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#1097511 "EquivalentTo = " setter

Posted by Lusta on 24 February 2019 - 08:02 AM

Hello Echo


From what I gathered it helps in scripts for sure. I replaced GondorAragorn with GondorStrider (ChildObject of GondorAragorn) in the campaign.

EquivalentTo = GondorAragorn is in its code. In the maps GondorStrider acts as GondorAragorn when scripts fire.

That was helpfull since the worldbuilder has rather bad habit of not cooperating.

(Made me given up modding for years becouse of the worldbuilder, now I managed to get it work again with some work arounds.)


Hope that helps, I didn't do more experiments with it.


Posted by Lusta on 30 September 2017 - 03:10 PM

Hello there


Thats a lot of question.  :grin:

Some of it already answered.


1. Just reskin as said before


2. you can use my models, can be downloaded at: https://forums.revor...5-lustas-stuff/


3. all that said before or you have to make a sword horde. You have to make sure that they have weapon set for the unit and the horde too


4. answered or add it as an fx, armor is a reskin.


5. command button has to added and making a new horde for it and bonus if you want it different


6. as said


7. alternative route is make two modeldraw behavior. Either see my mod or HeroGrimm mod: https://forums.revor...c-herogrim-mod/

You have to have 2 modeldraw, one default for lance model with empty weapontoogle, and one default with empty and the archer weapontoogle model.


8. there are https://www.the3rdag...tem-306?addview and https://www.the3rdag...item-32?addview


9. and 10. as said


11. can be done, but bfme2 use a new method. In my mod I did it like the benner carrier update, look at it.


12. as said


13. as I remember you need set the time of the fx as long as the ability


14. can be, but it will be ugly look at HeroGrimm. There are some models you download.


15. You will need either a texture or model(s). I made some. Copy on of the horde and replace it with the orc pikemen.


16. and 17. Copy a horde and replace the units.


18. answered


19. Look at the hobbits for cloack or elves for the trees


20. haven't tried, look at the citadels and gates


21. i made a model for it uses boromir's anim, rest is as said


22. add ARMYSUMMARY to Kindof, hordes and heros have it


23. if I'm right, set it to 0 for forever.


24. chek the buildings that does it, copy the behaivor it.


25. copy Elrond code and use 6. answer for the skin.


26. make it 0 for staying.


I hope I answered all the questions for you and being helpfull.

It takes time to understand some stuff.


Good luck

#944883 Lusta's Stuff

Posted by Lusta on 14 January 2014 - 11:23 PM

Hello there people of 3rdage,


I thought, I share some of my models with you. I attached them in that post.

I am not a skinner, so all of them are EA quality.

Skeleton info in the skeleton.txt.


It contains (in order):

Gandalf on Gwahair (one wiith sitting and one with laying)

My Denethor

on foot Rohirrim with sword (my Erkenbrand)

Elven rider

Elven Farm

Gimli (with hobbit animation for horse join)

Grima (on foot, on horse)

Tower Guard with sword (My Beregond)

Aragorn on horse (whit shield, without shield)

Gondor Soldier (Easterling animation for defend)

Rohan Lance Porter (cart wheels need fixing, they are not turning, don't know how)

Legolas on horse

Rhun soldier with sword

Rhun Banner Carrier on horse

Gothmog on warg

Haradrim Archer

variety of orc archer

orc pikemans

Ringwraith on horse

Nazgul on horse

Rohan peasant lance throwers

Rohan peasant whit axe

on foot Rohirrim (my Dor Warden)

on foot Rohan Bannercarrier Rider (My Theodred)

Witchking on horse

Aragorn whit shield

Strider bow model, sword model

Boromir on horse

Gondor Captain

Ranger (faramir skl, sword model, second greenish skin)

on foot warg rider (My Sharku)

Haradrim Archer

on foot Nazgul

variety of Rohan archers



You can use them, just mention me in the credits.


some sample off gameplay: https://www.youtube....L1zkrgg9yKXLwLI

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