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#1112492 Cut Content?

Posted by Agandaur2404 on 10 December 2020 - 01:17 PM

Well, a lot of new units from ROTWK are actually unused units from BFME2, often even BFME1. Basically all except Angmar ones are. For example, Mordor Black Orcs are actually unused BFME1 unit called MoranOrcs, while Azog used to be called Isengard Overseer and King Brand was Damrod. Even Gothmog was already somewhere in BFME1 files, just not fully finished. I'm sure you can find even more in the game's code. I don't know about any content that's not in the game in any form though, there may be some. I do like the cut content as well, I can recommend you some BFME1 mods which add it back (you may know them already). There's a mod called Classic Edition, which makes the game more like in the demo version. It enables some of the old animations, changes the balance and edits the campaign maps. There's also a 1.08 patch, which restores many hero abilities and edits some units (for example Witch - King on foot). There are also some balance and graphic changes. I don't know about anything like that for BFME2 though, maybe because most of it's cut content was indeed added back in changed form in ROTWK.

#1110479 Models and textures

Posted by Agandaur2404 on 23 July 2020 - 03:51 AM

There are two free softwares that allow you to do this. For a more detailed info use WDump (https://www.the3rdag...tem-397?addview). Sy's AssetBuilder (https://www.the3rdage.net/item-669?addview) also has a "view W3D" option, which gives you more limited info, but easier to look on when you just want to know what textures model uses. Alternatively, you can open your model with W3D Viewer included in BFME Mod SDK (https://www.the3rdage.net/item-44?addview) and that's the only way to actually "see" a model with your eyes, the way how it looks in the game. But to see it properly you have to put a model, skeleton and textures in one folder, which isn't the case with WDump and AssetBuilder.