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[BFME1] T3A:Online Installation Support


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#381 Eyowena

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Posted 28 December 2020 - 07:51 PM

Hello, i would like to launch bfme through T3A launcher, but i get an error "unable to launch bfme" i have bfme 1, 2 and rise of the lich king and neither would launch through T3A. 

Solved, but faced new problem. I decided to reinstall the games,  bfme 1,2 and rotlk, but game haven't installed anything in the appdata, and i can't run the game, so i'm fucked. Should i reinstall them again?

fixed too


I got a new problem with Battle for Middle-earth II. I'm getting no cd error. on version 1.06 and 1.09, 1.00 works just fine. I have the disc mounted on daemon tools lite. Any ideas guys?

Hi, how did you fix the first issue? I am also having trouble launching throught the ta3, getting the 'error' 'unable to launch bfme2'.

#382 Eyowena

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Posted 28 December 2020 - 07:52 PM



Should you experience difficulties during the installation of the T3A:O client for BFME1, please use this topic to ask for support.




Questions should be formulated CLEARLY and CONSTRUCTIVELY, and describe the issue in detail.


At the very least, include the following:


- What kind of error do you get?

- What game version are you using?

- What operating system are you using? (Windows 8, Vista, etc)


We will be happy to assist you.


------------------ FREQUENT ISSUES ------------------


The installer refuses to install.


Make sure you have installed the required patches and are running the installer as administrator.

If you still cannot install, download this file: loginstall.bat and place it on your Desktop. Then copy/move the installer T3AOnlineBFME1_x.x.x.msi (only one installer, no previous versions!) to your Desktop. Double click the loginstall.bat and try to install the launcher. After it fails, grab the newly created log.txt and attach it to a post here.


After installation, the Launcher won't start the game.


Make sure you are starting the Launcher as administrator and that you've set it to Windows XP Service Pack 2 compatibility mode.






The T3A:Online Team


Unable to Launch BFME

1.03 The Elven Alliance

Windows 10


I am having problems opening the bfme2 game via the ta3 launcher. Everything is installed correctly and the launcher is hooked to the bfme2 game. It is running as administrator and using Windows XP service pack 2. When I click to launch the game it comes up with an error box saying 'unable to launch bfme2'. If I un-hook the ta3 my game works fine, but I am unable to launch it to play multiplayer. My game is running off of an external hard drive and I have downloaded the ta3 launcher to the same place. Any ideas on things to try? I have the 1.06 and 1.09 patches installed. I am using windows 10.

#383 ICT



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Posted 01 January 2021 - 10:46 AM

You may have a problem with your antivir.


But before you disable that you should try to run the launcher rightclick-> as administrator.

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#384 val996

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Posted 29 April 2021 - 02:17 PM

Hey guys thanks a bunch for bringing my childhood game back to life.

I was able to follow all steps (I hope) and successfully installed BfME2 and RotWK both running current versions 

I was also successful with T3A and making an account

my only set back is when I try to go online the "login" key is dull and un-click-able

have any of you encountered this before? what did I miss? 

BfME2 Version 1.09

RotWK version 2.02 (8.4.0)

windows 10

T3A uptodate

Edited by val996, 29 April 2021 - 02:20 PM.

#385 joshrmrz

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Posted 12 May 2021 - 05:00 AM

Hey there so my friend is getting a bug when trying to start BFME 1. The game is installed and so is the AIO patch but when we try to start the game his game starts loading up but stops there then gives a debug break screen thing that leads to a visual library error. Any help would be appreciated. Ill try to get a picture of it tomorrow.

#386 fandim4

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Posted 24 May 2021 - 07:27 PM

I have a problem with the download for online launcher when i press the button did not download anything can anyone help me?

#387 Gurra981

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Posted 12 June 2021 - 04:57 PM

for some strange resson i cant download the installer for the launcher

i been trying now and then to see if i can download it but i cant, what happens is i press download and nothing happens, i tryed to disable my adblocker and windows defender but nope, still refuses to download

#388 Exora

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Posted 06 July 2021 - 06:51 PM

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#389 Heinkelboy05

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Posted 11 July 2021 - 02:10 AM

I have the system all set up as you have instructed, and the game is downloaded, but when I try to start the game it sends me two error messages. One is that it needs me to insert the cd, and the other is that the "public key patching routine has failed". So is there a way to fix that or no? Because I don't know what to do next to fix this.

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