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General Questions & Suggestions Thread

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#121 MattTheLegoman


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Posted 06 February 2018 - 05:17 AM

Hook the game using T3A:Online's launcher, then open the mod with its shortcut.

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#122 KhazadMilkers

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Posted 06 February 2018 - 03:15 PM




I've registered just to say thank you and to express my appreciation for all the work that goes into this mod. It's obviously made by talented, passionate people and it shows. The texture improvements are fantastic, the attention to detail you've put into each building/unit is astounding and the game now looks about half it's actual age.

The patrols are such a small but significant feature. Now instead of boring lifeless "bases" each encampment looks like a living, bustling settlement. The performance hit is well worth it. The best part (for me at least) is seeing the how promising the Create-a-hero revamp appears to be. Can't wait to see what you do with Erebor, Imladris and Rohan.


As for suggestions - there's just one thing that looks out of place.


[Gondor & Lothlorien] Upgraded blades visual effect.


In my opinion it's a bit too pronounced. The blades have this glass/ice quality to their look. For the pikes, it's not as noticeable but the swords look like teal LEDs. Maybe it could be dialed down? I understand that the upgrades need to be visible (strategically important) but the glassy sheen has the swordsmen looking like they're directing eagle landings. 

Could it just be my GPU+Monitor doing this? Take a look: https://i.imgur.com/366qtPa.jpg


I think it would be more realistic if the upgraded swords had a silver visual effect, maybe a light silver glow? It would still be noticeable to an opponent and it would be congruent with the lore. 

Having just read what I wrote I've realized that I may be a nitpicker.


Thank you,


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#123 Mathijs


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Posted 06 February 2018 - 09:17 PM

Hey, welcome to the forums. You are a nitpicker, but that's OK, because so are we. 


The forged blades effect is indeed pronounced because it needs to be. We don't want people to have any doubt as to whether or not the opponent is coming at them with upgraded weaponry. 

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#124 ulomagyar

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Posted 09 June 2018 - 04:47 PM

Suggestion : hobbits to ride horses with characters.


Pippin could ride with Gandalf. Merry could ride with Eowyn. The code that achieves already exists and is fairly short. We could also consider making any hobbit ride with any rider though that seems less lore-friendly. (edit:plausible)

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#125 ulomagyar

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Posted 09 June 2018 - 04:49 PM

Suggestion : Make the total number of spell points obtainable 150

Currently the total number of spell points obtainable is 154. I see no reasons for these knowing that all factions need no more than 150 spell points. This is pretty easy to change in the game.

#126 The_Nazgul

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Posted 22 July 2018 - 04:46 AM

Some balance suggestions;
1-Can you please make heroes immune to attack trolls aka olog-hai Aoe knock back so they can be a counter to them? you can also reduce the area of effect for the attack trolls/olog-hai since right now the only way to counter them is by ranged elite units and because of their crazy knock back and area of effect even heroes can't do job against a group of olog-hai.
I know they should be good against melee units but having the same advantage against heroes is so unfair :(
2-All of Celeborn's powers have like a 15 or 20 seconds cooldown which is just crazy! a double cooldown is the least i would suggest.
3-Akhorahil and Uvatha [even with their new ability and being close to WK and Khamul!] they still don't worth the money you pay. how about giving them a bit more damage?
4-Orophin is still overpowered. he can kill both fili and kili in the same time with his blademaster!
5-Already mentioned, but Dain really needs better stats + a more powerful aoe on his "Baruk Khazad" power.
6-Easterling swordsmen seems to be a bit underpowered. i know they are not meant to be particularly tanki units but giving them more armor or health even at the cost of more money is a good idea i guess, judging by the fact that easterling phalanx have 400 health and they are 15 in each battalion while the swordsmen are 12 in each battalion and only have 300 health!
Thanks, Best regards.

#127 Gibbard

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Posted 22 July 2018 - 01:46 PM

I personally love the easterling swordsman. Their bfme1 voice brings back such good memories, and they do a lot of damage. However, their effectiveness is a bit lacking. In my opinion, they should have somewhere between 350-375-400 health each, because as of right now, they die very quickly, and are outdone by uruk warriors, who cost just as much at the price of 550. They also only have only twelve in a battalion. A type of formation or passive armor buff similar to bloodlust, but for armor might help. Just my suggestions

#128 OdoProudfoot

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Posted 28 July 2018 - 08:54 PM

In case summoned Gimli and Legolas have a spare ability slot, I suggest a passive: "Friendly Rivalry - Gimli and Legolas became best friends, overcoming an ancient enmity of dwarves and elves, yet they never put the rivalry aside. When close to each other they engage in slaying contests, gaining #% attack speed."

#129 Sharkey

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Posted 29 July 2018 - 07:35 PM

A thought on the spell book/palantir powers:


As in the original game, at the moment powers for the good factions are described as 'harnessing the power of the Evenstar', with the One Ring the equivalent for the evil factions - you also click on either the Ring or Evenstar to access the powers. As these artifacts are not necessarily relevant to certain factions - Erebor harnessing the Evenstar, for instance - I wonder if these objects could be made unique to each faction?


One possibility is referring to particular artifacts - the One Ring for Mordor, maybe Nenya for Lothlorien, either the Evenstar or Vilya for Rivendell, Narsil for Gondor etc.

The other possibility is referring to symbols - the White Tree, the Black Serpent, the White Hand, the Red Eye and so on.


This is a very minor point but would be a fun little detail.

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#130 MarKr

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Posted 02 August 2018 - 02:28 PM

I noticed one quite inconvenient thing - some heroes have those "guards" running around and helping in battle. When I had the Great Goblin in the field and killed Gollum, one of the "guards" picked up the Ring but I was unable to return it to the fortress. When I selected the Great Goblin, there was no option to send him with the ring to the fortress and those guards on their own are unselectable. I had to sennd the hero to a fight, let the guard die and then pick up the Ring with a normal unit. 


It is quite silly because in such fight enemy could pick the Ring before you and flee to his fortress.


Could you somehow adress this? Maybe disable these guards' ability to pick up the Ring? 

#131 Gibbard

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Posted 04 August 2018 - 10:34 PM

I ten to play evil factions quite often, and one thing that I have noticed, is that Lurtz, while being a good hero, dies quite easily while he's not in Carnage. In the movie, he used a shield against aragorn, so I was thinking that as he ranks up, like haldir, he gains a passive armor buff of 33%, and gains his shield. If this is too much, seeing as he would gain the armor of the shield, and the Carnage armor, I would say don't have Carnage give you armor, and instead have the passive 33% of armor of the shield at all times. Because as on now, he can die from a single horde of most swordsman in the game especially at lower levels. Maybe add a simple slight splash to his regular attack if what I suggested above isn't an option. As always thank you for your time and consideration

#132 The_Nazgul

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Posted 06 August 2018 - 05:31 AM

Just wanted to ask if this is possible to make damage and armor number visible for heroes (though great goblin already has a visible melee damage number) like 2.02 and edain? I know they only did it for damage.
But It is important to have both armor and damage number in my opinion since when you take your heroes to an engagement you can be more sure of how good your hero is going to do against opponent heroes and you can also see how a passive or active ability (that effects heroes) will change their stats! 
BTW it is merely a suggestion, not that important if it takes a lot of time.
About Azog; if you tend to remove azog's blademaster then i suggest you reduce his cost to 3000 again,
because that power was the only reason he was called OP and made you guys to increase his cost by 1000.
I don't see him being better than celeborn and thorin anymore!

#133 Gatovalero

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Posted 03 January 2019 - 02:59 PM

Hello Guys,


I am new to the forums but I wanted to express my appreciation for all the work you put in this mod. It is without a doubt the best mod I have ever played and renewed my love for this game after so many years. It has become definitely my favourite version of the game. You guys are awesome!


I wanted also to ask if you had any plans (or if it would even be possible) to include a way to customize the hotkeys of the game. Since there is more units and variety it can be hard to keep up and a "grid" hotkey scheme would feel much smoother. It is difficult to change hotkeys to the base games but if you could implement it I think it would make gameplay much smoother.


Great work and all the best!

#134 LittleCritter

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Posted 17 June 2019 - 01:25 PM

I suggest to divide Gundabad's region in half, west for Gundabad's settlement & east for Nordinbad's settlement.

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#135 Morgul Orc

Morgul Orc
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Posted 16 July 2019 - 02:26 PM

Is it possible to program the AI to build the armories where they are supposed to build resource buildings like farms?

They are programmed to build only one around the fortress and usually its a bad spot and gains very little resource to level up

so the AI ends up never having heavy armor, fire arrows etc. I suggest that if possible, they can be programmed to have a 50/50

chance of building either an armory or a farm.


If that was not possible, there is another suggestion where the player is limited to building 6 armories (for max bonus discount)

and there are no area terrain thingy for the bonus, each armory gets steady but low resource (like 10) and they level up faster.

They can be more expensive but also limited to 6 so player won't take advantage of spamming them for resources.

This can hopefully fix the issue with the AI. Please tell me what you think, I personally prefer the former.

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#136 TinyTark

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Posted 17 August 2019 - 01:51 PM



Not necessarily for factions but more for CAH when it's worked on, but would it be worth reworking Orc/Uruk spells or adding more? They feel like they lack more than other heroes, maybe something to boost unit recruitment, on the note of which some more customisation options for both would be cool, some Morgul armour pieces perhaps? Or even some Gondorian armour, maybe ripped up torso piece, some chipped weapons from the Dwarves? While they are still useful I feel like compared to the Men of the West/East they don't really stand out, most of the abilities for MOTW are support/tanky with some that support the hero's own damage while MOTE are more harrassing focussed and a lot of hero-killing potential with unit conversion and Assassin, Orcs/Uruks they have some abilities but in terms of variety they've got very little, 3 support abilities, one summon, (HoR and Summon are in my opinion worth having all the time, leadership if the faction played doesn't have it), 2 abilities that buff damage output and/or armour and a debuff, with one single target attack to cripple, comparing the number of powers for uruks/orcs to MOTW (13) they don't even have half of the amount, I've rarely ever thought "Hey I'll make an orc hero" and used it more than once, bearing in mind I do play casually with a group of friends rather than with other players online where custom heroes aren't played, A few ideas for some abilities would be:



Tier 1: Decreases allied units armour by 20% and raises their damage by 30%

Tier 2: Decreases allied units armour by 20% and raises damage by 35%

Tier 3: Decreases allied units armour by 15% and raises damage by 40%

Tier 4: Decreases allied units armour by 10% and raises damage by 50%


Head throw

Tier 1: Throws a head at enemy units and gives them fear, immobilising the single target hit.


Hunting Spear

Tier 1: Throws a spear that deals damage and slows the target 

Tier 2: Throws a spear that deals good damage, slowing the target and dealing damage over time

Tier 3: Throws a spear that deals excellent damage, snaring the target and dealing damage over time.



Tier 1: Hero mounts a warg (No "Evil" CAH can mount)



Tier 2: Increases a building's capabilities for a short duration

            -Barracks increase unit production 20% 

            -Resource output +20%
Tier 3: 

            -Barracks increase unit production 30%

            -Resource output +40%

Tier 4:

            -Barracks increase unit production 50% 

                      Units will come out at level 3

            -Resource output +50%


Any abilities can be changed around but these are some ideas, I think it'd be a lot cooler to see these added to Orcs and Uruks and make them more unique


A melee Elf hero could also be interesting, while I think another mod did something like it at one point a custom hero that holds a weapon with two hands would be awesome to see, a few of the Rivendell/Lothlorien armour sets would be nice to have, as for what weapons they could have maybe the ones seen during the prologue of the first movie or if it would work with animations, a spear or a two sided weapon of sorts. 

            -Barracks increase unit production 20%

            -Resource output +20%(Not as powerful as Call the Horde or They are Coming)


*Edit* I went back to double check and Orcs have 9, which happens to be more than half, but the idea for more/better abilities is still there

*Edit2* Scavenger armour pieces

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