I capture a building no banner appears in place of the white banner. I tried editing the BannerUI.ini. I tried to use the banner used for Men by copying this:
''BannerType BannerMen
  FlagObj = Gondor_Enabl
;  GlowObj = Banner_Glow01
  Icon = Banner_Men
 Turn it into this:
''BannerType BannerArnor
  FlagObj = Arnor_Enabl
;  GlowObj = Banner_Glow01
  Icon = Banner_Men
But it didn't work, all I get is an invisible banner.
5.When I capture a Shipwright I don't get any options. If I'm not mistaken there is a good port commanset for all the good factions, but Arnor can't build ships.
6.Making Arnor playable in Wotr mode. (This is not all that important, but I'd like to make it nonetheless.)
7.Add Isildur as a recruit able hero for Arnor.
Thanks for your time and whatever help you can give me. :)