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In Topic: Mordor Faction Plan

02 July 2021 - 02:14 PM

This is my suggestion for a potential new inn unit for Mordor, this is why the post is long.


Again, don't be afraid by non-canon suggestions, I'm just trying to inspire devs.


Unit 1 : Narchost Guardians

Cost : 500

Type : Swordsmen


Lore : "When the Great Plague brought Gondor to its knees in the middle of the Third Age, the keepers of the Black Gate had no choice but to abandon it to Sauron's forces. Yet some of them, clever and strong, bowed before the master of Mordor and kept their previous duties at the price of their freedom, since then tied to the Dark Lord's will by untold spells."


Appearance : Black Numenoreans variation, mid-game infantry wearing Gondorian armors, with dark veins and white eyes, their blood and spirit conquered by Sauron's dark magic.


Abilities :

Lvl 3 : Blood Corruption

Narchost Guardians do knockback damage for a short amount of time. Left click to activate.


Upgrades : Heavy Armor, Forged Blades, Banner Carrier


Unit 2 : Nurn Fishermen

Cost : 300

Type : Pikemen


Lore : "The semi-fertile fields of Nurn served the Dark Lord well during the War of the Ring to feed his endless legions of Orcs and Evil Men. A lot of human tribes living in this region were enslaved to grow crops under the whips of Orc supervisors, but some of them, living on the coast of the Sea of Nurn, willingly joined Sauron's forces to plunder Gondorian settlements."


Appearance : Aztec warriors wielding Inuit harpoons, with precolombian clothes and ornamentation. 


Abilities :

Lvl 1 : Porcupine formation

Units form a circle with pikes extended. Batallion cannot move. + 50 % armor.


Lvl 1 : Pillage

Nurn Fishermen steal resources whenever dealing damage to enemy structures. Passive ability.


Upgrades : Forged Blades, Banner Carrier


Unit 3 : Cirith Ungol Trappers

Cost : 400

Type : Archers


Lore : "Built by Gondorians after the War of the Last Alliance, the Tower of Cirith Ungol guarded the second pass granting access to Mordor. After the Great Plague and the fall of Minas Ithil to the Witch-King's hands, the tower was soon invaded by legions of orcs. A lot of them tried for decades to drive out Shelob from the caverns, their hate for spiders only beaten by their unconditional loyalty to the Dark Lord."


Appearance : Morgul Orc Archers, covered in webs and wearing light armors allowing them to spread accross Shelob's lair to hunt down her brood.


Abilities :

Lvl 1 : Poison Arrows

Poison tipped arrows that cause damage over time. Left click icon then left click on target.


Lvl 1 : Experienced Hunters

Cirith Ungol Trappers are immune to poison damage and deal 25 % more damage to spiders. Passive ability.


Lvl 4 : Spider Exterminators

Cirith Ungol Trappers are now immune to knockback. Passive ability.


Upgrades : Fire Arrows, Banner Carrier

In Topic: Gondor Faction Plan

02 July 2021 - 01:15 PM

This is my suggestion for a potential new inn unit for Gondor, this is why the post is long.


Again, don't be afraid by non-canon suggestions, I'm just trying to inspire devs.


Unit 1 : Annuminas Keepers

Directly equivalent to Dunedain Rangers in a gameplay perspective, but more expensive, with some abilities.

Cost : 600

Type : Archers / Swordsmen / Pikemen


Lore : "Even though the city of Annuminas had long been abandoned at the end of the Third Age, a few brave yet aging Dunedain were determined enough to protect its once most sacred towers against the corruption that slowly spread accross the North. Some of them answered the call of Isildur's heir to defend Minas Tirith."


Appearance : Dunedain with Arnor rusty armors and pikes and mostly old (gray and white hair) because young Dunedain are less involved in the preservation of Arnor remnants.


Abilities :

Lvl 1 : Northern Memories

Annuminas Keepers grant nearby towers + 10 % armor. Stacks with buffs and spells. Passive ability.


Lvl 2 : Force of Habit

Annuminas Keepers temporarily gain + 25 % speed to escape their foes. Left click to activate.


Upgrades : Equip Swords, Equip Pikes, Banner Carrier


Unit 2 : Harondor Cardaces

Cost : 400

Type : Swordsmen


Lore : "Most of Harondor territories were always disputed between Gondor and Harad kingdoms, yet from time to time fearless Southron mercenaries are hired by the rulers of Pelargir to defend them against the incursions of Black Numenoreans on their lands."


Appearance : Basically a swordsmen variation of Haradwaith Harondor units if you want to keep it simple, but you could create a new model if you have enough time.


Abilities :

Lvl 1 : Wedge formation

Units gain + 33 % armor and - 40 % speed.


Lvl 3 : Harad strategists

Harondor Cardaces give + 10 % armor to nearby archers. Stacks with buffs and spells. Passive ability.


Upgrades : Heavy Armor, Forged Blades, Banner Carrier

In Topic: Mordor Faction Plan

01 July 2021 - 03:08 PM

This is my suggestion for a Rhûn support hero in the Mordor subfaction, that's why the post is long.



By reading some stuff on the Fandom wiki, I realised the Games Workshop's miniatures were a major inspiration of AOTR. And I just found this guy :




"Some say that Amdûr is an orphan, raised from the gutter to join the ranks of the vast armies of the Dragon Emperor, others that he is the son of a princeling who turned from a life of privilege to dedicate himself to the art of the blade. What all who dwell east of the Sea of Rhûn agree upon is that he is one of the greatest swordsmen among the innumerable hordes sworn to Sauron’s cause. It was Amdûr who founded the order of Black Dragons which forms the elite vanguard of the Easterling armies, and among the Dragon Knights his name is spoken with a mixture of reverence and fear."


So yeah, this is not 100% accurate with the actual AOTR lore, which is different in many ways, but it is a very good start to polish a finished version of the Rhûn support hero for Mordor. In fact, I even imagined what his story and abilities could be, and a way to implement him properly in the Mordor hero roaster.


Don't get mad at me for incorrect english or personal choices regarding my fanmade Rhûn lore, you can do whatever you want with this quick draft, hoping it will inspire you nonetheless.



First, Gorbag becomes a lvl 10 summon for a lvl 10 Shagrat. I never see him used anyway so it's a way to keep him and his utility, and earn a free hero slot at the same time. Another way to do this would be by giving the Easterling Encampent a hero slot, just like for the Bree-land Encampment for Rivendell, but there would still be a lot of heroes in Mordor. Honestly, Gorbag is probably the least made amongst all, so he should be the one to be moved or changed in order to let the new Rhûn support hero come. Or maybe remove one Nazgûl, but I already talked about that in my comment above.


No matter the building that you can recruit him with, you have to use the T2 He's Gathering All Evil To Him at least once to unlock him (just like for Easterling Kataphrakts and Swordsmen).


Now, let's get into his proper depiction as a hero :



Cost : 2000-3000 (I can't really appreciate the better price at my level, will need some balance for sure)



- Version 1 : Subfaction leader (support hero)


Amdûr (or anything else) : "Raised in disdain for Middle-Earth and Kinn-Lai as the rest of his people, Amdûr was the last heir of a minor noble family in Rhûn, and a member of the Solar Dragon Council in Amaterrasû, the Red Stone Temple, the oldest human city of Arda, on which never the Day draws to its close. Early confronted with the endless conspiracies plotted by the elders of his kin and the slow but certain loss of influence Rhûn was facing at the end of the Third Age, Amdûr reversed the trend by staging an audacious coup at the Council, rapidly taking control of the city and most of other Easterling kingdoms single-handedly. Followed by warlike lords that intended to invade Gondor for decades, Amdûr announced that he would defeat Numenoreans both on land and sea, and that the Sun would shine forever on the glory of Rhûn once he would finally be in charge of all of Arda. Soon informed of the agitation in Amaterrasû by his spies at the Council, Sauron made tempting offers to the young Easterling lord, whispering about green and fertile elven lands, antic treasures of Numenor awaiting him in Minas Tirith, and the secrets of the Western Kings of old, notably eternal life enchantments that they stole to the Valar thanks to his advice. Bewitched and mesmerized, Amdûr of Amaterrasû soon gathered his troops under the banner of the Dark Lord, making them march through the Black Gate in golden armors and proper order as if they would be soon Lords of Arda, only to be defeated years later by Elessar that negociated peace with way more peaceful and wise Rhûn leaders."


Appearance : Worthy of an Easterling King. With a golden and gliterring armor, similar to those commonly seen on Rhûn legions but with more jewels and red ornamentation. Inspired by both Peter Jackson style and Japanese medieval clothes and armors. Not necessarily hidden behind a big helmet just like the rest of his kin, the design of his war helmet on the Games Workshop miniature having already been used for Khamûl anyway. Maybe more of a Samurai helmet (and not China, because it seems that Kinn-Lai clothes have been inspired by Chinese armors).


Abilities :


Lvl 1 : Master of the Solar Dragon Council / King of Rhûn / Lord of the East / Champion of Amaterrasû / etc. (whatever titles you want him to have)

Modifier type : Leadership. Nearby Easterling units gain + 33 % damage / + 33 % armor, + 50 % experience gain and are immune to fear and terror. Stacks with buffs and spells. Passive ability.


Lvl 3 : Red Maidens of Amaterrasû / Hands of the Solar Dragon / Gifts of the Eastern Sea (again, depends on the type of magic or science mastered by Easterlings)

Heals nearby friendly heroes and Easterling units by a slight amount. At level 5, is upgraded so it heals more hitpoints and now gives nearby Easterling units + 25 % armor for a short amount of time. At level 8, heals even more hitpoints and gives nearby Easterling units + 50 % armor for a short amount of time. Left click to activate.


Lvl 5 : The Dragon Crown / Heir to the Red Throne

Amdûr dons his heavy armor, gaining + 50 % armor. At level 8, Amdûr better watches his back and is now immune to poison damage. When activated, redirects a high percentage of received damage to the attacker for a short amount of time. Left click to activate.


Lvl 7 : On Which Never The Day Draws To Its Close

Amdûr calls the spirits of his land to his aid and appears bathed in golden light, gaining temporarily + 50 % damage / + 50 % armor and knockback damage while nearby enemy units are stunned for a short amount of time. Left click to activate.


Lvl 10 : Loyalty to the Red Throne / The Solar Dragon Council Treaty / The Bane of Gondor

Summons an army of fully upgraded Easterling reinforcements. Left click icon then left click target area.

(Three batallions : Swordsmen, Phalanx and Archers, they are on a timer)



- Version 2 : Subfaction leader (hero killer)


Hebikû (or anything else) : "Last member of the First Flame, a religious order that ruled over far East Rhûn for centuries, Hebikû fled from his sanctuary, leaving the rivers and the cherry trees of his homeland to their slow decade, ravaged by war against the Kinn-Lai Avari and internal conflicts. Marching towards the mythical West, Hebikû hoped he could teach a lot of what he learned to Numenoreans of Gondor, so the secrets of his people are not forgotten throughout ages. Yet, he was denied the crossing of the Anduin by the Gondorian soldiers guarding Osgiliath, and told to go back home because of his Easterling origins. Seeing even the Edain couldn't help him save his knowledge in this time of war and fear, Hebikû went back to the mightiest human city he could find apart from Minas Tirith : Amaterrasû, the Red Stone Temple. After spending months teaching the ways of the First Flame to Rhûn soldiers, priests and craftsmen, he answered the call of Sauron to destroy the remnants of Numenor and enter a new era of Oriental supremacy. Killed by Imrahil during the Battle of the Pelennor Fields, Hebikû never saw Elessar vanquish his kin and restore the glory and wisdom of Westerlings."


Appearance : Go full Ghost of Tsushima for strong Japanese vibes. Do not hesitate to give him a wooden armor, a bun for his hair, a katana and an hankyû. He can also carry books and sealed scrolls, to show the mass of secrets from his homeland he is carrying with him. You can give him additional swords for aesthetic purposes (wakizashi or tanto) and represent the symbol of his order on his clothes or armor, so the feeling of facing unknown countries and peoples is stronger.


Abilities :


Lvl 1 : Toggle weapon

Left click to toggle between sword and bow.


Lvl 1 : Philosophy

Modifier type : Leadership. Experienced and wise, Hebikû inspires nearby Easterling units by giving them + 75 % experience gain and making them immune to fear and terror. Stacks with buffs and spells. Passive ability.


Lvl 3 : Blade of the First Flame

Can only use with sword equipped. Hebikû strikes an enemy hero with a single and powerful melee attack, dealing him important magic damage and also reducing his armor and speed by 25 % for a short amount of time. Left click icon then left click target.


Lvl 6 : Art of the Blade / Bane of the Kinn-Lai

Modifier type : Leadership. Hebikû shows incredible skills in wielding his sword and now does + 50 % damage to Warriors of the Kinn-Lai, Heavy Armored troops and Heroic units. When near Amdûr, Easterling allies also do + 25 % damage against Warriors of the Kinn-Lai, Heavy Armored troops and Heroic units. Stacks with buffs and spells. Passive ability.


Lvl 8 : Inner Fire / Oriental Supremacy

Hebikû and nearby Easterlings briefly gain + 100 % damage. The more warriors near Hebikû, the larger the bonus (+ 10 % additional damage for each batallion). Stacks with leaderships and spells. Left click to activate.


Thanks for reading, I hope this gave you some ideas for a potential future Rhûn support hero.  :)

In Topic: About AOTR AI

30 June 2021 - 07:59 AM

Thank you for your advice. The problem I have right now is that AOTR AI bases are SO strong that you just can't attack them until you have enough to win, or else you'll just waste dozens of resources feeding the enemy that is already having 3 times more resources than you. They're way better than vanilla bases, again, the improvements are astonishing, but it's too difficult for me, and those are the easy levels of difficulty that we are currently talking about.


I have nothing against turtling (in fact, this is my favorite strategy), but trying to do something else, trying to attack, always drives me to fail miserably (even against Peasant) until the very end of the game, that's why it's frustrating.

In Topic: Incorporating Goldberry

18 June 2021 - 06:37 PM

Tom helps the hobbits only because they are in his domains at first instance. I don´t know what would happened if they were orcs, we really don´t have a hint for an interaction between Tom an some evil character.

Why do you think there is not a single orc or a single sign of evil in his domain, given the amount of malevolent spirits that are lingering in the region of the barrows and the Old Forest ? Tom is not actively participating to the War of the Ring, just like the Valar, but he's helping kind people that are in need nonetheless, just like the Valar did by sending Gandalf. He's not a Vala though. He's just Tom Bombadil. And he's a good guy.

Regardless Tokien´s life i don´t care i only care about the story and how the characters are presented and i don´t see Tom beeing a heroe for any kid as it is presented in lotr.

Well, you should care a bit more about his life in order to fully approach his books. People's lives (and former stories) often help to understand what they intend to do or explain with their later stories. Tolkien's experiences of industrialisation, World War 1, and many others drive a lot of his narrative choices to be more meaningful. Tom Bombadil originally was a character that lived great adventures in the stories he told to his children, a simple and joyful man dressed in many colors, no wonder he became that reassuring figure in LOTR before Frodo litterally walks towards the Great Evil.


I apologize if i desvirtue the post talking about bombadill. The main character here is Goldberry but we know little to nothing from her.

No problem, a forum is also made to discuss. I agree on the fact that we know almost nothing about Goldberry, but she's also a benevolent spirit or at least character, as peaceful as powerful. She's just like Tom : not involved in the direct fight against Mordor, but kind enough to help hobbits to clear their path before going on their quest to teach to the reader the ultimate lesson of JRR Tolkien : as common, weak and simple we may all be, we can counter evil by being kind to one another and protecting what is good in this world.