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In Topic: The Nazgul

12 January 2021 - 08:40 AM

Nevertheless the case of Witch-King of Angmar is very intriguing, if the Nazgul were merely some extensions then he doesn't really get much credit for destroying Arnor.

Exactly, it's hard to imagine someone as powerful as the Witch - King as just an extension of Sauron, even though it is partially true. But he must've had some power of his own too, as we're told the Nine were great kings of men, not some randoms.

In Topic: Cut Content?

11 December 2020 - 08:34 AM

There's also a whole Arnor faction in ROTWK that was disabled from skirmish mode, they're in Angmar campaign as the enemies. There are some mods that make Arnor playable like Wars of the North (this one also adds Rohan, which I heard was meant to be in ROTWK, but isn't; there's some unused Rohan stuff in the game as well, like structures and Gamling). I'm glad I could help. Have a nice day  :smilehuh:

In Topic: Cut Content?

10 December 2020 - 01:17 PM

Well, a lot of new units from ROTWK are actually unused units from BFME2, often even BFME1. Basically all except Angmar ones are. For example, Mordor Black Orcs are actually unused BFME1 unit called MoranOrcs, while Azog used to be called Isengard Overseer and King Brand was Damrod. Even Gothmog was already somewhere in BFME1 files, just not fully finished. I'm sure you can find even more in the game's code. I don't know about any content that's not in the game in any form though, there may be some. I do like the cut content as well, I can recommend you some BFME1 mods which add it back (you may know them already). There's a mod called Classic Edition, which makes the game more like in the demo version. It enables some of the old animations, changes the balance and edits the campaign maps. There's also a 1.08 patch, which restores many hero abilities and edits some units (for example Witch - King on foot). There are also some balance and graphic changes. I don't know about anything like that for BFME2 though, maybe because most of it's cut content was indeed added back in changed form in ROTWK.

In Topic: Campaign modding

22 November 2020 - 08:48 PM

I have but one more question concerning mission maps. In BFME 1 some of them are basically skirmish maps, with little to no scripting. They are defined as regions in LivingWorld Campaign files (like gondorcampaign.ini and mordorcampaign.ini). You can find settings as to which player starts where, factions allegiance and similar stuff. Now is there a way to do something similar in BFME 2? If not in the LivingWorld Campaign, then maybe you can somehow do something like that in linear BFME 2 campaign? 

I'm specifically talking about Skirmish map opponent data, which is in BFME 1 campaign files and specifies player's starting positions, allegiances etc. I haven't seen this in BFME 2 linearcampaign.ini file, since there are only scripted singleplayer maps, so I don't know if this can even be added.


I found something similar in WOTR files though, which seem to be based on BFME1 campaign files. So, maybe there is actually a way to bring the LivingWorld Campaign back? Or at least add some skirmish - like maps to linear campaign for a little more variety? Again thanks in advance, I hope someone has deeper knowledge on this matter :)

In Topic: "Middle-earth: Shadow of war"

11 November 2020 - 10:28 AM

There should be a game like Shadow of War, but with playing as an orc. You'd start as a simple, low - rank orc, but with possibilities to gain power by doing tasks for the captains or murdering other orcs. With enough power you could become a captain yourself, or, later on, even the warchief or the overlord with own fortress and orcs under your command. There would be a variety of orc tribes to join and fighting styles to use, and that all would affect your strenghts and weaknesses. However, the higher you'd rise in the hierarchy, the more likely other orcs would've started to feel jealous and threatened by you, and they'd plot to kill or humiliate you in order to take your place.


So basically the Nemesis system, but with player being a part of it, rather than trying to destroy it from the inside like in the original game. I think it also would be more true to Tolkien's lore, as I find the portrayal of orcs the most interesting and true to Middle Earth's lore aspect of Shadow of War. Talion and Celebrimbor, while certainly being the interesting characters, don't really fit into Middle Earth in my opinion (yeah, I know Celebrimbor actually is in the Tolkien's lore, I'm just talking about his portrayal in the game).