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#1061688 Is mod dead?

Posted by FS-21 on 07 July 2017 - 07:35 PM

The good news is that I'm back to bussiness in my hometown (finally!)  :thumbsuphappy:

I have to check what is incomplete for the next mod update (so just for precaution don't expect anything on the next days of July).

#925726 C&C: Reloaded 1.3

Posted by FS-21 on 07 July 2013 - 08:20 PM



Another C&C:Reloaded anniversary and as I commented in FaceBook few days ago here we have the "1.3" release instead of the "1.5" due the lack of free time. So no Tiberian Sun GDI campaign & other features I wanted include on the next major release of C&C:Reloaded (these new additions will have to wait for the previously mentioned "1.5" release). In addition, I also published the download links of the RA2 video pack and theme packs with its own installer in the main download page of the C&C:R website. After the installation go to the Addons tab and enable them.


The changelog isn't as big as the 1.0 release but I hope the AI is to your liking :-)

If you want improve the AI please do your feedback in this forum topic:



If somebody is interested to read the full changelog, please visit here:

Download links:

º) Disable mod (if it was installed & enabled)

1º) Install
2º) Run the C&C:R Mod Manager
3º) Enable mod
4º) Play (& enjoy)

Uninstall instructions:
1º) Run the C&C:R Mod Manager
2º) Disable mod
3º) Remove the C&C:Reloaded folder manually
4º) (optional) Remove the Desktop icon if you created it.

For any problem please visit the OFFICIAL C&C:Reloaded forum:

#907812 December update

Posted by FS-21 on 14 December 2012 - 03:55 AM

Lack of updates, I know, the reason is related to a map :closedeyes:

After spending some weeks finding the reason of a strange bug related to tunnels in a GDI mission finally I got some divine inspiration and fixed it. I didn't ignore the bug & continued with other missions because it was produced by me after changing some parts of the mission 3 (Secure the UFO crash site) and the same parts should be changed in the mission 4 ("Defend the UFO crash site")... I'm happy to know that it was a FA2 map editor bug and not my lack of knowledge :rolleyes:

Moreover, just for demo, here can be watched the first GDI mission:

Easy mission, is more to present the product than anything else. Fortunatelly GDI has a lot of sub-missions that will increase significally the number of playable single player missions in C&C:Reloaded (currently 53 from the original games in the 1.0 release).

If I don't publish anything new in december... I wish you Merry Christmas!

#904626 I Can't enable the mod (stuck at 98%)

Posted by FS-21 on 11 November 2012 - 02:38 PM

Can you enable the mod with the game version v1.000? Strange, it should not let you :-/

Can you follow the next download from here overwrite the old file in the C&C:R folder and run that file as administrator? if you have any problem will be more easy to find where is the problem.

Note: Updates are acumulative so you don't need install the 1.0.4 and after the 1.0.6, with the last update is sufficient. (it doesn't hurt but is an unnecessary step).

#893679 C&C: Reloaded 1.0.1 (hotfix)

Posted by FS-21 on 13 July 2012 - 06:00 AM

Hi again!

I released an update that fixes some problems of the initial 1.0 release. No graphical changes until the next major revision.

This is the list of changes:
- Skirmish AI improvements. If all goes well I'll backport the changes into the single player missions.
- Fixed bug in Survivor game mode that forced players to play with only the main unit (the repairer vehicle).
- Now Nod Cyborg is affected by Chaos gas.
- Fixed a mistake in the Psychic Dominator cameo.
- Mirage Tank detection percentage (per individual unit) increased from 15%,5%,2% (hard, normal, easy) to 25%,20%,15%. This percentage is applied only when the Mirage tank is firing.
- C&C:R Mod manager upgraded to the version 3.6.

If I don't change of idea the next major release would be targeted as "v1.5" & mainly will contain the TS GDI campaign, graphic changes/fixes & fixes of know problems, leaving the FS missions for a 2.0 release. (and don't report the save/load crash, isn't related to the mod thanks :-D )

Can be downloaded from here or in ModDB.